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You Set the Scene  Love

Date: Thu, 14 Nov 1996 14:49:33 -0500
From: Andrew Rogers
Subject: ./l/love/you_set_the_scene.crd
"You Set The Scene"
(Arthur Lee)
 --- Part I (0:00) ---

Acoustic guitar [8X]:
[B7addE] v v v v

Bass [enters 5tb time]
v v v v v v v v

Verse 1:
B7addE [as per intro]
Where are you walking, I've seen you walking
Have you been there before? [cello: A -> F#]
Walk down your doorsteps, you'll take some more steps
What did you take them for?
A G6 [A: x77650 G6: x55430]
There's a private in my boat and he wears
P[D]ins instead of m[C]edals on his c[E]oat
There's a ch[A]icken in my n[G6]est and she won't
L[D]ay until I've g[C]iven her my b[E]est
At her req[B7]uest she asks for nothing
You get n[E]othing in return
If you w[B7]ant she brings you water
If you d[E]on't then you will b[B]urn
[repeat intro riff, 4X w/bass eacb time] 
Verse 2:
You go through changes, it may seem strange
Is this what you're put here for?
You think you're happy and you are happy
That's what you're happy for
There's a man who can't decide if he should
Fight for what his father thinks is right
There are people wearing frowns who'll screw you up
But they would rather screw you down
At my request I ask for nothing
You get nothing in return
If you're nice she'll bring me water
If you're not then I will burn
[repeat intro] 
String break [2X]:
[A] [G] [D] [C]  
[/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] 
1: E 2: E Am G
/ / / / / / / / / [drum fill] / /
 --- Part II (2:20) ---

Horn break:
[Fmaj7] [Cmaj7] [E] [G] [F] [Am] [G] 
[/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] 
Verse 1:
[Fmaj7]This is the time and life that I am [Cmaj7]living
And I'll f[E]ace each day with a sm[G]ile
For the t[D]ime that I've been given's such a l[G]ittle while
And the t[D]hings that I must do consist of m[G]ore than style
[1: Tbere are Fmaj7]places that I am [Am]goi[G]ng
4: There'll be time for you to start all over]
Verse 2:
This is the only thing that I am sure of
And that's all that lives is gonna die
And there'll always be some people here to wonder why
And for every happy hello, there will be good-bye
There'll be time for you to put yourself on
[repeat born break] 
Verse 3:
Everything I've seen needs rearranging
And for anyone who thinks it's strange
Then you should be the first to want to make this change
And for everyone who thinks that life is just a game
Do you like the part you're playing
Bridge (4:03):
Fmaj7 Cmaj7 [2X]
[/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/]  
[Fmaj7]I see your p[Cmaj7]icture
[E] It's in the s[Am]ame old frame
[D]We meet ag[G]ain
Fmaj7 Cmaj7 [2X]
[/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/]  
[Fmaj7]You look so [Cmaj7]lovely
[E]You with the s[Am]ame old smile
S[D]tay for a wh[G]ile
[B] I need you [E]so, oh, oh, oh, oh
And if you t[C7]ake it easy
[Fmaj7] I'm still teethin'
[D] I wanna love you, but
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Fmaj7 Cmaj7 [2X]
[/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/]  
[Fmaj7] [Am] [G]  
[/] [/] [/] [/]  
[repeat verse 1] 
Coda (5:51):
[Fmaj7]This is the time and this is the time and
[C]It is time, time, time, t[E]ime, time, time, time, t[G]ime, time...
Horns [repeat to fade]:
[D] [G]  
[/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/] [/]  
-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers

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A Am B B7 B7addE C C7 Cmaj7 D E F Fmaj7 G G6
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