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Soft Serve  Soul Coughing


Soul Coughing Soft Serve

Tabbed by: Tre Fabian
So, this is my first tab. I really like this song, but I only found one guitar
tab on the web for it, and its not very good. So, I spent a few hours on
youtube watching videos of Mike playing live, and then a few more listening to
the song, and this is what I came up with. It may not be entirely accurate,
but it should be enough to get you by. Comments are more than welcome.
Tuning: Standard w/ capo on 4th fret.
Effects: Tremolo pedal. Play around till it sounds right to you.
Ok, so with the capo on the 4th, I have no idea what to call these chords, so
Im just going to name them as if the capo was the nut.
A note about the strumming pattern: the first and third chords (G, Am) are
quickly muted after they are played (annotated with the classic Xs. Note that
you do not strum on these, more of a palm mute), while the second and fourth
are allowed to ring.
Also, between each chord there is a string tap which I have annotated with Ts.
(not sure what the technical term is, but if you have no idea what I am
talking about, you need to listen to the song again. Its very noticeable)
ok, now that thats out the way, here we go:
Main Riff: this repeats through most of the song. All chords are a single
[G] [Dsus] [Am] [C]  

Chourus: this has more of a classic strumming feel if you are playing it
acoustic. If you are going for the album version, its again single
strum per chord and let ring.
[G] [Dsus] [Em] [F7]  

Ok, so here is what it looks like with words:
Intro: main riff 4x
The body like [G]soft serve, [Esus]dripping down in the June sun,
[Am]Tried to shoot a [C]thought, but the thought sunk.
[G]Nothing to do but [Esus]scratch words in the dirt and
[Am]Watch the water [C]roll down.
(Main riff 1x)
[G]Phantom kisses buzzing[Esus] like the insects.
[Am]Beads of sweat [C]dripping down on the rent check.
[G]My Candyl[Esus]and melted down to syrup while I
[Am]Watched the water [C]roll down.
(Main riff 1x)
hey the [G]lust comes into [Esus]phaze,
but you're [Em]down in Mari[F7]etta.
(Chorus riff 1x)
So [G]sweet my mouth was [Esus]seared,
But the [Em]words you mouthed were[F7] sweeter.
(Chorus riff 1x)
My Sis[G]ter,[Esus]
Your [Am]words can be held ag[C]ainst you
in a court of [G]law.[Esus] [Am] [C]
My Sis[G]ter, [Esus]
You [Am]owe no allegiance [C]to the facts, yeah
[G]talking like the saint [Esus]on the site of the accident.[Am] [C]
[G]Talking like the clause [Esus]in the lease about the late rent.[Am] [C]
[G]Ringing like the random [Esus]call patched to the payphone.[Am] [C]
Talking like the water [G]rolls dow[Esus]n.
[Am]Watch the water [C]roll down.
And, here [G]comes the lust in [Esus]phaze,
but you're [Em]down in Mari[F7]etta.
(Chorus riff 1x)
So [G]sweet my mouth was [Esus]seared,
But the [Em]words you mouthed were [F7]sweeter.
(Chorus riff 1x)
[G]Talking like the saint [Esus]on the site of the accident.[Am] [C]
[G]Talking like the botched [Esus]shot, attempt on the President.[Am] [C]
[G]Ringing like the change [Esus]in the legless man's Dixie Cup.[Am] [C]
Talking like the water rol[G]ls down[Esus].
[Am]Watch the water [C]roll down, now.
Ok, this is where the guitar stops on the album, and the drums and keyboard
pretty much finish out the song. Which is all good, but if you play this
acoustic, or you dont happen to have drums and a keyboard playing with you,
you can just do some palm muting of the main riff for this part, and finish
off with the main riff normal style for the last bit. Unless, of course,
you like the acapella sound, in which case, go nuts.
Day Undone, (12x)
Watch the water roll down.
Day Undone, (12x)
Watch the water roll down.
[G]Watch the water [Esus]roll down.
[Am]Watch the water [C]roll down.
[G]Watch the water [Esus]roll down.
[Am]Watch the water [C]roll down.
So, thats it. Enjoy.
| / slide up
| \ slide down
| h hammer-on
| p pull-off
| ~ vibrato
| + harmonic
| x Mute note
| b Bend
| pb Pre-bend
| br Bend release
| pbr Pre-bend release
| brb Bend release bend

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Am C Dsus Em Esus F7 G
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