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In the Cage  Genesis

From the album "The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway" by Genesis
Transcribed by August McAllister
Running Time: 8:15
Standard tuning - Key of E flat minor (Ebm)
Chord - Fingering Chord Name Scale position
Bm - x24432 B minor bVI
A - x02220 A major bV
G - 320033 G major III
Ebm - x68876 E flat minor Root
Bbm - 688666 B flat minor V
B - x24442 B major bVI
C# - x46664 C sharp major bVII
Eb - x68886 E flat major Root
Ab - 466544 A flat major IV
C#m - x46654 C sharp minor bVII
F# - 244322 F sharp major bIII
Eb(no5)- x6x87x Eb major no 5th Root
F7 - 131241 F dominant 7th II
Fm7 - 131141 F minor 7th II
Ebm7 - x68676 Eb minor 7th Root
Bb - 688766 B flat major V
Abm7 - 464474 Ab minor 7th IV
E - x79997 E major bII
Amaj7 - 5x665x A major 7th bV
Abm(9) - 468444 Ab minor add 9th IV
C#m6 - x48654 C# minor add 6th bVII
C#6 - x48664 C# major add 6th bVII
Ddim(7)- x56767 D diminished 7th VII
F - 133211 F major II
Ddim - x56764 D diminished VII
Fm7(no5) 1x31x1 Fm7 no 5th II
Abm - 466444 A flat minor IV
Ebsus4 - x799a7 Eb suspend 4th Root
NOTE: The note after the chord name marks that the bass
note is different from the root note of the chord.
For example, "Abm/Eb" means this is still recognized
as an Abm chord, but the bass plays an Eb.

[Bm]I got sunshine in my [A]stomach
Like I [G]just rocked my baby to [Bm]sleep.
I got [Bm/F#]sunshine in my [A/E]stomach
But I [G/D]can't keep [A/C#]me from [G/D]creeping [A/C#]sleep,
[G/D]Sleep, [A/C#]deep in the [Bm]deep.
Bm/F# - Hold

[Ebm] [Bbm/F] [B] [C#]  

Ebm Bbm - 2x
[Ebm]Rockface moves to press my skin
[Bbm]White liquid turn sour within
[Ebm]Turn fast - turn sour
[Bbm]Turn sweat - turn sour.
[Ebm]Must tell myself that I'm not here.
[Bbm]I'm drowning in a liquid fear.
[Ebm]Bottled in a strong compression,
[Bbm]My distortion shows obsession

In the [Ebm]cave[Bbm]
Get me out of this [Ebm]cave![Bbm]

If [Eb]I keep my self-con[Ab]trol,
I'll be [Eb]safe in my [Ab]soul.
And the [Eb]childhood be[Ab]lief
Brings a[Eb] moment's re[Ab]lief,
But my [C#m]cynic soon returns
And the [Ab]lifeboat burns.
My [C#m]spirit [A]just never l[F#]earns.

[Ebm]Stalactites, stalagmites
[Bbm]Shut me in, lock me tight.
[Ebm]Lips are dry, throat is dry.
[Bbm]Feel like burning, stomach churning,
[Ebm]I'm dressed up in a white costume
[Bbm]Padding out leftover room.
[Ebm]Body stretching, feel the wretching[Bbm]

In the [Ebm]cage[Bbm]
Get me out of the [Ebm]cage![Bbm]

In the [Eb]glare of a [Ab]light,
I see a [Eb]strange kind of [Ab]sight;
Of [Eb]cages joined to [Ab]form a star
Each [Eb]person can't go [Ab]very far;
[C#m]All tied to their things
[Ab]They're netted by their strings,
[C#m]Free to [A]flutter in memories of their [F#]wasted wings.

(Bear with me here. I'll try to space the chords depending
on timing, but ultimately you'll have to listen to the
song to figure it out.)
Eb(no5) - 4x
[Eb] [F7/Eb] [Fm7/Eb]  
[Ebm7] [F7/Eb]  
[Ebm7] [F7/Eb] [Bb/F]  
[Eb] [Ab/Eb] [Eb] [Ab/Eb]  
[Bb/F]Ebm7 Abm7/Eb - 7x
[Ebm7] [Abm7/Eb]  
[E] [Amaj7/E]  
[Abm(9)/Eb] [Dbm6/E]  
[Abm(9)/Eb] [Db6/F]  
[B/F#] [F#]  
[Ebm/F#] [Ab] [Db/Ab]  
[Bbm/F]Ddim(7)[Ab/Eb] [Bbm/C#]Ebm - 2x
[Ddim(7)] [Eb]  
Hold Eb note

[Ab] [Eb]  
[Bb] [Ab]  
[C#] [Ebm]  
[F]Outside the cage I see my [Ddim]Brother John,
He turns his head so [Eb]slowly round.
I cry out Help! be[Bb]fore he can be gone,
And he [Eb]looks at me without a sound.[Bb]
And I [Ddim]shout out 'John please help me!'
But he [Eb]does not even want to try to [Bb]speak.
I'm [Eb]helpless in my violent rage[Bb]
Ab Eb Fm7(no5) Eb
And a silent tear of blood dribbles down his cheek,
And I [Abm]watch him turn [Bb]away and leave the c[Ebsus4]age.
My [Bb]little runaway.
[Eb] [Ab/Eb] [Eb] [Ab]  
[Bb]Ebm7 Abm7/Eb - fade into verse.
(HOLD Eb note.)
Raindrops keep falling on my head, they keep falling on my...

[Ebm] [Bbm]  
[Ebm]In a trap, feel a strap
[Bbm]Holding still. Pinned for kill.
[Ebm]Chances narrow that I'll make it,
[Bbm]In the cushioned straight-jacket.
[Ebm]Just like 22nd Street,
[Bbm]They got me by my neck and feet.
[Ebm]Pressures building, can't take more.
[Ebm]My headaches charge, earaches roar.

[Ebm]In this p[Bbm]ain,
Get me out of this [Ebm]pain![Bbm]

If [Eb]I could change to [Ab]liquid,
I could [Eb]fill the cracks up [Ab]in the rocks.
I [Eb]know that I am [Ab]solid
And I [Eb]am my [Ab]own bad luck.
[C#m]Outside John disappears, [Ab]my cage dissolves,
with[C#m]out any [A]reason my body [F#]revolves.

[Ebm]Keep on [Bbm]turning,
[Ebm]Keep on [Bbm]turning,
Turning a[Ebm]round,[Bbm]
spinning [Ebm]around.[Bbm]
Ebm Bbm - repeatedly.
End on Ebm.

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A A/C# A/E Ab Abm Abm7/Eb Amaj7/E B B/F# Bb Bb/F Bbm Bbm/C# Bbm/F Bm Bm/F# C# C#m Db/Ab Db6/F Dbm6/E Ddim E Eb Ebm Ebm/F# Ebm7 F F# F7/Eb Fm7/Eb G G/D
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