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Shamandalie  Sonata Arctica

*Note* this version is virtually identical to the other chord version on this site-
- I found it much easier to play with a capo. It's also worth nothing that I make a quick
change in for the bridge, and right back afterwards. It's not a difficult switch, and
happens in places that have a good 2-4 seconds. Have fun!
Chords- (names remain true to their position, despite a capo change- ex: Am is x02210
the capo is on 4 or 2)
E- 022100
Esus4- 022200
Em- 022000
E5- 022xxx
A- x02220
Am- x02210
A5- x022xx
[F-]F5-[133211] 133xxx
F#5- 244xxx
G- 320003
Gsus4- 320010
G5- 355xxx
C- x32010
C/B- x22010
B- x24442
B5- x244xx
D- xx0232
Dm- xx0231
[Em]In good old [Am]times, re[F]member my [G]friend
The [C]moon was so [F]bright and so [Am]close to us, [C]some[C/B]times
[Em]We were still [Am]blind and [F]deaf, what a [G]bliss
[C] [F] [Am] [C] 
P[G]ainting the world of our own, for our own eyes now
Can we ever [F]have what we had [C]then?
[Dm]Friendship un[Am]breakable
[G]Love means [C]nothing to me
[F]Without [Dm]blinking an [Gsus4]eye
[G]I'd [Dm]fade, if so [Am]needed
[G]All those [C]moments with you
[F]If I [Dm]had you [Esus4]beside [E]me
[Em]One cloudy [Am]day we [F]both lost the [G]game
We [C]drifted so [F]far and [Am]away[C] [C/B]
[Em]Nothing is [Am]quite as [F]cruel as a [G]child
[C]Sometimes we [F]break the un[Am]breakable, [C]some[C/B]times
Can we ever [F]have what we had [C]then?
[Dm]Friendship un[Am]broken
[G]Love means [C]nothing to me
[F]Without [Dm]blinking an [Gsus4]eye
[G]I'd [Dm]fade, if so [Am]needed
[G]All those [C]moments with you
[F] [Dm] [Esus4] [E] [Em] [C]  
I[B]f I[Bm] had[G] yo[A]u beside me now
[E5]I [F#5]was [G5]un-[F]able to [C]cope with what [D]you said
[E5]Some- [F#5]times [G5]we [F]need to be [C]cruel to be [D]kind
[E5]Child [F#5]that [G5]I [F]was, could [C]not see the [D]reason
[E5]Fee[F#5]lings [G5]I [F]had but [C]sham and a [D]lie?
[Am]I [F]have [C]never for[G]gotten your [F]smile
Your [G]eyes oh, [Am]Shamandalie
[F]Time went [G]by, many [C]memories [F]died
[Dm]I'm writing this down to [Em]ease my pain[C] [C/B]
[Am]You [F]saw [C]us always [G]clearer than [F]me
How [G]we were [Am]never meant to be
[F]Love de[G]nied meant the [C]friendship would [F]die
[Dm]Now I have seen the [Esus4]light[E]
These [Dm]memories make me [E]cry
[E5] [F#5] [G5] [Am] [F] [G]  
[E5] [F#5] [G5] [-] [F5] [G5] [A5] [-] [A5]  
[A5] [E] [C/B] [G]  
Can we ever [F]have what we had [C]then?
[Dm]Friendship un[Am]broken
[G]Love means [C]nothing to me
[F]Without [Dm]blinking an [Gsus4]eye
[G]I'd [Dm]fade, if so [Am]needed
[G]All those [C]moments with you
[F]see the [Dm]world with my [Gsus4]wide [G]open [Dm]eyes
[(Dm)]Friendship got [Am]broken
[G]There's no [C]other for me
[F]Like the [Dm]one of my [Gsus4]childhood [G]days
[Dm]Can you [Am]forgive me?
[G]Love's got [C]better off me,
[F]On that [Am]day back in [Esus4]old [E]times[Em]

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A A5 Am B Bm C C/B D Dm E E5 Em Esus4 F F#5 F5 G G5 Gsus4
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