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Thinking About You  Radiohead

Just a correction of the other one, and added the intro, bridge and solo.
[G] [G/C] [D/F#] [Em] [Em7] [C] [C/B] [Gmaj7/B] [Csus2] [G/B]  
 e --3----3----2----0----3----0----0------2------3----3---|
 B --3----3----3----0----3----1----0------0------3----3---|
 G --0----0----2----0----0----0----0------0------0----0---|
 D --0----0----0----2----2----2----2------0------0----0---|
 A --x----3----x----2----2----3----3------2------2----2---|
 E --3----3----2----0----0----0----0------0------0----0---|

[G] [G/C] [G] [G/C]  
[G] [G/C] [G] [D/F#]  
[Em] [Em7] [D/F#] [G]  
[G] [G/C]  
[G]Been thinkin '[G/C]bout [G]you, your records[G/C] up he[G]re
[G]Your eyes on m[G/C]y wal[G]l, your teeth are[G/C] over [D/F#]there
But I'm still [Em]no-one, a[Em7]nd you're a s[D/F#]tar[G]
What do [G/C]you car[G]e
[G]Been thinkin '[G/C]bout [G]you, and there's [G/C]no res[G]t
[G]Should I still[G/C] love[G] you, still see y[G/C]ou in [D/F#]bed
But I'm playin' with [Em]myself, [Em7]what do you[D/F#] care[G]
When the other men are f[G/C]ar far [G]better
[C]All the th[C/B]ings you go[C]t, all the th[C/B]ings you n[C]eed
[C]I bought you c[C/B]igarette[C]s, I'll bri[C/B]be the co[Gmaj7/B]mpany
[Csus2]To come and see you, honey[G/B] [Csus2] [G/B] [Csus2]
[G]Been thinkin '[G/C]bout [G]you, so how can y[G/C]ou sle[G]ep
[G]These people are[G/C]n't your [G]friends, they're p[G/C]aid to kiss your [D/F#]feet
But they don't know what I [Em]know,[Em7] why [D/F#]should you[G] care
When [G/C]I'm not t[G]here
[C] [C/B] [C] [C/B] [C] [C/B] [C] [C/B] [C] [C/B] [C] [C/B] [Gmaj7/B]  
 e -------8--------- -------8--------------|---------8-----------|--------7--------------|
 B ---9------8----8- ----------8----8-8----|------------8---8----|------------8--------0-|
 G ------------9---- ---9--------9-----9---|--(9)-9-------9----9-|--7---------------7----|
 D ----------------- ----------------------|---------------------|-----------------------|
 A ----------------- ----------------------|---------------------|-----------------------|
 E ----------------- (X2) ----------------------|---------------------|-----------------------|

[Csus2] [G/B] [Csus2] [G/B] [Csus2] [G/B]  
 e -------------0-------|------------0----------| ---0---3-------------|
 B -----5---------------|------5-------------5--| -----------0---------|
 G --7------------------|--7-------------7------| ---------------------|
 D ---------------------|-----------------------| ---------------------|
 A ---------------------|-----------------------| ---------------------|
 E ---------------------|-----------------------| (X3) ---------------------|

[G]Been thinkin '[G/C]bout [G]you, and there's [G/C]no res[G]t
[G]Should I still[G/C] love[G] you, still see y[G/C]ou in [D/F#]bed
But I'm playin[Em]' with my[Em7]self, what do[D/F#] you c[G]are
When I'm [G/C]not t[G]here
[C]All the th[C/B]ings you go[C]t, you'll nev[C/B]er need[C]
[C]All the things[C/B] you got[C], I'm plann[C/B]ing to bl[Gmaj7/B]eed to,
[G]Please you
G (let ring)
Been thinkin' bout you

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C C/B Csus2 D/F# Em Em7 G G/B G/C Gmaj7/B
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