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Real Life/Alibis  Enter the Haggis

Real Life/Alibis
capo 3rd
Intro: C F C F
Verse 1:
[C]Saturday morning a [C7]while before daylight I?m
[F]Lying here hoping for [C]rain
By to[Gm]morrow[F] I could be [C]anywhere
[C]Passing streetcars[Gm] alive without breathing
I?m [F]lost in the city ag[C]ain
Without a [Bb]purpose[F] I can?t believe [C]anything
And I know it?s [F]not my [Am]place
To be [G]asking these [C]questions
but I [F]can?t just [C]chase
every [Bb]world that I [F]see because
[C]This isn?t [F]real life
[C]This [G]isn?t [Em]happening[Am]
Seems so [Dm]believable[Am]
[G]But it?s not the real [C]thing
This isn?t[F] real life[C]
It?s [G]just some [Em]enormous[Am] lie
And[Dm] I know I?ll be [F]fine this isn?t [G]real [C]life
Verse 2: (see above chords)
Such a mystery
Am I supposed to believe these illusions are real
Out of focus, step out of character
Into a world I can feel
Maybe it?s only a sense of propriety
Keeping us grounded at all
Or we?d run screaming
Into the morning and out of control
Pre-Chorus 2:
[G]Maybe [F]I can find some [C]piece of a world I[G] can handle
[Em]Or a [F]common line,[G] any one sign
[E7]All a part of [A]me
Chorus 2:
[A]This isn?t [D]real life[A]
[E]This isn?t happ[C#m9]ening
Seems so b[F#m]elievable[Bm]
But [F#m]it?s not the [E]real [A]thing
This isn?t [Dm]real lif[A]e
It?s [E]just an enormous [C#m9]lie
And [F#m]we?ll be [Bm]fine if [D]we can find a [E]real life
[F#m] [E] [A] [D] [F#m] [E] [D] [E]  
F# F# F# F# F# F#...
F# F# Bm Bm E E Bm Bm x2
[F#] [G] [A] [F#] [G] [A]  
Verse 1:
The [G]world is [C]listening[B] in
Every [G]name and [F#]number
[B]Suddenly I [G]can?t be[C]lieve my [B]eyes
We?re gonna [G]need those [A]alib[F#]is [G] [A] [F#] [G] [A]
[B]Hoping it [G]all just [C]fades a[B]way
Maybe they?re [G]all just [F#]paper
[B]Airplanes and[G] imagi[C]nary c[B]ries
They?re [G]not your[A7] neighbour
[D]We all have our a[G]libis
[D]We?ve got our reasons and our [G]reasonable words
But we [A]all just hide our eyes and make [G]believe we never heard
And[F#m] when the sirens rise
We?re[G] gonna need those[A] alibis
Bagpipes 2: F# F# Bm Bm E E Bm Bm
[F#] [G] [A] [F#] [G] [A]  
Vs. 2
[B]Helpless and [G]hopeless [C]on the [B]screen
Maybe an[G]other [F#]channel
[B]Might change the [G]dia[C]logue
To [B]talk about it [G]doesn?t hurt at[A7] all
[D]We all have our [G]alibis
W[D]e?ve got our reasons and our[G] reasonable words
We [A]talk and talk as though there?s nothing[G] to it
[F#m]We can change it all
As [G]long as we don?t [A7]have to do it
[D]We all have our [G]alibis
[D]We?ve got our reasons and we
[G]Lie and lie and lie
[D]We all have our [G]alibis
[D]We?ve got our reasons
[G]We?ve got our reasons
And if we?re [A]not afraid to [G]fall
We?re not [A]listening at [G]all
And [F#m]when the silence fills the sky
We're [G]gonna need those [A7]alibis
Outro: D
What does it matter if they're all lies

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