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My Dear Country  Norah Jones

Hallo, my name is Vladimir, Im from Serbia.
I've spant a lot of time for tabbing this song... it's great!
Not on first listening, but when you learn to play, it rocks!
Please, if you try to play this and find a wrong chord, post a comment!
Norah Jones - My dear country
(album: Not Too Late, 2007)
Original key: Fm
Intro: Em, B7, Em, C, B7, Gaug, Em
'Twas H[Em]allow[B7]een and the gh[Em]osts were o[C]ut,
And [Em]everywh[B7]ere they'd [Em]go, they sh[G]out,
And t[Am/F#]hough I c[B7]overed my [D#dim]eyes I [C#dim]knew,
C Gaug B7
They'd go away.
But f[Em]ear's the o[B7]nly th[Em]ing I s[C]aw,
And th[Em]ree days l[B7]ater 'twas cl[Em]ear to [G]all,
That n[Am/F#]othing [B7]is a[D#dim]s scar[C#dim]y as el[C]ect[B7]ion d[Em]ay.
But the d[D]ay a[Am]fter is d[G]arker,
And d[Am/F#]arker and d[B7]arker it g[Em]oes,
Who k[Am6]nows, m[G#7]aybe the [Gsus4/7M]plans will[F#(b5)] change,
Esus9 D6 C#4/7(11) C B7 (i can hear bass goes like that)
Who knows, maybe he's not deranged.
The n[Em]ews men k[B7]now what they k[Em]now, but t[C]hey,
Know [Em]even l[B7]ess than w[Em]hat they s[G]ay,
An[Am/F#]d I don't k[B7]now who[D#dim] I can [C#dim]trust,
C B7 Gaug
For they come what may.
'cause [Em]we bel[B7]ieved in our [Em]candid[C]ate,
But [Em]even m[B7]ore it's the [Em]one we h[G]ate,
I [Am/F#]needed s[B7]omeone[D#dim] I could [C#dim]shake,
On e[C]lec[B7]tion [Em]day.
But the d[D]ay a[Am]fter is d[G]arker,
And d[Am/F#]eeper and d[B7]eeper we [Em]go,
Who k[Am6]nows, m[G#7]aybe it's[Gsus4/7M] all a [F#(b5)]dream,
Who [D6]know[C#4/7(11)]s if I'll wake [C]up and scr[B7]eam.
Chords: Em, B7, Em, C,
Em, B7, Em, G,
Am/F#, B7, D#dim, C#dim
C, B7, Em.
I l[Em]ove the th[B7]ings that you've g[Em]iven [C]me,
I ch[Em]erish [B7]you my d[Em]ear countr[G]y,
But [Am/F#]sometimes [B7]I don'[D#dim]t unders[C#dim]tand,
The w[C]ay we p[B7]lay.
I l[Em]ove the th[B7]ings that you've g[Em]iven [C]me,
And [Em]most of [B7]all that [Em]I am fr[G]ee,
To [Am/F#]have a s[B7]ong tha[D#dim]t I can [C#dim]sing,
On [C]elect[B7]ion d[Em]ay.
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Am Am/F# Am6 B7 C C#dim D D#dim D6 Em G G#7
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