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Gonna See My Friend  Pearl Jam

I?m Gonna See My Friend
Pearl Jam, from the album Backspacer.
Chords by Tom Richmond (
A pretty straight forward rock song to play, it?s
pretty much all power chords (Or 5th chords, to be
technical...) As with most Pearl Jam stuff there is
lots of harmonising going on between the different
guitars and the Bass. During the intro Mike McCready
is playing what sounds like a flatted 2nd over the B,
but I couldn?t find a good way of replicating this
with just one guitar, any suggestion welcome! Also,
in the bridge section (A, G, F#, E ?Wanna leave it
all??) Jeff Ament is holding down the chords that I
have listed, while Stone seems to be playing more of
an ascending riff, however, the bass is definitely the
dominant chord and the one that sounds best (to me
anyway) when played with one guitar. Again, any ideas
are welcome. Also, what I have suggested in the chorus
playing a E5/G is representative of a bass riff, but
sounds good? If you listen carefully the bass also
plays an A sometimes, so if you have flexible fingers
you might be able to get your little finger onto the
5th fret (without muting the A string!) Do what you
On the intro I play a barred B and A chord, with index
and little finger. I mute the bass string with the top
of my index finger and the treble string with my little
finger. I find that if I play the full chord (ie: add
in the treble string) it doesn?t fit with the 5th
chords later on in the riff.
[B] [A]  

For the chorus I play E5 with my index finger only, and use my middle finger to
hammer on to the G, 3rd fret sixth string.
E5 (E5/G) E5?

I?m gonna see my friend?
Intro: B, A, B, A, A?
[B5]Do you want to hear [F#5]something sad?
we are but [B5]victims of de[F#5]sire
[B5]I'm gonna shake this [F#5]day
I wanna shake this [B5]day before I ret[F#5]ire
[E5]I'm gonna[(E5/G)] see my friend
I'm gonna[(E5/G] see my friend, make it[(E5/G)] go away[C5] [D5]
[E5]I'm sick of[(E5/G)] everything
I'm gonna[(E5/G)] see my friend, make it[(E5/G)] go away[C5] [D5]
[B5]Well I said I... I [F#5]won't be long before we [B5]all walk off the [F#5]wire
[B5] [F#5] [B5] 
Well [F#5]I'm gonna see my friend, I'm gonna see my friend for what I require
[B5]Well I said I [F#5]will come in quick
don't want my [B5]flame to get no [F#5]higher
[E5]I'm gonna [(E5/G)]see my friend
I'm gonna [(E5/G)]see my friend, make it[(E5/G)] go away[C5] [D5]
[E5]I'm sick of [(E5/G)]everything
I'm gonna [(E5/G)]see my friend, make it[(E5/G)] go away[C5] [D5]
[E5]I'm gonna [(E5/G)]see my friend
gonna see [(E5/G)]my friend, make it go [(E5/G)]away[C5] [D5]
A5, A5, G5, F#5, E5,
[A5]Wanna leave it all
[G5]Wanna give it up
[F#5]Wanna see it [E5]gone once and for all
[A5]Wanna feel withdrawl
[G5]Want an overhaul
[F#5]Wanna be there
[E5]Hard as a [E5]sta[E5]tue, [E5]black as a [E5]tat[E5]too
[E5]Never to wash away
[B5]Gonna take me an [F#5]astral plane
I'm gonna [B5]tunnel through den[F#5]ial
But [B5]I'm gonna shake this [F#5]thing
I wanna shake this [B5]thing before I ret[F#5]ire
[E5]I'm gonna [(E5/G)]see my friend
I'm gonna [(E5/G)]see my friend, make it [(E5/G)]go away[C5] [D5]
[E5]I'm sick of [(E5/G)]everything
I'm gonna [(E5/G)]see my friend, make it [(E5/G)]go away[C5] [D5]
[E5]I'm gonna [(E5/G)]see my friend
I'm gonna [(E5/G)]see my friend, make it [(E5/G)]go away[C5] [D5]
B, B, A, A, B, B, A, A?
Enjoy it! I'm working on the rest of the album, mail
me if you want to get any of the songs quicker...

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A A5 B B5 C5 D5 E5 F#5 G5
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