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Love The One Youre With  Stephen Stills




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Tue Jun 1 10:56:46 EDT 1993
Article: 9469 of
From: (Steve Mohr)
Subject: Re: REQ: Stephen Stills: Love the One You're With
Date: 30 May 93 10:12:26 GMT
Lines: 86

Here are the words (from memory) and chords.
(Note that I'm not certain of the placement of the two choruses.)

In article tim@shovel.CV.COM (Tim Cantin) writes:
>These are the basic chords... a friend showed me this; it sounds right:
>verse (repeat a few times):


    [G(7]  ^   [D(5]  ^     [G/D]^       [D]
| | |-> I've always played this as a G/D chord ( - - 0 4 3 3)
| |
      ---------> Note: non-standard nomenclature that is used below

Love the One You're With - Stills

Intro: G(7) D(5) G/D D (repeat)

   [D]When you're [G(7)D(5]down, and con[G/D]fused,[D]
   and you don't re[G(7]member[D(5] who you're talking [G/D]to, [D]
   concen[G(7]tration[D(5], slips a[G/D]way,[D]
   because your [G(7)D(5]baby, is so far a[G/D]way.[D]

Chorus 1:

Bm A G CGCG (see note 1)
Well there's a rose in the fisted glove,
   And the [Bm]eagle flie[A]s with the [G]dove,[CGCG]
   and if you [Bm]can't b[A]e with the one you [G]love, honey,
   [G]love the one you're [D]with,
   [G]love the one you're [D]with.

Verse 2:
Don't be angry, don't be sad,
and don't sit crying, over good times you've had,
There's a girl, right next to you
and she's just waiting, for something to do.

Chorus 1:
Chorus 2: (see note 2)

   [G]Do [F#]doot [G]doot [F#]doot [G]doot [F#]doot [A]doot [A]doot

   [G]Do [F#]doot [G]doot [F#]doot [G]doot [F#]doot [A]doot [A]doot
   [A]Do [A]do [A]doot, [A]Do [A]do [A]doot
Chorus 1: (No words, organ lead part)

Verse 3:
Turn your heart-ache, right into joy,
she's a girl, and you're a boy,
get it together, make it nice,
you ain't gonna need, any more advice.

Chorus 1:
Chorus 2: (see note 2)

   [G]Do [F#]doot [G]doot [F#]doot [G]doot [F#]doot [A]doot [A]doot

   [G]Do [F#]doot [G]doot [F#]doot [G]doot [F#]doot [A]doot [A]doot
   [A]Do [A]do [A]doot, [A]Do [A]do [A]doot
Note 1: Play the G chord barred (3 5 5 4 3 3), then play the C chord
(- 3 5 5 5 -) for the transition CGC you stum the chords once each
Note 2: The chords are strummed 1 time per "doot" (or "do")

From Wed May 26 12:13:40 1993
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id AA04585; Wed, 26 May 93 12:13:40 -0400
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Date: Wed, 26 May 93 12:08:07 edt
Subject: Re: REQ: Stephen Stills: Love the One You're With
Organization: Flames 'R Us
Status: OR

In article you write:
>Nevada only has "southern cross", perhaps someone could post the chords
>(unless TAB is necessary) to this song...

Hi again...

The basic chord progression is:

        If you're down [F]    [C]     and confused...[Dm]     [C]
        There's a [Am]rose [G]   in a fisted g[F]love...
        Love the one you're w[C]ith  [F]    [C]
        Love the one you're w[Dm]ith   [C]
        [Bb]                  [C]                                                                                            

The acoustic guitar is actually played in open C tuning, and the lower
strings form sort of a drone throughout. Low to high, the tuning is

        -[C]4  -[G]2  -[C]2   [G]0  +[C]1   [E]0          (deviation from standard)

and the basic riff is then

005555 004003 002001 000000

Don't ask me how to play the Am-G-F part or the Bb-C in that tuning, though...


PS: Incidentally, the Moody Blues' "Question" is also in open C, and uses
the *exact* same pattern under the "it's not the way that you say it" part.
Try it! The verses go

        Why do we [Ebdim]never [Dm]get an a[C]nswer

where Ebdim = 000232 (that's right, the same fingering as D in standard)
Dm = 002001
C = 000000

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