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Everybody Breaks a Glass  Lights

[Am]It's not a solid, not a s[Em]oft th[Am]ing
[Am]To pull the wool up like a s[Em]mokescre[Am]en
[Am]Nobody does it like a p[G]rop[Am]het
[Am]It's gone before you know you[G] lost [Am]it
[Am]There are reasons you keep your h[Em]ands [Am]tied
[Am]There's certain things you shouldn't[Em] have t[Am]ried
[Am]So if you gotta tell me [G]somethi[Am]ng
[Am]You better go from the b[G]eginn[Am]ing
[F] We a[G]ll forget to s[Am]leep
An[C]d crash at someone[F]'s feet
[G]Everybody s[Am]kips a be[C]at
[F] We [G]let the chance[Am]s pass
The[C] few we held so[F] fast
[G]Everybody br[Am]eaks a gl[C]ass
[Am]And here I'm standing in the[Em] mid[Am]dle
[Am]Not just a little but a [Em]hill f[Am]ull
[Am]Wondering how I got a [G]head c[Am]old
[Am]Wishing I didn't know wha[G]t I [Am]know
[Am]It's never been about the[Em] mon[Am]ey
[Am]We're worthy or we are no[Em]t wor[Am]thy
[Am]However much you got on[G] your [Am]plate
[Am]You're as good as you rec[G]ipro[Am]cate
[F]We a[G]ll pretend to[Am] keep
[C]Our tongue out of our[F] cheek
[G]Everyone's the f[Am]ool they [C]seek
[F] We [G]all go off the [Am]track
And[C] feel for our way[F] back
[G]Everybody b[Am]reaks a g[C]lass
[F] E[G]verybody b[Am]reaks a g[F]lass
[Am] [Em] [Am]  
[Am] [Em] [Am]  
[Am] [Em] [Am]  
[Am] [Em] [Am]  
Scared to look
At peers when they peer back
[Em] It's w[Am]eird how we fear that
It's weird how we wear a mask
It a[Em]ppears when we fear our own [Am]tears more than tear gas
My team's struggling in years past
[G]Looking to draf[Am]t beer to bring cheers back
But then the drinking game's finished
No Guinness, just a cl[G]ear glass
Seeing our r[Am]eal image mirrored back
The places that we to cope, it's so[Em] strange
When we?re older [Am]folks it don?t change
Trying to hang, we don?t know the ropes
When we fall we got[Em] more than our shoulders br[Am]oke
It's no game
That's why we overdose on cocaine
[G]Get our brains comatos[Am]e, there's no blame
If you've ever known shame, known pain
Known [G]days when we really don't feel o[Am]kay
[F] Some[G]where perfection[Am] lies
[C]But not for you and [F]I
[G]Everybody t[Am]rips some[C]time
[F] When [G]cities fall like [Am]shacks
[C]Walls eventually [F]crack
[G]Everybody b[Am]reaks a [F]glass

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