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Save The World  George Harrison

SAVE THE WORLD (George Harrison)
From the album "Somewhere in England", 1981
Transcripted by Danilo Fiani (
Fm7(b5) (aka Fdim)
X X 3 4 3 4
F#m7(b5) (aka F#dim)
X X 4 5 4 5
[Cmaj7]0 3 2 0 0 0
X 3 4 2 4 X
[F/C]X 3 3 2 1 1
(1st slide guitar)
C Co Fm7(b5) G

Chorus :
We've got to s[G7]ave the wo[C]rld[Cmaj7]
[Bb]Someone [D7]else may want to [F#m7(b5)]use it[G]
[Bb] So far we've s[A7]een
This plan[Dm]et's rape,
how we've ab[G#7]used it[G]
We've got to s[G7]ave the world
(C Co Fm7(b5))
[C]The Russians have the b[G]iggest share
[C] With their long fingers[G] everywhere
[F] And now they've bombs in [A7]outer space
F Fm C |Co Fm7(b5)| (fast passage)
With laser beams and atomic waste
[C] Rain forest chopped for paper t[G]owels
[C] One acre gone in e[G]very hour*
[F] Our birds and wildlife [A7]all destroyed
F Fm (C Co F/C G)
To keep some millionaires employed (different interlude)
We've got to [G7]save the wha[C]le[Cmaj7]
[Bb]Greenpeace they've t[D]ried to di[F#m7(b5)]ffuse i[G]t
[Bb] But dog food sa[A7]lesmen
Pers[Dm]ist on kindly to harp[G#7]oon i[G]t
We've got to s[G7]ave the world
(C Co F/C)
[C] The armament cons[G]ortium
[C] They're selling us plut[G]onium
[F] Now you can make your[A7] own H-bomb
F Fm C |Co Fm7(b5)| (fast passage)
Right in the kitchen with your mom
[C] The nuclear power that c[G]osts you more
[C] Than anything you've kn[G]own before
[F] The half-wit's answer [A7]to a need
F Fm C |Co Fm7(b5)| (fast passage)
For cancer, death, destruction, greed
(SOLO: repeat the verses above chords)
(Repeat the intro)
We've got to s[G7]ave the wo[C]rld[Cmaj7]
[Bb]Someone's ch[D]ildren they may n[F#m7(b5)]eed it[G]
[Bb] So far we've s[A7]een
The [Dm]big business of exti[G#7]nction bleed i[G]t
G7 C Co F
We've got to save the world
[C] We're at the mercy [G]of so few
[C] With evil hearts det[G]ermined to
[F] Reduce this planet [A7]into hell
F Fm C |Co Fm7(b5)| (fast passage)
Then find a buyer and make quick sale
[C] To end upon a happ[G]y note
[C] Like trying to make [G]concrete float
[F] Is very simple kn[A7]owing that
F Fm C Co F
God in your heart lives
[G] We've got to s[G7]ave the worl[C]d[Cmaj7]
[Bb]Someone el[D]se may want to [F#m7(b5)]use i[G]t
[Bb] It's time you k[A7]new
How cl[Dm]ose we've come
We're gonna l[G#7]ose i[G]t - We gotta s[G7]ave, we gotta save
C Co Fm7(b5) C
We gotta save the world.
1) The slide guitar interludes vary. I've transcripted one from the
introduction (there are two, making a dobro) just in case of identifying
the main melody.
2) I really dislike this song. It has a quite bizarre chords sequency that
doesn't make a beautiful result. And the lyrics are very poor, not to
mention the "Russians" part, that reveals a very shallow knowledge about the facts
or, at least, a kind of ingenuity from my (our) favorite songwriter/musician.
I'm the biggest George Harrison fan in the world, for sure... but this song, along
with only 2 or 3 other songs from his entire career, is unpassable.
3) Why had I spent my time transcripting it? Well, "a friend came to me, and told
me that he wanted help"... so it was worthwile.

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A7 Bb C Cmaj7 D D7 Dm F F#m7(b5) F/C G G#7 G7
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