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Almost Gothic  Steely Dan

|Amaj7 C#m7 | |Amaj7 C#m7 | |
|Amaj7 B7 |Amaj7 C#m7 |Gbsus2/Bb Bsus2 |
[Eb13add9] I'm working on [Db13add9]gospel time these [Gm7]days
(The s[Dm7]ummer [Gm7] the s[Dm7]ummer [Gm7] this could [Dm7]be
the [Gm7]cool part of the [Dm7]summer)
[Dbmaj7] The sloe-eyed creature in the [Cm7]reckless room
she's [Bbmaj7]so severe
A [D7/Eb]wise child walks right [G7sus4/D]out of here
[Dmaj7]I'm so excited I can [Cmaj7-5]barely [Cmaj7]cope
I'm [Bmaj7]sizzling like an [Amaj7-5]isotope
I'm on [Emaj7]fire so [Abm7]cut me some [Emaj7]slack
[Abm7]First she's way [Gmaj7]gone [D6]then she comes [Gmaj7]back [D6]
[Gmaj7]She's all [D6]business then [Gmaj7]she's ready to [F#m7]play
[Bmaj7]She's almost [Absus4/Eb]gothic in a [Absus2/C]natural way [Dbsus2]
|Amaj7 Emaj7 |Amaj7-5 |
[Eb13add9] This house of [Db13add9]desire is built fours[Gm7]quare
(The [Dm7]city - [Gm7] the [Dm7]cleanest ki[Gm7]tten in the [Dm7]city)
[Dbmaj7] When she speaks it's like the [Cm7]slickest song I [Bbmaj7]ever heard
I'm [D7/Eb]hanging on her e[G7sus4/D]very word
[Dmaj7]As if I'm not already [Cmaj7-5]blazed en [Cmaj7]ough
She [Bmaj7]hits me with the [Amaj7-5]cryptic stuff
That's her [Emaj7]style - to j[Abm7]erk me a[Emaj7]round
[Abm7]First she's all [Gmaj7]feel [D6]then she cools [Gmaj7]down [D6]
[Gmaj7]She's pure [D6]science with a [Gmaj7]splash of black [F#m7]cat
[Bmaj7] She's almost [Ab7sus4/Eb]gothic and I [Absus2/C]like it like [Dbsus2]that
Am9 D9 Fmaj7-5/A D9 |Am9 D9 |
In this dark place so thrilling and new
|Fmaj7-5/A D9 |
It's [Gm7]kind of [C9]like the [Gm7]opposite [C9]of an [Amaj7/B]aerial view
Un[Fmaj9]less I'm totally [C9]wrong
Bbmaj7-5 Amadd9 |E9 |D6/9 |
I hear her rap and brother it's strong
|Abm7sus4 Db/Eb |Abm7sus4 Db/Eb |Abm7sus4 Db/Eb |
|Gm7sus4 C/D |Gm7sus4 C/D |Gm7sus4 C/D |
[Dbmaj7] I'm pretty sure that what she's [Cm7]telling me is [Bbmaj7]mostly lies
But [D7/Eb]I just stand there [G7sus4/D]hypnotized
[Ebmaj7] I'll just have to make it [Dbmaj7]work somehow
I'm [Cmaj9/6]in the amen [Bbmaj7-5]corner now
's called [Fmaj7]love - I [Am7]spell L -U- [Fmaj7]V
[Am7]First she's all [Abmaj7]buzz [Ebmaj9/6]then she's noise-[Abmaj7]free [Ebmaj9/6]
[Abmaj7] She's bubbling [Ebmaj9/6]over then there's [Abmaj7]nothing to [Gm7]say
[Cmaj7] She's almost [A7sus4/E]gothic in a n[Asus2/C#]atural w[Dadd9]ay
|Bbmaj7 Fmaj7 |Bbmaj7
She's old
[Abmaj7]school [Ebmaj9/6]then she's like [Abmaj7]young [Ebmaj9/6]
[Abmaj7]Little [Ebmaj9/6]Eva meets the [Abmaj7]Bleecker Street [Ebmaj9/6]brat
[Cmaj7] She's almost [A7sus4/E]gothic but it's [Asus2/C#]better than [Dadd9]that
|Bbmaj7 Fmaj7 |Bbmaj7 Bb6 |E13add9 |
|D13add9 |Dmaj7 Gm7addC??.
Transcription and chart
Peter Kruger

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Abm7 Abmaj7 Am7 Amaj7-5 Amaj7/B Asus2/C# Bbmaj7 Bbmaj7-5 Bmaj7 C9 Cm7 Cmaj7 Cmaj7-5 D6 D7/Eb Dadd9 Dbmaj7 Dbsus2 Dm7 Dmaj7 Ebmaj7 Emaj7 F#m7 Fmaj7 Fmaj9 G7sus4/D Gm7 Gmaj7
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