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New Test Leper  R.E.M.

[D]I can't [A]say that I [G]love [A]Jesus
[D]that would [A]be a hollow [G]claim.
[D]He did [A]make some [G]observa[A]tions
[D]and I'm [A]quoting them [G]today.
[D]"Judge [A]not lest [G]ye be jud[A]ged."
[D]what a [A]beautiful [G]refrain.
[D]The stu[A]dio audien[G]ce dis[A]agrees.
[D]Have his [A]lambs all gone[G] astray?
[A] [B] [C#] [D] [A]Call me a [G]leper
[A] [B] [C#] [D] [A]Call me a [G]leper
[A] [B] [C#] [D] [A]Call me a [G]leper
[A] [B] [C#] [D]  
[D]"You are [a]lost and [G]disillus[A]ioned!"
[D]what an a[A]wful thing to [G]say.
[D]I know [A]this show d[G]oesn't m[A]atter.
[D]It means n[A]othing to [G]me.
[D]I though[A]t I might [G]help them u[A]nderstand
[D]but what an [A]ugly thing to [G]see.
[D]"I am [A]not an [G]animal[A]"
[D]subtitled [A]under the [G]screen.
[A] [B] [C#] [D] [A]Call me a [G]leper
[A] [B] [C#] [D] [A]Call me a [G]leper
[A] [B] [C#] [D] [A]Call me a [G]leper
[A] [B] [C#] [D]  
[Bm] [D]  
[Bm] [D] [A]  
[D]When I [A]tried to [G]tell my [A]story
[D]They cut me off [A]to take a b[G]reak.
[D]I sat [A]silent [G]5 commerc[A]ials
[D]I had nothing [A]left to [G]say
[D]The talk show [A]host was [G]index-car[A]ded
[D]All or[A]ganized and b[G]lank
[D]The other [A]guests were [G]scared and h[A]ardened
[D]What a [A]sad [G]parade.
[A] [B] [C#] [D] What a sad parade
[A] [B] [C#] [D] [A]Call me a [G]leper
[A] [B] [C#] [D] [A]Call me a [G]leper
[A] [B] [C#] [D] [A]Call me a [G]leper
By Mauro Pelella (
D A G ^ A
I can't say that I love Jesus
[D]that would be a[A] hollow c[G]laim.
D A G ^A
He did make some observations
[D]and I'm quoting[A] them today.[G]
D A G ^A
"Judge not lest ye be judged."
[D]what a beaut[A]iful refr[G]ain.
D A G ^ A
The studio audience disagrees.
H[D]ave his lambs a[A]ll gone astray?[G]
Bridge1: A/B-/A/D/D
A G bridge1
Call me a leper
A G bridge 1
Call me a leper
A G bridge1
Call me a leper
"You are lost and disillusioned!"
what an awful thing to say.
I know this show doesn't matter.
It means nothing to me.
I thought I might help them understand
but what an ugly thing to see.
"I am not an animal"
subtitled under the screen.
Call me a leper
Call me a leper
Call me a leper
When I tried to tell my story
They cut me off to take a break.
I sat silent 5 commercuials
I had nothing left to say
The talk show host was index-carded
All organized and blank
The other guests were scared and hardened
What a sad parade.
What a sad parade
Call me a leper
Call me a leper
Call me a leper
Bridge 1 till the end....
Bridge 1 tab:
[B] [2] [3] [2] [3] 
[G]D 2 [2] 4 [4] 2 [2] 0[2] [2]
A 0 2 0
[----]From: TIMOTHY ASH (
Anyway, I have tabbed the little lead in from the verses to the chorus
for New Test Leper, and also the chords to strum over the tab. Here

chords to strum over the tab are....
0 (an A) 0 0 2 (a D) an A chord a G chord
[2] [3] [5] [3]  
[2]2 [2]0 [4]4 [2]0
0 2 0 x
0 x x x
[-----]From: Jacob Knee (
Enclosed is my slightly different attempt at working out the basic chord
structure of this song - (taken from the acoustic version).
(I've done it as 'corrections' to the version you already had)
>the verse goes like this:
>D A G -A* D A G (4x, me thinks)
(This bit is more or less right - though on the slide up to the fifth fret
I'm not sure if the bass notes are being played)
>the chorus (im pretty sure about this) goes like this:
>G A B C D C(3x) G A B C D (that may be wrong - it's >from memory)
>Bm A D(4x, me thinks)
>and end on Em(7?)
I would guess the chorus is:
A, Bm, C#m, D
A, G ('Call me a leper')
(on last time - just A)
And the bridge I would say is:
(Bm, D, G X2), A

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