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Blindly  Kina Grannis


Blindly - Kina Grannis

From Kina's album 'Sincerely, Me'. I posted this earlier when I wasn't logged in!
There where a few mistakes so this is the correction!
This is how Kina plays it, its a really easy song to play, great for beginners,
there isn't much movement of the fingers! You can basically keep your 3th and 4th
fingers still and just move the others!
Tuning: Capo 1
Strumming: D UU D UDD (pretty fast! Just experiment!)
^^Played like this: Dsus4 Gsus2 Em7 G
Chords used:
Dsus4 xx0233
Gsus2 x00033
Em7 020033
G 300033
D xx0232
Cadd9 x32033
Intro: Dsus4 Gsus2 Em7 G x2
[Dsus4] I've been walking [Gsus2]down this road too [Em7]long, too f[G]ar
An[Dsus4]d I'm thinking it's[Gsus2] time that I turn [Em7]back.[G]
[Dsus4] I'm losing my[Gsus2]self in my own c[Em7]onfusing r[G]hythms
[Dsus4]In the path from[Gsus2] heart to brain I [Em7]lack.[G]
[Dsus4] Wish the t[Gsus2]hings I felt were [Em7]clearer[G]
[Dsus4] Like the moon[Gsus2]light over me to[Em7]night[G]
[Dsus4] You know all I [Gsus2]want is to have you [Em7]nearer, [G]nearer
[Dsus4] And a love so [Gsus2]high that we'd take [Em7]flight.[G]
So[Em7] long my w[D]ays, I wont [Cadd9]miss you
[Em7]I'll be all [D]right this [Cadd9]time.
[Em7]Follow the l[D]ines and dreams can [Cadd9]come true.
Just [Em7]feel my [Cadd9]way and sh[D]ut out the li[G]ght.
[Dsus4] [Cadd9] [(Cadd9)]  
[Dsus4]Don't underst[Gsus2]and how I can [Em7]know[G]
[Dsus4]Just how and [Gsus2]why I ought to [Em7]feel[G]
[Dsus4] And then when it [Gsus2]comes to [Em7]feeling that [G]feeling
[Dsus4] My head stops[Gsus2] it from being [Em7]real[G]
[Dsus4] I wish that[Gsus2] I could see right [Em7]through [G]you
[Dsus4] To see just [Gsus2]what you see in[Em7] me[G]
[Dsus4] I get so s[Gsus2]cared someday I'll[Em7] lose that,[G] lose you
[Dsus4] When you look ins[Gsus2]ide and I'm em[Em7]pty[G]
So [Em7]long my [D]ways, I wont [Cadd9]miss you
[Em7]I'll be all [D]right this [Cadd9]time.
[Em7]Follow the l[D]ines and dreams can c[Cadd9]ome true.
Just [Em7]feel my [Cadd9]way and sh[D]ut out the l[G]ight.
[Dsus4] [Cadd9] [(Cadd9)]  
But[G] I won't for[Dsus4]get
That first[Cadd9] time I said those word[(Cadd9)]s
Though in my [G]head, I know
It [Dsus4]meant something m[Cadd9]ore than this[(Cadd9)]
Find my f[G]eelings, save them from the [Dsus4]part of me
That [Cadd9]confuses everyt[(Cadd9)]hing, when i k[G]new all al[Dsus4]ong
That my [Cadd9]heart was never[G] wrong[Dsus4] [Cadd9]
So [Em7]long my [D]ways, I wont [Cadd9]miss you
I[Em7]'ll be all [D]right this [Cadd9]time.
[Em7]Follow the [D]lines and dreams can [Cadd9]come true.
Just [Em7]feel my [Cadd9]way and sh[D]ut out the [G]light.[Dsus4] [Cadd9]
G Dsus4 Cadd9 (Song fades out, repeat til fade or end on G!)

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Cadd9 D Dsus4 Em7 G Gsus2
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