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No Time Flat  Kevin Devine

Rough and simple tab. Comment if you have a slicker way to play it.
Notes on the verse chords:
You can just play A, Dmaj7, F#m7, and Bm. It'll sound fine. I'm not gonna cover how
you get the slide sound.
[A] [Amaj7]  
[Dmaj7](just [D6]alternate , real quick; play the B string of the Dmaj7 open)
[F#m](not[F#m7] what he actually does; you could just play the F#m7 and focus your
picking/strumming on the D string at first, then the A string)
[Bm9](Bm9 i[Bm7]s just[Bm9] Bm7 w[Bm7]ith three fingers (not barred), plus the second fret of the B-string.
You're making the same figure as the Dmaj7-D6 alternation, plus the B bass note)
The chorus is just D and A, alternating. You can also do the riff, which is something
like this:

[A]Your skin's in my m[Amaj7]outh
[Dmaj7]But I'm [D6]think[Dmaj7]ing abo[D6]ut
[F#m]thousands of [F#m7]things
[Bm9]That d[Bm7]on't g[Bm9]ot you[Bm7]r name
[A]So I'm distant and [Amaj7]weird
[Dmaj7]We stop [D6]and y[Dmaj7]ou're a[D6]ll ears
[F#m]But how can I[F#m7] say
[Bm9]I've j[Bm7]ust be[Bm9]en thi[Bm7]nking that it's [D]harder every year
To find excuses that'll [A]keep me in the clear
The arbitrary lines I [D]impress in the sand
The proof that piles in my t[A]rashcan
While the skin on my hands is looking [D]older every day
The lies I've told have turned to [A]leather on my face
The love I've lost has turned to [D]needles in my heart
But I'm to blame for all the [A]bad parts
They're the choices I've made (hey hey)
[A] [Amaj7]  
[Dmaj7] [D6] [Dmaj7] [D6]  
[F#m] [F#m7]  
[Bm9]That's[Bm7] why I[Bm9] turn [Bm7]my face away
[A] [Amaj7]  
[Dmaj7] [D6] [Dmaj7] [D6]  
[F#m] [F#m7]  
[Bm9] [Bm7] [Bm9] [Bm7]  
[A]I watch the [Amaj7]debates
[Dmaj7]Till I c[D6]an't [Dmaj7]see str[D6]aight
[F#m]Take abortion[F#m7] away
[Bm9]And bo[Bm7]th sid[Bm9]es see[Bm7]m just the same
[A]So I'm not sure [Amaj7]why I vote
[Dmaj7]'Cause I[D6] just[Dmaj7] don't [D6]know
[F#m]What difference it [F#m7]makes
[Bm9]It see[Bm7]ms to [Bm9]me we [Bm7]get the [D]same shit from them both
Reforms don't work I think it's [A]time we tried revolt
But I don't got the guts to [D]jump up and go first
So I'll just shout until my [A]throat hurts
And I curse and I curse at what we [D]fucked up in Iraq
You say "Support the troops!" I [A]do, I want them all brought back
And every building you [D]bombed raised from the ground
And blow your contractors the [A]fuck out
And if you really go and [D]reinstate the draft
Just straight away just split the [A]country straight in half
Try arresting every[D]one who sends their draft cards back
I'll be returning mine in [A]no time flat
[D]No time flat
[F#m]No time flat
[Bm]No time flat
[C#m](yeah [D]yeah [E]yeah)
[(ba] [da] [ba)]  
[A] [Amaj7]  
[Dmaj7] [D6] [Dmaj7] [D6]  
[F#m] [F#m7]  
[Bm9] [Bm7] [Bm9] [Bm7]  
[A]In a sense we're th[Amaj7]e same
[Dmaj7]Struggli[D6]ng to[Dmaj7] save f[D6]ace
[F#m]A question of[F#m7] scope
[Bm9]How far [Bm7]you're wi[Bm9]lling to[Bm7] go
[A]To make rights of your [Amaj7]wrongs
[Dmaj7]Despite the[D6] ris[Dmaj7]k involv[D6]ed
[F#m]A question of[F#m7] faith...
Bm9 (once, then no chords until D)
'Cause if we wait until we've[D] all been burned to ash
To tell the truth about the [A]shit buried in our past
We'll split a taxi to that [D]fire pit way down south
So let's rise up and open our [A]mouths
'Cause you remind me that it's h[D]arder every year
To find excuses that'll [A]keep me in the clear
The arbitrary lines I [D]impress in the sand
The proof that piles in my [A]trashcan
And if you really go and reinstate the draft
You'll straight away just split the country straight in half
So try arresting everyone who sends their draft cards back
I'll be returning mine in [A]no [A]time [A]flat

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A Amaj7 Bm Bm7 Bm9 C#m D D6 Dmaj7 E F#m F#m7
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