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I Don't Want You Now  KT Tunstall

This tab is based on her live set she did acoustically. I feel it to be very
accurate to her stand alone performance. The recording is capo 5, but her live
shows tend to be be capo 3 or 4. Have fun!
Capo 5
G: 3X0033
Gsus4: X3X033
Gmaj: X2X033
Em: 022000
Em/F#: 202000
Cmaj7/E: O32000
Cadd9: 032022
Cadd9(*): 032020
Am7: X02010
A7sus4: 002030
D: 200232
Dadd11: 200233
Bass A: 0xxxxx
Bass A#: 1xxxxx
Bass C: 3xxxxx
INTRO: G Em Em/F# G Em Em/F# G Em Cmaj7/E Cadd9 Cmaj7/E Cadd9
[G] Show me [Em]what it is [Em/F#]you've done[G],[Em] [Em/F#]
[G] pulled c[Em]overs off in f[Cmaj7/E]ront of e[Cadd9]veryon[Cmaj7/E]e [Cadd9] [Cmaj7/E]
[G]Surely yo[Em]u want us [Em/F#]all to s[G]ee,[Em] [Em/F#]
[G]what you cre[Em]ated for y[Cadd9]ourself in-spite of me
D Cadd9(*) G Em
you can try to tie me down
D Cadd9(*) G
you can try to string me up
but you'll [Gsus4]have n[Gmaj]o luck [Dadd11]now
[G]Please don't e[D]ver let me do[Am7]wn again, it [Gsus4]should[Gmaj]n't b[Dadd11]e allowed[G]
[G]Please don't e[D]ver make me [Am7]frown again, you [Gsus4]have s[Gmaj]hown [Dadd11]me how [G]
[G]Please don't t[D]ry to be my f[Am7]riend ag[Gsus4]ain, c[Gmaj]ause [Dadd11]I don't [G]wa[Gsus4]nt you[Gmaj], I don't
[Dadd11]want you[G] now[D]
[Gsus4]I don'[Gmaj]t wan[A7sus4]t you no[G]w
[G] [Em] [Em/F#] [G] [Em] [Em/F#] [G] [Em] [Cmaj7/E] [Cadd9] [Cmaj7/E] [Cadd9] 
VERSE(same as first)
So now you've learnt to make your bed
Far be it for me to be the one to pat your head
The truth is you know I could have pulled you home
But you'd already advertised that I'd slashed the tires of your one man show.
[D]you can t[Am7]ry to tie me do[G]wn [Em]
D Cadd9(*) G
you can try to stitch me up
but you'll [Gsus4]have n[Gmaj]o luck [Dadd11]now
[Bass]I don[A]'t wan[Bass]t you[A#] now
[Bass]no I [C]don't want you now
[Bass]no I [A]don't [Bass]want [A#]you now
[Bass]no I [C]don't want you now
[Em]The truth is you know I could'a[C]ve helped you [Am]out
CHORUS end tag:
please don't try to be my friend again, cause I don't want you, I don't
[Dadd11]want you[G] now[D]
[Gsus4]I don'[Gmaj]t wan[Dadd11]t you no[D]w
[Gsus4]I don'[Gmaj]t wan[Dadd11]t you no[G]w

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A A# A7sus4 Am Am7 C Cadd9 Cmaj7/E D Dadd11 Em Em/F# G Gmaj Gsus4
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