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The Chamber of 32 Doors  Genesis

From the album "The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway" by Genesis
Transcribed by August McAllister
Running Time: 5:41
Key of A flat minor (Abm)
Chord - Fingering Chord Name Scale position
Abm - 466444 A flat minor Root
Dbm - x46654 D flat minor IV
B - x24442 B major bIII
F# - 244322 F sharp major bVII
Ab - 466544 A flat major Root
Db - x46664 D flat major IV
Ab/dim - 4564xx Aflat diminished Root
F#m - 244222 F sharp minor bVII
Dbsus4 - x46674 Db suspend 4th IV
F#m7 - 244252 F# minor seventh bVII
Abm7 - 466474 Ab minor seventh Root
NOTE: The note after the chord name marks that the bass
note is different from the root note of the chord.
For example, "Abm/Eb" means this is still recognized
as an Abm chord, but the bass plays an Eb.

[F#m/A] [B] [Dbm] [Abm/Eb]  
Dbm Abm/Eb )- 2x
[Dbm] [B] [Dbm/E]  
[Abm] [B/F#] [Dbm]  
[Abm/Eb] [F#/C#]  

[Ab/Eb]At the top of the stairs, there's hundreds of people,
[Dbm/E]running around to all the doors.
[Ab/Eb]They try to find, find themselves an audience;
[Dbm/E]their deductions need applause.
[Dbm/E]The rich man stands in [Ab/Eb]front of me,
[Abdim/D]The poor man behind my [Db]back.
[Dbm]They believe they can c[F#m/A]ontrol the game,
[Ab]but the juggler [Dbsus4]holds another p[Db]ack.

[F#m7/Db]I need someone to believe in, someone to [Db]trust.
[F#m7/Db]I need someone to believe in, someone to [Db]trust.
[Abm7]I'd rather trust a [F#]countryman than a [Db]townman,
[Abm7]You can j[F#]udge by his eyes, take a look if you [Db]can,
He'll [Db]smile [Db/F#]through [Db]his [Ab]guard,
Su[Db]rvi- [Db/F#]val [Db]trains [Ab]hard.
[Abm7]I'd rather trust a [F#]man who works with his [Db]hands,
[Abm7]He looks at you onc[F#]e, you know he understa[Db]nds,
Don't [Db]need [Db/F#]a- [Db]ny [Ab]shield,
When you're [Db]out [Db/F#]in [Db]the [Ab]field.

But [Dbm]down [Abm/Eb]here,
I'm so [Dbm]alone with my [Abm/Eb]fear,
With every[Dbm]thing that I [Abm/Eb]hear.
And [Dbm]every [B/Eb]single [Dbm/E]door
That I've walked through
[Abm]Brings me [B/F#]back, back [Dbm]here aga[Abm/Eb]in,
I've got to [F#/Db]find my own [Ab/Eb]way.

[Ab/Eb]The priest and the magician,
[Dbm/E]Singing all the chants that they have ever heard;
[Ab/Eb]and they're all calling out my name,
[Dbm/E]Even academics, searching printed word.
[Dbm/E]My father to the left o[Ab/Eb]f me,
[Abdim/D]My mother to the right,[Db]
[Dbm]Like everyone else they[F#m/A]'re pointing
[Ab]But nowhere feels quite [Dbsus4]right.[Db]

[F#m7/Db]I need someone to believe in, someone to [Db]trust.
[F#m7/Db]I need someone to believe in, someone to [Db]trust.
[Abm7]I'd rather trust a [F#]man who doesn't shout what he's [Db]found,
[Abm7]There's no need to [F#]sell if you're homeward [Db]bound.
If [Db]I [Db/F#]choose [Db]a [Ab]side,
He won't [Db]take [Db/F#]me [Db]for a [Ab]ride.

[Dbm]Back [Abm/Eb]inside
This chamber of [Dbm]so many [Abm/Eb]doors;
I've nowhere, [Dbm]nowhere to [Abm/Eb]hide.
I'd [Dbm]give you [B/Eb]all of my [Dbm/E]dreams
If you'd help me,
Find a d[Abm]oor
That [B/F#]doesn't lead me [Dbm]back [Abm/Eb]again
[F#/Db]- take me a[Ab/Eb]way.

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Ab Abm Abm/Eb Abm7 B B/F# Db Db/F# Dbm Dbm/E F# F#/C# F#m/A F#m7/Db
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