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Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie  Johnny Cash

[G]"Oh [G6]bury me [Em]not [Em7]on the [Em/G]lone Pra[G]irie"
[G]These [G6]words came [Em]low [Em7]and [Em]mourn - [Em4]ful - [G]ly
[G]From the pallid [G(5)]lips of a [G]youth who [Gm7]lay
[G]On his dying [Em]bed at the [Em7]close of [G]day.
[G]He h[G6]as wasted [Em]and [Em7]pined 'til o'[Em/G]er his b[G]row
[G]Death'[G6]s shades we[Em]re s[Em7]lowl[Em]y gather[Em4]ing no[G]w.
[G]He thought of ho[G(5)]me and lov[G]ed ones ni[Gm7]gh,
[G]And the cowbo[Em]ys gathered[Em7] to see h[G]im die.
[G]"Oh [G6]bury me [Em]not [Em7]on the [Em/G]lone Pra[G]irie,
[G]Where [G6]the coyotes[Em] how[Em7]l an[Em]d the wi[Em4]nd blo[G]ws free.
[G]In a narrow grav[G(5)]e just six[G] by three[Gm7]
[G]Oh bury me no[Em]t on the lo[Em7]ne Prairi[G]e."
[G]"It [G6]matters [Em]not,[Em7] I've o[Em/G]ft been [G]told,
[G]Where [G6]the body li[Em]es w[Em7]hen [Em]the hear[Em4]t grow[G]s cold.
[G]Yet grant, oh gr[G(5)]ant, this [G]wish to me[Gm7],
[G]Oh bury me no[Em]t on the lo[Em7]ne Prairi[G]e."
[G]"I'v[G6]e always[Em] wis[Em7]hed to [Em/G]be laid [G]when I died
[G]In a l[G6]ittle churc[Em]hyar[Em7]d on[Em] a green[Em4] hills[G]ide.
[G]By my father's g[G(5)]rave there[G] let me be[Gm7],
[G]Oh bury me no[Em]t on the lo[Em7]ne Prairi[G]e."
[G]"I w[G6]ish to l[Em]ie w[Em7]here a [Em/G]mother's[G] prayer
[G]And a [G6]sister's te[Em]ar w[Em7]ill [Em]mingle t[Em4]here.[G]
[G]Where friends ca[G(5)]n come and[G] weep o'er[Gm7] me.
[G]Oh bury me no[Em]t on the lo[Em7]ne Prairi[G]e."
[G]"For[G6] there's[Em] ano[Em7]ther wh[Em/G]ose tear[G]s will shed
[G]For th[G6]e one who l[Em]ies [Em7]in a[Em] Prairie[Em4] bed.[G]
[G]It breaks my hea[G(5)]rt to thin[G]k of her n[Gm7]ow,
[G]She has curled thes[Em]e locks; she ha[Em7]s kissed this b[G]row."
[G]"Oh [G6]bury me [Em]not.[Em7].." And[Em/G] his voi[G]ce failed there
[G]But th[G6]ey took no [Em]heed[Em7] to [Em]his dyin[Em4]g pray[G]er.
[G]In a narrow grav[G(5)]e, just si[G]x by three[Gm7],
[G]They buried h[Em]im there on[Em7] the lone[G] Prairie.
[G]And [G6]the cowb[Em]oys [Em7]now as [Em/G]they roa[G]m the plain
[G]For th[G6]ey marked t[Em]he s[Em7]pot [Em]where hi[Em4]s bone[G]s were lain,
[G]Fling a handful [G(5)]of roses o[G]'er his gr[Gm7]ave
[G]With a prayer[Em] to God, hi[Em7]s soul to[G] save.

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