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Red Rabbits  The Shins

This tab is only about 95% complete because I couldn't figure out a couple of the
on two chords quite (find the ??s, win a prize!). But this should more than get you started
a very simple song.
I figured it out on an acoustic guitar and keyed it to match the CD. I did it with a
on the first fret to play the whole thing using simpler open chords. For beginners, this
the chord name used ONLY represents the chord shape. So when you play a G with capo,
actually playing Ab/G#, C=C#, etc.
The open chords I used:
G = 320001
C = x32010
F = 113211 (or xx3211 if you don't want to barre it)
Em= 022000
Am= x02210
D = x00232
Any help with the parts I missed or if you'd just like to share how lame I am for
them can be sent to
[G] [C] [F]  
[G] [Em] [F]  
[G]C? [Em]D[Am]
[G]Hurled to the c[C]enter of the ea[F]rth again
[G]The place where it?s h[Em]ot love
You know it h[F]urts to breathe in[G]
[G]And the w[Em]atershed you balance on is b[Am]egging it
?? D
Well did he ever know? Will he ever know?
[G]The trees in the m[C]oonshine are a d[F]ark lattice
[G]So you ca[Em]talogue every an[F]gle you [G]notice
[G]In a v[Em]acuum you are charged to [Am]record this
?? D C
So you won?t make it easy on me
[C]I c[G]an?t go into this no m[F]ore
It puts too m[G]any thorns on my m[C]ind
And the n[D]ecessary balloon lies a c[G]orpse on the floor
We?ve pissed in [F]far [G]too [F]ma-[G]ny [C]Sprites
And they?re a[D]ll standing up for their rights
[G] [C] [F]  
[G] [Em] [F]  
[G]Born on a d[C]esert floor, you?ve the d[F]eepest thirst
[G]And you c[Em]ame to my sweet [F]shore to in[G]dulge it
[G]With the [Em]wan and drilling eyes of an o[Am]rphan
?? D
But there was not enough, there is not enough
[G]Out of a g[C]unnysack fall r[F]ed rabbits
[G]Into a c[Em]rucible to be [F]rendered an [G]emulsion
[G]And we [Em]can?t allow a chance they?d re[Am]store themselves
?? D C
So we can?t make it easy on you
[C]Und[G]aunted, you bathe in hollow c[F]ries
The boys with [G]swollen sunburnt e[C]yes
A re[D]ward for letting nothing u[G]nder their skin
So help me [F]I [G]don?t [F]know, [G]I [C]might
D F? G
Just give the ole Dark Side a try
Don?t [C]cast your willing eyes on the [D]shore
F? G
?til we even the score
I still o[C]we you for he hole in the f[D]loor
F? G
And the ghost in the hall
Who d[C]ecides who paddles over the f[D]alls?
Yeah, who makes the call? Who makes the call?
[G] [C] [F]  
[G] [Em] [F]  
[G]?? [Em]D[Am]
[G] [C] [F]  
[G] [Em] [F]  
[G] [Em] [Am]  
[C]I [G]know there?s an eventu[F]al
Release from [G]every scale of c[C]rime
But the n[D]ecessary balloon lies a c[G]orpse on the floor
We?ve pissed on [F]far [G]too [F]ma-[G]ny [F]good [GF]in-te[G]n-tions
[F]Held [G]by [F]cle-[G]ver [C]sprites
And they?re a[D]ll standing up for their rights

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Am C D Em F G
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