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You Ruined Everything  Jonathan Coulton

Verse Fingerpicking Final measure after chorus
[C] [G] [B7] [Em] [C] [G] [D] [C] [Dadd4] [G]  
 |-------------|-------------|------------| |--------------|
 |-------------|-------------|-----------3| |-------------0|
 |---0---0-----|---2--0-----0|---0---0---2| |---0----0----0|
 |-----2----0--|---1----0----|-----2---0-0| |-----2----4---|
 |-3----------0|-2--------2--|-3----------| |-3------5-----|
 |-------3-----|----2-0------|-------3----| |-------------3|

Chords Chorus:
C x320xx Bm Em Am Bm Cm G C/G G D7
 G 3200xx |-----------|-------------|3---------|
 B7 x212xx |-----------|-------------|----------|
 Em 022000 |-----------|0----2---3---|----------|
 D xx023x |--4-0--0---|---2---4-5---|-------2--|
 Bm x24432 |3-----0--0-|--1---3--4---|---0-1-1--|
 Am x02210 |-----------|-------------|----------|

Cm x35543
C/G 3x2010 Bridge:
 D7 xx0212 |-----------------|------------------|----------------|-------------------|
 Dadd4 x540xx |3----------------|------------------|3---------------|-------------------|
 Cadd9 x3203x |-----------------|------------------|----------------|-------------------|
 G/B x2003x |---0-0-0-0--3--2-|--5-----2-----2---|-0-0-0-0-0--3--2|--5----------------|
 Bb x1333x |--3---3----3--1--|-4---4----1-----1-|3---3------3--1-|-4---4---1--3-1-3-1|
 Am7 x0201x |-----------------|----3-------1-----|----------------|----3--------------|

[Ab]Eb [466544]x6888x
[F]D7(2) [133211]x5453x
I was [C]fine[G] [B7] [Em]
I [C]pulled my[G]self to[D]gether
Just in [C]time[G] [B7] [Em]
To [C]throw my[G]self a[D]way
[Bm]Once my [Em]perfect world was [Am]gone [Bm]I k[Cm]new
You ruined [G]everythin[C/G]g[G] [D7]
In the nicest [C]way[G] [B7] [Em] [C] [Dadd4] [G]
You should [C]know[G] [B7] [Em]
How [C]great things [G]were be[D]fore you
Even [C]so[G] [B7] [Em]
They're [C]better [G]still [D]today
[Bm]I can't [Em]think of who I [Am]was [Bm]bef[Cm]ore
You ruined [G]everythin[C/G]g[G] [D7]
In the nicest [C]way[G] [B7] [Em] [C] [Dadd4] [G]
[Cadd9]Bumps in the [G/B]road remind us
[Bb]Worst of the [Am7]best behind us
[Ab]Only good t[Eb]hings will find us
[F]Me and you
[Cadd9]Days will be [G/B]clear and sunny
[Bb]We're gonna [Am7]need more money
[Ab]Baby, you [Eb]know it's funny
[D7]All those stories coming [C]true[G] [B7] [Em]
Des[C]pite my [G]better [D]efforts
It's all for [C]you[G] [B7] [Em]
The [C]worst kind [G]of cli[D]che
[Bm]I'll be [Em]with you till the [Am]day [Bm]you [Cm]leave
You ruined [G]everythin[C/G]g[G] [D7]
In the nicest [C]way[G] [B7] [Em] [C] [Dadd4] [G]

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Ab Am Am7 B7 Bb Bm C C/G Cadd9 Cm D D7 Dadd4 Eb Em F G G/B
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