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Playing Your Song  Hole

Hole - Celebrity Skin
C# A D G# (guessing from bass tab posted, seems to fit)
w/ Capo on 4 (much easier way to play)
A ? x02220 or 577655*
F ? 133311
Bb ? x13331 or 799877*
E - 022100
Notes: on my acoustic, with male vocals, a capo on 2 sounds better to me,
but that doesn?t match up with the bass tab I borrowed to work the chords
out. Try either, the chords are same. You can also slide down between
Bb and A in this formation for a nice sound (especially at start of
chorus). Anyway, this is my favorite Hole song and I was bummed to see only
1 bass tab available for it. Let me know if it was enough, I knew you
could ?try? getting chords from bass lines. So, I did. Now, I await the
slaughter from all you pros. At worst, I start progression to a good tab
or this great little song. I can take the abuse, but post something
constructive as well.
*Also, if you use the capo and barre the A (577655), F (133211)
and Bb (799877) you can play the entire song on sliding along the E form
frets (wish I had an electric handy to try that out).
Intro Riff:
[A] [F]  
 E:-------------|-1------------| (x6)

[1] [2] [3] [4] [1] [2] [3] [4]  
Intro: |A |F | (x6)
Verse: |A |F |A F |Bb A |(x2)
A |
Hey you..
F |
you're way ahead of me
[A]You're drunk on [F]apathy
|Bb A |
You burned right out
A |
Hey you..
F |
you're just a cripple now
[A]We sell for [F]millions now
|Bb A |
They sold you out
Chorus: |Bb A |F Bb |F Bb |A |(x2)
Bb A |F Bb |F Bb |
And ohh-ohh-oh, I had to tell them you were go-one
A |
I had to tell them they were
Bb A |F Bb |F Bb |A |
wro-on?ong! And now they?re playing your so-ng
A |F |(x2 ? w/ riff)
Verse 2:
[A]Hey you, [F]don't take it out on me
[A]You're bored of [F]everything
You [Bb]burned right [A]out
[A]Hey you, [F]so bored and cynical
[A]It's f-ing [F]wonderful
They [Bb]sold you [A]out
Chorus 2:
And [Bb]oh-[A]oh-[F]oh, they've bought and [Bb]sold it all, it's [F]gon[Bb]e
[A]They've taken it and built a
[Bb]ma-a[A]aa-[F]all. And now they're [Bb]playing your [F]son[Bb]g[A]
Bridge: |A |F E |(x4)
[A]Ooh, their innocence tastes like [F]candy, [E]yeah
[A]Get so fat on it, it's a [F]tragedy, [E]yeah
[A]Ooh, I can help you come to [F]me, [E]yeah
[A]Just bring your innocence to [F]me, [E]yeah
Verse 3:
[A]Hey you, [F]oh don't you dare blame me
[A]You trusted [F]everything
They [Bb]sold you [A]out
[A]Hey you, [F]now when they call it cool
[A]It's just so [F]mean and cruel
They [Bb]sold you [A]out
Chorus 3:
And [Bb]oh-[A]oh-[F]oh, they've bought and [Bb]sold it all, it's [F]gone[Bb]
[A]And every note of it is
[Bb]wro-[A]on-[F]ng, and now they're [Bb]playing your [F]song[Bb]
[A]Yeah, yeah, yeah,
[Bb]Ohh-[A]oh-[F]oh, they've bought and [Bb]sold it all, it's [F]gone[Bb]
[A]They've taken it and built a
[Bb]mall[A] [F] And now they're [Bb]playing your [F]song[Bb]
[A]They're playing, playing your [F]song [Bb] (x3)
End on ringing A
Please post comments and/or enjoy!
-Chris Hall (2/1/07)

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