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Jack the Idiot Dunce  The Kinks

Intro:riff 1(C D E F) *2
riff 1
Who's the fool with the cross-eyed stare,
riff 1'(F G A B)
The turned up nose and moronic glare?
riff 1''(A A# B C)
Who's that simpleton standing over there?
riff 1
Jack, Jack the Idiot Dunce.
riff 1 riff 1
Who's that dumb-looking freckle-faced runt?
[F]Jack, Jack the Idiot Dunce.
[F]He walks like his feet are on back to front,
[F]Jack, Jack the Idiot Dunce.
[Bb]When he waddles down the street he looks kind of queer,
[Bb]Jack, Jack the Idiot Dunce,
[F]Because he's got two left feet and taxi-door ears,
[F]Jack, Jack the Idiot Dunce.
[Am]And when we laugh at the clothes [Dm]he wears,
[Am]Jack just smiles 'cos [Bb]he don't [C]care.
[Bb]Who[C]'s that fool? [Bb]Who[C]'s that ninny?
[Bb]Who[C]'s that twit? [Bb]Who[C]'s that chump?
[C]Th[Bb]e I[C]diot Dunce, [C]th[Bb]e I[C]diot Dunce.
riff 1 riff 1
Who is always the bottom of the class?
[F]Jack, Jack the Idiot Dunce.
[F]Who's a fool? Who's a boob?
[F]Who's a kook and an ass?
[F]Jack, Jack the Idiot Dunce.
[Bb]When we take examinations he never gets a pass,
[Bb]Jack, Jack the Idiot Dunce.
[F]And we all put him down 'cos he can't think fast,
[F]Jack, Jack the Idiot Dunce.
[Am]We ridicule him and punch him [Dm]around,
[Am]But Jack just laughs and [Bb]sta[C]nds[Bb] hi[C]s [Bb]gro[C]und[Bb],[C]
C Bb C C Bb C riff 1''(A A# B C)
The Idiot Dunce, the Idiot Dunce.
[C]Yeah, he's so unco-ordinated.
[F]Yeah, and so disorientated,
[C]And when we have a High School Hop
[F]You ought to see that idiot bop
[Bb]And[B] h[C]is arms and his [C#]legs
Seem to [Dm]have minds of [G]their own,
[F]And you don't need brains
To have educated muscles and bones.
[C]Yeah, you ought to see him dance
[F]He moves like he's in a trance,
[C]And when we have a High School Hop
[F]You ought to see that idiot rock,
[Bb]And [B]he's [C]finally [C#]proved
That you don't need a [Dm]high I.Q.
To make your body [G]move.
[F]Now he's created a dance that everybody's trying to do.
Jack, Jack the Idiot Dunce.
[C]Do the Idiot Dunce.
[F]All right put your finger on your nose,
[C]Now cross those eyes.
Put your hands on your hips,
[F]Now wriggle your backside.
[Bb]Now you've [B]got the [C]knack
To do the Idiot [C#]Jack
>From your[Dm] head to the tips of your[G] toes.
[F]Now the whole world's doing it and everybody knows,
Jack, Jack the Idiot Dunce.
[F]He's a real cool cat and a real gone groove,
Jack, Jack the Idiot Dunce.
[Bb]And the girls go crazy when he starts to move,
[Bb]Jack, Jack the Idiot Dunce
[F]Now Jack's a success he's got nothing to prove,
[F]Jack, Jack the Idiot Dunce.
[Am]Even though [Dm]Jack is dim
[Am]His mother is so [Bb]proud of [C]him.
[Bb]Hey[C], who's that groovy [Bb]loo[C]king dude
[Bb]Dan[C]cing with all the [Bb]chi[C]cks?
[C]Th[Bb]e I[C]diot Dunce[C], [Bb]the[C] Idiot Dunce.
Albums this song can be found on:
* Schoolboys In Disgrace
Rock'n roll song. Riff 1 is single notes. Please listen backing guitar

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