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Hyakugojyuuichi 2003  Lemon Demon

Hey you, sit down and listen
[(D)]Don?t be flippant and don?t be dismissin?
[(D)]Think you?re a Flash encyclopedia?
[(D)]Eating, breathing Macromedia
[(D)]Think you?re cool sayin? ?All Your Base??
[(D)]Get that Xiao Xiao outta my face
[(D)]You gotta be kidding me with that crap
[A]Animutation?s where it?s [Ab]at[G]
[F#7]Nine outta ten socio[Bm]paths agree
You gotta [G]see Hyakugo[D]jyuuichi
From the [F#7]Moch to the Rie to the [Bm]Pee to the Wee
Just [G]take it from me, M[D]C NC
You won?t be[F#7]lieve your eyes, you?ll [Bm]go insane
I mean, [G]what?s up with that [D]plastic plane?
You?re an [F#7]idiot if you [B]disagree
You gotta [G]see Hyakugo[D]jyuuichi
[D]If you got the time, go grab a pen
and watch that thing again and again
Try to figure it out, what does it mean?
[A]What?s the significance of Mr. Bean?
Does [D]anybody know? Are there any takers?
What?s up with all the broken pacemakers?
The world is full of speculation
But [A]nobody cracks this Animu[AbG]tation
[D]Wakeman is biased, like a household appliance
Hello Kitty and McGruff have an unholy alliance
Science is brutal and it cuts like a knife
Not even [A]Obi-Wan can save the yodel of life
Your [D]name is Bob, you?re my heart-throb
I lost my job when I got fired
by a guy named Farchie, he was full of starch,
he [A]smelled like an orangutan?s old apartment[F#7]
Found a hobo [B]in my room, what do I [G]do?
He looks dead, he?s [D]full of lead,
bleeding [F#7]red onto my bed[Bm]spread,
and he [G]also seems to be [D]missing his head
[F#7]Why am I holding this [Bm]gun and axe?
Do ex[G]ploding pacemakers cause [D]heart attacks?
Will [F#7]Mr. Bean ever [Bm]get his fill,
Or will he [G]just keep on telling me to kill?[D]
[D]Hey, don?t you gimme that look
You never had what it took
I took the beef and I beefed it up
[A]You sat and whined while I took the cup
of [D]gold, you are getting old
When you see my face you better fold
Take this mop and shove it, boy
cuz it?s the [A]only way you?ll be em[Ab]ployed[G]
[F#7]I am known as the[Bm] Beef Bastard
[G]Everyone knows I?m the [D]ultimate master
[F#7]I am known as the[Bm] Beef Bastard
[G]Everyone else is a [D]walking disaster
[F#7]I am known as the[Bm] Beef Bastard
[G]Think you?re fast? Well I [D]know I?m faster!
[F#7]I am known as the[Bm] Beef Bastard
[G]Everyone knows I?m the [D]ultimate master
Weeeel[D]l I?m Shmorky! Eatin? PORKY!
Whitey rap sure sounds dorky!
Got a girl? She?s a DOUBLE D!
I slap her on the butt dressed as a bumble bee!
I eat paste all damn day
I was in a Shakespeare play
I sit down on a Lazy Susan
Spin around like TOMMY CRUISIN!
[F#7]Bong Bong Bing Bing
[Bm]I get paid to play with my thing!
I [F#7]zip out zip in zip up BEGIN
[F#7]Ambulance, Enron, Pee Wee, Pokemon
[Bm]Bulbasaur, Pikachu, Jigglypuff, THEY CHOOSE YOU!
[Em]And I can?t think of [A]anymore to [Ab]say[G]
[(D)]It?s Steve?s Adventure![A] [D]
[(D)]one-fifty-one Pokemon on the run
Suzuki-san is a formation of a bun
and a veggie burger with tsukemono
Jay-Jay has flown away with Sonny Bono
To the afterlife to visit Barney Fife
And to see Pero?s screenshots of his wife
named Chris Benoit, wearing a pretty dress,
saying ?Watashi wa animutation ga suki desu.?
[(D)]Do the Mario! Isty-bitsy hockey
[A]Lipsnot is not magic like a monkey
[D]Captain Lou body-slams a rubber duckie
[A]Just like in the match of Earth vs. Funky
[D]Lucky Lucky nice to Mew-two,
I [A]need tea for two, how about you,
Mr. [D]Coldheart, or should I say Professor?
It [A]looks like Lesko got revenge on my dresser
[F#7]Props to Neil, [Bm]he?s the real deal
His [G]friends all call him [D]Mr. Popiel
He?s the com[F#7]puter geek who doesn?t [Bm]shower for a week
His looks are [G]hot, his clothes are [D]CHIC!
He [F#7]singlehandedly changed the [Bm]face of the net
He?s an [G]online semi-celebrity you'll [D]never forget
He [F#7]stormed onto the scene like a [Bm]raging thunder
His [G]seizure inducing flag says ?[D]Mr. Gahbunga?
[D]Hey kids! (gibberish) [A]Get ready to rumble!
[D](lots of gibbe[A]rish) Colin [Ab]Moch[G]rie!!!
[D]There you have it, that?s the game
151 we can all be the same
I?m sure that it?s been appetizing
with [A]all the subliminal advertizing
[D]this has been a celebration, animutation fans across the nation
in formation raise their hands in dedication
 to the crazy-flashing-psychopathic-happy-dancing-super-magic-

[A]power-mega-ultra-kitschy Hyakugojyuuichi

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