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Jesus Are You Real  Mason Jennings

by Mason Jennings
from the album Boneclouds
Tuning: Eb (Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb)
Chords used:
A . x02220
F#m . 233222
D . x00232
E . 022100
C#m . x46654
G6 . 320000
[F#m/Bmsus4]F#m/B7 . [242252]224242
This song is made up of three parts: Verse type 1 (V1), Verse type 2
(V2) and Chorus (CH). I have listed the chords for each line until
the first chorus so you can get the hang of it. The song pattern is
 V1-V2-V1-V2-CH-V1-V2-CH, with the last part of the chorus repeated at

the very end. It's easy to hear when you listen.
[A]jesus are you re[F#m]al
[D]did we make you [A]up
[A]is salvation wha[F#m]t you want
[D]or is faith enou[A]gh
[A]do you know wher[F#m]e i?m bound
[D]do you know who [A]i am
[A]are you just a w[F#m]ord i use
[D]when i don?t und[A]erstand
[A]standing like a [F#m]statue in the sea
[D]in a little truc[A]k stop in tennessee
[E]bombs are crashi[F#m]ng down in waves
[D]on a giant tv sc[A]reen
[E]and i am struck [F#m]i cannot move
[D]to make it stop [A]what can i do
[E]people are dying[F#m] in their beds
[D]while this flag [A]flies over our heads[E]
[A]jesus are you st[F#m]ronger
[D]than a loaded gu[A]n
[A]i?m beginning to[F#m] believe
[D]you?re not the o[A]nly one
[A]strong enough to[F#m] show your love
[D]strong enough to[A] give
[A]strong enough to[F#m] go through hell
[D]strong enough to[A] live
[A]all night long i[F#m] sat with you
[D]in a darkened ho[A]spital room
[E]nurses checked i[F#m]n by the hour
[D]i was made aware[A] of a higher power
[E]and how this fra[F#m]gile life we live
[D]is not ours to k[A]eep but ours to give
[E]what in the worl[F#m]d am i gonna do
[D]if anything shou[A]ld happen to you[E]
[E]all i do is [C#m]doubt you god
[A]all is do is [E]love you god
[G6]all i do is [F#m]question you
[F#m/Bmsus4]what else can i [F#m/B7]do
[E]this world was never [C#m]solid ground
[A]the past is coming back a[E]round
[G6]all i do is [F#m]search for you
[F#m/Bmsus4]what else can i [F#m/B7]do
[E]and when i say i [C#m]search for you
[A]i mean i [F#m]search for [E]peace
[E]i search for hope i [C#m]search for love
[A]and one day [F#m]for [E]release
jesus, my life
does not feel the same
new things happen every day
things i can?t explain
but i am not a man of faith
i?m a man of truth
but is this feeling in my heart
is this feeling proof
when you do not know
you know
and when you know
you do not know
and when you think you do you die
and when you do do not think you grow
are we left here in the dark
or are we left here in the light
it seems to me that both are true
and it?s up to us to know what?s right
all i do is doubt you god
all is do is love you god
all i do is question you
what else can i do
this world was never solid ground
religion cannot help me now
all i do is search for you
what else can i do
and when i say i search for you
i mean i search for peace
i search for hope
i search for love
and one day for release
[E]god give me strength to [C#m]accept the things
[A]that i just [F#m]cannot [E]know
[E]and even when i [C#m]lose control
[A]i will not l[F#m]et you [E]go

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A C#m D E F#m G6
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