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Cross My Heart  The Rocket Summer

The Rocket Summer - Cross My Heart .written by Bryce Avery
Tabbed By Paul Welsford
This is a very unusual song. FLippin amazing, but also strange.
there is no real chorus or bridge. there is just a load of different sections mised around a bit.
This is my much simplified version for just one guitar to play along with.
but i will be writing up a more accurate version for 2 guitars very soon.
most of these are basic chords so you shouldnt have to much of a problem.

C Am A G Em D Dsus4 D7 C/B G/B c/E D/F# Cadd9 Cadd9/A
i've left the rhythm up to you, better that way than typing something up which you might not want to play.
but i have tried to put the chords in the right places to the lyrics.
[G]cross my hea[Am]rt, hope to di[Em]e
i swear i won't sa[C]y what happened that nigh[G]t
so starting toda[Am]y things are gonna be all[Em] right[C]
[G]your best you tri[Am]ed, and yeah you did [Em]fine
no better than [C]fine, perfect in my mi[Em]nd
in [G/B]fact, [C/E]i wish you[G/B]r heart was [Dsus4]mine[D]
and[C] i can h[D]ear the [Em]memory in my [A]ears
back [C]to the y[D]ears and [Em]all th[A]ose te[C]ars
but [D]hear me w[Em]hen i say im g[A]lad we stee[C]red that way
D [G] [ Cadd9 G/B Cadd9/A] 2x
because now we're here
G ,Am ,Em ,C ,G ,Am ,Em
do you w[C]ant to g[G]et away? get in the car we can leave today
do you want to [Am]celebrate our just made little ho[Em]liday?
cus [D]now today is your [C]day
all that stuff you us[G]ed to take
im glad you threw all that away cus now you [Am]look so great
you never need to [Em]be afraid just [D]know you went the righ[C]t way
because even [C/B]though we n[Am]ever get things r[D]ight
and it gets so h[Em]ard just saying [D]we'll keep tr[C]ying
its [A]mine to de[G/B]cide w[C/E]hen ill be [D/F#]alright
[G]i know you're going crazy (crazy)
[G]but happy is all that you make me (all you make me)
and t[Em]hings are gonna get better b[C]aby
[G]i know everything went wrong OK (OK)
[G]but now its time to get some better days (some better days)
cus [Em]i don't want to keep acting this [C]way
cus man i [C/B]know we n[Am]ever get things ri[D]ght
and it gets so [Em]old just saying [D]we'll keep try[C]ing
but its m[A]ine to d[G/B]ecide [C/E]when and if ill [D/F#]be alright..[G] [Am]
and t[Em]hats just a th[C]ing that takes ti[G]me[Am] [Em] [C]
so keep go[G]ing till you [Am]know when its [Em]time, when its r[C]ight
keep sho[G]wing your[Am]self in tha[Em]t light[C]
[G]cus back in sc[Am]hool man that gets[Em] cruel
but one thing is t[C]rue is that man now look at you[Em]
you[G/B]r heart is [C/E]big en[G/B]ough for [Dsus4]two[D]
because [C]i can [D]hear the m[Em]emories in my e[A]ars
back [C]to the ye[D]ars and [Em]all th[A]ose tea[C]rs
but h[D]ear me [Em]when i say im g[A]lad because we[C]'re he[D]re
[G]i know you're going crazy (crazy)
[G]but happy is all that you make me (you make me)
and t[Em]hings are gonna get better [C]baby
[G]i know everything went wrong OK (OK)
[G]but now its time to get some better days (better days)
cus i[Em] don't want to keep acting this [C]way
c[C/B]us man i know we [Am]never get things r[D]ight
and it gets so [Em]old just sa[D]ying we'll keep t[C]rying
but its m[A]ine to de[G/B]cide [C/E]when and if ill [D/F#]be alright[G]..[Cadd9]
and [G/B]thats just a[Cadd9/A] thing that takes [G]time[Cadd9] [G/B] [Cadd9/A]
G ,Am ,Em ,C x2
G D7 }
bah dum bah bah bah }
} Repeat 4
Em C } times
bah dum bah bah bah } then fade
G D7 Em C }
bah dum bah bah bah bahh bah }
Well there we go. Any problems which you have found please dont hesitate to email me at
i will post my better version up soon!
L8r Y'all

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A Am C C/B C/E Cadd9 Cadd9/A D D/F# Dsus4 Em G G/B
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