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Brooklyn Stars  matt pond PA

Title: 'Brooklyn stars'
Artist: matt pond PA (
Album: Several Arrows Later
Tabbed by Jorge Díaz (
[E] [A] [D] [G] [B] [E]  
 C --x-3-2-0-1-0--|
 Am --x-0-2-2-1-0--|
 F --1-3-3-2-1-1--|
 G13 --3-2-0-0-1-3--|
 G7sus4 --3-2-0-0-1-0--|
 Fsus4 --x-3-3-2-1-0--|

( Capo 6th fret )
Intro: (0:16)
 E ----------------|
 B -0-0--1-1--1-1--|
 G -0-0--0-0--0-0--|
 D -0-0--2-2--2-2--| (x8)
 A -3-3--3-3--3-3--|
 E ----------------|

Verse: (0:34)
[C] in complete darkn[Am]ess
[G13] i lo[F]se b[Am]alance
[G7sus4] i'm getting dres[Fsus4]sed you're still aslee[C]p
think you're a f[Am]ake
[G13] at not b[F]eing aw[Am]ake
[G7sus4] i reach the do[Fsus4]or your breath has cha[C]nged
i do not st[Am]op
[G13] turn a[F]ll the l[Am]ocks
[G7sus4] don't hold your bre[Fsus4]ath you shouldn't wa[C]it
Chorus: (1:10) ( play like Intro when you see "C" )
[C] the birds[C] and cars
[C] speak up [C]when they reach morning
[C] i know [C]some day
[C] the spring[C] will return again
Verse: (1:26)
[C] i'm returning t[Am]o
[G13] a sma[F]ll green r[Am]oom
[G7sus4] at 5:15[Fsus4] the sky has chang[C]ed
from black to blu[Am]e
[G13] still har[F]dly d[Am]ay
[G7sus4] these brooklyn st[Fsus4]ars are small and stra[C]nge
i'm under ro[Am]ads
[G13] they're g[F]oing h[Am]ome
[G7sus4] next to statu[Fsus4]es of saints of sn[C]ow
[C] perfect plans cannot be m[Em]ade
i hate f[Am]ights about me[G7sus4]rging on to [Fsus4]interstates
i think p[Am]eople should re[G7sus4]alize
there are [Fsus4]other lanes
not just th[Am]eirs for only th[G7sus4]em
to get them h[Fsus4]ome again
to go h[C]ome again
[C] [Am] [G7sus4] [F] [Am] [G7sus4] [F] [C]  
 E -------0-------3--1--0----3-----0-----|
 B ---1-3-------1---------------1--------|
 G -0------------------------------------|
 D --------------------------------------|
 A ------------------------------------3-|
 E --------------------------------------|

Last Verse: (2:49)
[C] in complete darkn[Am]ess
[G13] i lo[F]se b[Am]alance
[G7sus4] i'm getting dres[Fsus4]sed you're still asleep
[G7sus4] don't hold your br[Fsus4]eath you shouldn't wait
[G7sus4] there's no one t[Fsus4]here for you to s[C]ave
Chorus: (3:12)
( Play this when you see "C" )
 E -0-0--0-0--0--|
 B -0-0--1-1--1--|
 G -0-0--0-0--0--|
 D -0-0--2-2--2--|
 A -3-3--3-3--3--|
 E --------------|

[C] i know[C] some day
[C] the spring will [C]return again
[C] the birds[C] and cars
[C] speak up whe[C]n they reach morning
[C] i'm not[C] gone yet
[C] i want m[C]ore of everything
Outro: (3:34)
 E -0-0--0-0--0--|
 B -0-0--1-1--1--|
 G -0-0--0-0--0--|
 D -0-0--2-2--2--| x4
 A -3-3--3-3--3--|
 E --------------|

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A Am B C D E Em F Fsus4 G G13 G7sus4
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