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Cardiac Arrest  Madness

...CARDIAC ARREST... by Madness

*from 'Seven' (1981)*
Am G F F/E, Dm E Am
Verse 1:
[Am] Papers [Em]in the [F]morning,
[F] Bowler [Em]hat on [Am]head.
[Am] Walking [Em]to the [F]bus stop,
He's [F]longing [Em]for his [Am]bed.
[Am] Waiting [Em]with his [F]neighbours,
[F] In the [Em]rush hour [Am]queue.
[Am] Got to [Em]get the [F]first bus;
So [F]much for [Em]him to [Am]do.
Bridge 1:
[Em] He's got to [G]hurry
[F#m] Got to get his [A]seat
[Em] Can't miss his [G]place
[F#m] Got to rest his [A]feet.
Verse 2:
[Am] Ten more [Em]minutes,
'Till he [F]gets there;
The [F]crossword's [Em]nearly [Am]done.
[Am] It's been [Em]so hard [F]these days,
Not [F]nearly [Em]so much [Am]fun.
His [Am]mind wanders [Em]to the [F]office,
His [F]telephone, [Em]desk and [Am]chair.
[Am] He's been [Em]happy with the [F]company;
They've [F]treated [Em]him real [Am]fair.
Bridge 2:
[Em] Think of seven [G]letters,
Be-[F#m]gin and end in '[A]C'.
[Em] Like a big A-[G]merican car,
But [F#m]misspelt with a '[A]D'.
[G] I wish this [Bb]bus'd get a move on,
[Am7] Driver's taking his time.
[G] I just don't know, [Bb]I'll be late,
Oh [Am7]dear what will the boss say?
[G] Pull yourself together now,
Don't get in a state.
Chorus 1:
[Am] Don't you [Dm]worry,
[G] There's no [C]hurry.
[Am] It's a lovely [Dm]day,
[G] Could all be going your [C]way.
[Am] Take the doc's ad-[Dm]vice,
[G] Let up enjoy your [C]life.
[Am] Listen to what they [Dm]say;
[G] It's not a game they [C]play.[B] [Gdim]
Am G F F/E, Dm E Am
Verse 3:
[Am] Never get [Em]there at [F]this rate;
He's [F]caught up [Em]in a [Am]jam.
[Am] There's a [Em]meeting this [F]morning,
It's [F]just his [Em]luck oh [Am]damn!
His [Am]hand dives [Em]in his [F]pocket,
[F] For his [Em]handker-[Am]chief.
[Am] Pearls of [Em]sweat on his [F]collar,
His [F]pulse-beat [Em]seems so [Am]brief.
Bridge 3:
[Em] Eyes fall on his [G]wristwatch,
The [F#m]seconds pass real [A]slow.
[Em] Gasping for the [G]hot air,
But the [F#m]chest pain it won't [A]go.
[G] Tried to ask for [Bb]help,
But can't [Am7]seem to speak a word.
[G] Words are whispered [Bb]frantically,
But [Am7]don't seem to be heard.
[G] What about the wife and kids?
They all depend on me!
Chorus 2:
[Am] We're so [Dm]sorry,
We [G]told you not to [C]hurry.
[Am] Now it's just too [Dm]late,
[G] You've got a certain [C]date.
We [Am]thought we made it [Dm]clear?
We [G]all voiced our inner [C]fears.
We [Am]left it up to [Dm]you;
[G] There's nothing we can [C]do.[B] [Gdim]

[Am] [G] [F] [F/E] [Dm] [E] [Em] 
[EADGBE]x02210 [EADGBE]320003 [EADGBE]133211 [EADGBE]xx2010 [EADGBE]xx0231 [EADGBE]022100 [EADGBE]022000
[F#m] [A] [Bb] [Am7] [C] [B] [Gdim] 
[EADGBE]244222 [EADGBE]x02220 [EADGBE]x13331 [EADGBE]x02013 [EADGBE]x32010 [EADGBE]x24442 [EADGBE]xx2323
Tabbed by Joel from cLuMsY, Bristol, England, 2004

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