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Can'Utility and the Coastliners  Genesis


Can-Utility and the coastliners - Genesis

Tabbed by: Ziyon Amram
Here is a beautiful Genesis piece taken from the album ?Foxtrot?, dedicated to legendary
King Canute (hence the ?Can-Utility?).
Likewise other Genesis tracks from that era (e.g. The Cinema Show, The Musical Box) this
is also composed of a basic song followed by unrelated instrumental filler before a
closing section.
The transcription below relates to the basic song, written by the band?s guitarist Steve
Originally it?s played on a 12-string which gives it a much greater depth, but a
will do too. Enjoy!
Tuning: Standard
Chord notes:
9 refers to ADD 9th (major or minor) rather than 7th AND 9th marked as 7/9
(Note ? same playing appears also on the song bar marked with (*) )
B B9 B Eb B (pause)

Part A:
[D]The scattered p[Bb6]ages of a bo[C]ok by th[B(addE)]e sea
Held by the [Em7]sand,[Em(addG)-Em-A7sus4-A7] washed by the waves
A s[D]hadow f[Asus4]orms cas[G6]t by a[A7sus4] cloud,
Ski[D]mming[Asus4] by as e[G6]yes of t[A7]he past, but the
B B9 B Eb B (*)
rising tide absorbs them effortlessly claiming.
[D]They told of o[G]ne who ti[Asus4-A]red of all singing,
[Bm]"Praise [A]him, p[Bm]raise hi[A]m."
[B]"We heed not [Em-Em7-Em6]flatterers," h[A7]e cried,
"[D]By our co[Asus4]mmand, w[G6]aters [A7sus4-A7]retreat,
S[D]how [Asus4]my power[G6], halt at[A7] my feet,"
[B]But the cause was lost, Now c[G6]old w[G]inds [A7sus4]blow.
Part B:
[D]Far from the n[F6]orth o[Bb]vercast [Bb6]ranks a[C]dvance
[D]Fear of the st[F6]orm acc[Bb6]using with rag[C]e [C7]and scorn.
[F]The waves s[Bb6]urround the sinking t[C7]hrone
Singing "[Dm7]Crown hi[C]m, cr[Dm7]own hi[C]m,"
"[D]Tho[Asus4]se who l[G6]ove o[A7sus4-A7]ur majesty
s[D]how [Asus4]themselves!" A[G6]ll bent thei[A7]r knees.
Dm7 x 3 D7/9 Dm7 x 3 D7/9

That?s actually the end of the main song. The 2-chord riff above turns into full chord
and continues through the Mellotron filler on to the next verse?
Dm7 x 3 D7/9
But he forced a smile even though
Dm7 x 3 D7/9 ? Dm7x3 D7/9
His hopes lay dashed where offerings fell (where they fell).
Here goes the organ solo then the guitar solo through the closing section?
[F]"Nothing[Fsus4] can my p[F]eace d[Bb6]estroy as [F]long as [Fsus4]no-one smi[F]les."[Bb6]
[F]More ope[Fsus4]ned ears [F]and op[Bb6]ened eyes,[F] and soo[Fsus4]n they dar[F]ed to laugh.
S[Bb]ee a little man with his face turn[C]ing red
Th[Bb]ough his story's often told you can t[C]ell he's dead.
That's it, hope you liked it. Send me your comments if you have any. Cheers!

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A A7 A7sus4 Asus4 Asus4-A B B(addE) Bb Bb6 Bm C C7 D Dm7 Em7 F F6 Fsus4 G G6
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