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Lone Palm  Jimmy Buffett

@SONG: Lone Palm
@CHORDS: Sean Costello (
By: Jimmy Buffett
*This song is played on a capo 2 guitar....
Intro: D A E A D A E A
[D] [A] [E] [A] [D] [A] [E] [A]  
My [E]garden is filled with pa[A]payas and mangos
My [E]life is a mixture of [A]reggaes and tangos
[D]Taste for the good life, [A]I can live it no other [E]way
While [D]out on the beach there are [A]two empty chairs
That say [D]more than the people who [A]ever sit there
From [D]under my lone palm [A]I can look out on the [E]day
Where [D]no [A]bird [E]flies by my [A]window
[D]No [A]ship is [E]tied to my [A]tree
[D]Love is a wave building [A]to a crescendo
E (Intro chords)
Ride if you will, ride it with me
I know this girl made memories and phrases
Who lived her whole life in both chapters and phrases
Danced 'till the dawn, wished all her worries away
Well she wasn't crazy, no she wasn't mad
She just wanted the father that she never had
From under my lone palm I think about her today
[F#m]We sailed from the port of inde[A]cision
[F#m]Young and wild with oh so much to [A]learn
[G]Days turn into [D]years as we [E]tried to fool our [F#m]fears
But to the [D]port of inde[E]cision I re[A]turned
My gardens are filled with papayas and mangos
My life is a mixture of jingles and jangles
Come Christmas winds and blow all my worries away
Chord Diagrams:
|244222| - F#m
(Of course, Capo2, it's actually |466444|)
@SONG: Delaney Talks to Statues
@CHORDS: Sean Costello (
By: Jimmy Buffett, Mac McAnally, Amy Lee
Intro: A E B E A B E
[A] [E] [B] [E] [A] [B] [E]  
[A]Delaney [E]talks to [B]sta[E]tues as she [A]dances '[B]round the [E]pool
[A]She chases [E]cats through [B]Roman [E]ruins and [A]stomps on [B]big toad[E]stools
[A]She speaks a [E]language [B]all her [E]own that [A]I can [B]not dis[A]co[E]ver
[A]But she [E]knows I [B]love her [E]so when I [A]tuck her '[B]neath the [A]co[E]vers
[A]Fa[E]ther, [B]daugh[E]ter, [A]down [E]by the [B]wa[E]ter
[A]Shells [E]sink, [B]dreams [E]float-- [A]life's [E]good on [B]our [E]boat
Delaney draws me pictures, she finger paints the sand
We chase the dogs and hop like frogs, then I do my bad handstand
She's growing up too fast for me and asking lots of questions
Some I know the answers to and some I'm looking for suggestions
Father, daughter, born by the water
Surf's up, sun's down-- life in a beach town
[C#m]And some of the [G#m]things I've seen maybe [A]she won't have to [B]see
[C#m]But there's a lot I want to [G#m]pass along that was [A]handed down to [B]me
*Repeat first verse and Chorus
Chord Diagrams:
|x46654| - C#m |466444| - G#m
Uncle John's Band
 -|-|-|-|-|- -|-|-|-|--|
 -|-|-|-|-|- -|-|-|-|--|
 -|-|-|-|-|- -|-|-|-|--|
 -|-|-|o|-|- -|-|-|o|--|
 -|-|o|-|-|- -|-|o|-|--|
 -|-|-|-|-|- -|-|-|x|--|

Oh[G], the first days are the hardest days, don't you wo[C]rry any m[G]ore,
'C[G]ause when life looks like Easy Street there is da[C]nger at your d[G]oor.
T[Amin]hink this through with[Emin] me; l[C]et me know your m[D]ind.
W[C]hoa-o[D]h, what I w[G]ant to k[D]now-[C]oh,[G] is a[D]re you k[G]ind.
I[G]t's a buck dancer's choice, my friend, better t[C]ake my a[G]dvice;
Y[G]ou know all the rules by now, and the f[C]ire from the i[G]ce.
W[Amin]ill you come with[Emin] me, w[C]on't you come with [D]me?
W[C]hoa-[D]oh, what I w[G]ant to k[D]now-[C]oh, w[G]ill y[D]ou come w[G]ith me?
G[G]od damn! well I dec[C]la[G]re! [Amin]Have you s[G]een the l[D]ike?
T[D]heir w[C]alls are built of cannonballs, their m[G]otto [D]is "Don't t[C]read on [D]me".
C[G]ome hear Uncle John's b[C]and p[Amin]laying [G]by the r[D]iverside,
G[C]ot some things to talk about, h[G]ere besi[D]de the r[C]ising t[D]ide.
[G] [Bmin] [C] [D] [G] [Bmin] [C] [D] [G] [Bmin] [C] [D] [G] [Bmin] [C] [D] 
I[G]t's the same story the crow told me, it's the [C]only one he k[G]nows;
L[G]ike the morning sun you come, and l[C]ike the wind you [G]go.
[Amin]Ain't no time to [Emin]hate, b[C]arely time to w[D]ait.
W[C]hoa-o[D]h, what I w[G]ant k[D]now-o[C]h, wh[G]ere d[D]oes the t[G]ime go?
[G]I live in a silver mine and I c[C]all it Beggar's T[G]omb;
[G]I've got me a violin and I [C]beg you, call a [G]tune.
[Amin]Anybody's c[Emin]hoice, [C]I can hear your v[D]oice.
W[C]hoa-[D]oh, what I w[G]ant to k[D]now-[C]oh, h[G]ow do[D]es the s[G]ong go?
C[G]ome hear Uncle John's b[C]and b[Amin]y the r[G]iverside[D]
G[C]ot some things to talk about h[G]ere besi[D]de the [C]rising t[D]ide.
C[G]ome hear Uncle John's b[C]and[Amin] playing [G]to th[D]e tide
C[C]ome on along or go alone, he's c[G]ome to t[D]ake his c[C]hildren h[D]ome.
[Dmin] [G] [C] [Dmin] [G] [C] [Dmin] [G] [C] [Dmin] [G] [C] 
Whoa-oh, what I want to know-oh, how does the song go?
(A capella)
Come hear Uncle John's band by the riverside
Got some things to talk about, here beside the rising tide.
C[G]ome here Uncle John's b[C]and p[Amin]laying [G]to the [D]tide,
C[C]ome on along or go alone, he's c[G]ome to t[D]ake his c[C]hildren h[D]ome.
Dmin G C Dmin G C Dmin G C I
La lala lala, la lala lala, la lala lalaaaaa......

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