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I'm Around  John Frusciante

song;work of art (it has to be the one and only john frusciante!)
sorry for that,it just had to be done.O.k,so i posted up the first few chords of this
song, and said i`d get the rest of it up,so here is what i think it is.Now i havn`t
been tabbing songs for very long, so to some people with a sharp ear, this is probably
sounds terrible, but i think it sounds about right.
right, first few chords;;G,D,Am,Em
then it goes;;Bm,G,,,C,,D,Am Bm,G,,,C,,D,Am,,C,D,Am
now,i`m gonna make some sense out of this,i`m gonna write up the lyrics and chords.
[G]you kn[D]ow i`m aro[Am]und ya[Em]
[G]i wouldn`t b[D]e if i didnt l[Am]ove ya[Em]
[G]im goi[D]n to run th[Am]ru ya[Em]
you kn[G]ow your qu[D]ite a ch[Am]aracter[Em]
it g[G]oes that [D]i havent go[Am]t a care[Em]
[G]when we f[D]loat down t[Am]he river[Em]
[G]i wonder[D] will i [Am]lose ya[Em]
[G]when we r[D]oam thru a b[Am]lizzard[Em]
we`ll j[G]oke and h[D]ave an[Am]other cry[Em]
i ho[G]pe i`m n[D]ot the o[Am]ther guy[Em]
[Bm]we`ll never s[G]cale those heights aga[C]in
we[D]`ve lost our[Am] daughter[C]
[Bm]lets plan to hi[G]de from all our frien[C]ds
D Am C D Am C (2 hits on d and am)
in silent waters
[G]be ca[D]reful of wh[Am]at you are[Em]
[G]what you s[D]ee is just a s[Am]mall part[Em]
[G]you must look for y[D]ourself in o[Am]thers [Em]
and a[G]ll the pl[D]aces that[Am] you go[Em]
you s[G]ee that they[D] are par[Am]t of you[Em]
[Bm]i want to aga[G]in be holding han[C]ds
wi[D]th you un[Am]der water[C]
[Bm]and couldn`t we ge[G]t a second cha[C]nce
D Am C D Am C (2 hits on d and am)
to go back and start over
[Bm]i was thinking bef[G]ore
[Bm]that it was all my [G]fau-[Bm]au-au[C]lt
[Bm]we dropped the bat[C]on
[Bm]sunday waves and makes fa[G]ces at [Bm]us all the t[C]ime
and i`m wo[G]ndering [Bm]what i call [C]mine[Am]
sunday w[G]aves and makes fa[Bm]ces all the ti[C]me
and i`m wo[G]ndering wh[Bm]at i call m[C]ine[Am]
Ending; Bm (or G, both sound good) Am C
well there it is, i said i`d get it and i (think) i did!You may need to listen to the
song to get timing and all that, its probably not great to read here.Well, i hope you
like it, let me know, and ANY comments,mistakes or changes,please e-mail me at

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Am Bm C D Em G
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