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Nobody's Hero  Rush

From Sun Jun 12 21:42:33 1994
Subject: Nobody's Hero TAB - RUSH
Status: RO

In article (Jeff Kirvin) writes:
Ok, here's _Nobody Hero_ by Rush from _Counterparts_.
A brief note on chords. There are 3 chord namings which I should explain.
1) The suspended seconds (sus2). People with some chord theory should know
this, but for the less informed, its always root 5th barre chord with the
2nd string "open". So a Csus2 is played like:
E|-3- For the Bbsus2 just move down the fret board. The Ebsus2 is played
B|-3- differently. See below.
2) The Ebsus2. This has a very low sound to it, so I think Alex fingers it
like so:
3) The Gm/A. Now I *know* this is the wrong name for the chord, but I have
absolutely no idea what its proper name is. My handy-dandy book of 7,488
guitar chords doesn't seem to have it. Anyway, I finger it like this:
E|-3- If this looks kinda wacko, there is precedent for it. Alex plays
B|-3- the same chord in _Lock and Key_. Check the video if you don't
G|-3- believe me :-)
The "Gm/A" chord may not sound quite right when you play it, but that's
probably because Alex uses a "Nashville tuning" technique for his guitar.
I'm not terribly familiar with this method, but I believe it involves
replacing the low, heavy, E, A, D strings with lighter guage ones so they
are tuned up to the same octave as the higher strings. So when you listen
to the cd at the "Gm Gm/A" change, it actually sounds like the change in
fingering is occuring on the higher stirings, but I don't think it is. It
sounds to me like the E, B, and G strings are unchanged through that chord
change. But anyway, if you think you have a better idea than that by all
means correct me.
As far as the two solos go, I haven't had time to figure them out, so they
aren't included. Chords only. Sorry.
Strumming is pretty much the key to this tune. There is no way I can
effectively transcribe the strumming pattern here but if you listen to the
cd and get a feel for the rhythm and where the chord changes occur, you
should be able to get pretty close to the original.
Warning: Playing this song on an acoustic with a thick neck may cause
severe cramping of the left hand (it did for me anyways - but then maybe its
just me; I get the same thing playing Distant Early Warning). :)
So, on with our show.
Nobody's Hero - Music by Lee and Lifeson
 ------------- Lyrics by Peart

[Gm] [F] [Bbsus2] [Csus2]  
[Gm] [Gm/A] [F]  
verse 1:
[Gm]I knew he was [F]different in his [Bbsus2]sexuality
[Gm]I went to his [Gm/A]parties as the [F]straight minority
He [Gm]never seemed a [F]threat to my [Bbsus2]masculinity
He [Gm]only intro[Gm/A]duced me to a [F]wider reality
As the [Gm]years went by[F] we drif[Bbsus2]ted apart
When I [Gm]heard that he was [Gm/A]gone I felt a [Dm]shadow cross [Csus2]my heart[Bbsus2]
But he's nobody's He[Dm]ro
- Saves a drowning [Csus2]child
- Cures a [Am]wasting disease[G]
Am < -- I hear a Dm here... Z.
- Lands a crippled airplane
- Solves great [Csus2]mysteries[G]
- Not the handsome [Csus2]actor
who plays the [Am]hero's role[G]
- Not the glamour [Dm]girl
who'd love to [Csus2]sell her soul
If [Am]anybody's [G]buying No[Dm]body's Hero
[Gm]Gm [F]Gm[Bbsus2]/A F Eb[Csus2]sus2 P.H.

I [Gm]didn't know the [F]girl but I [Bbsus2]knew her family
[Gm]All their lives were [Gm/A]shattered in a [F]nightmare of brutality
They [Gm]tried to carry [F]on, tried to [Bbsus2]bear the agony
[Gm]Tried to hold some [Gm/A]faith in the [F]goodness of humanity
As the [Gm]years went by[F] we dri[Bbsus2]fted apart
When I [Gm]heard that she was [Gm/A]gone I felt a [Dm]shadow cross [Csus2]my heart[Bbsus2] [Gm]
But she's Nobody's He[Dm]ro
- Is the voice of [Csus2]reason
Against the [Am]howling mob[G]

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Am Bbsus2 Csus2 Dm Ebsus2 F G Gm Gm/A
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