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Never Forget  Take That

Take That - Never Forget Tab (Capo 2nd)
I worked this out for an adapted version, so there are some parts of the song
missing...however all the relavant chords are there...enjoy...
Harmony Intro:(play Chords faintly)
we've come so far and we've reached so high
and we've looked each day and night in the eye
and were still so young and we hope for more
1st Verse:
We've come a lon[G]g way [G4]
But we're n[C9]ot too su[Em7]re where we've be[G]en[G4] (dooo[D4] dooo doo)[Em4]
We've had succ[G]ess (dooo dooo do[G4]o)
We've had good ti[Em7]mes (dooo do[Em4]oo doo)
But remem[C9]ber this?
[G]Be[G4]en on this p[C9]ath of li[Em7]fe for so lo[G]ng[G4],
feel I've w[C9]alked a thousa[Em7]nd miles,[G] [G4]
sometimes stro[C9]lled hand in hand w[Em7]ith l[D4]ove----
Everybo[C9]dy?s been the[Em7]re?
[G]just then I real[G4]ised what a fool I c[C9]ould be, [Em7]
[G]just 'cos I looked so h[G4]igh I don't have to se[C9]e me,[Em7]
[G]finding a parad[G4]ise wasn't easy but [C9]still, [Em7]
there's a road[G] going down the [G4]other side of this h[C9]ill
f[G5]orget where you've come here[A4] from,
[G5]pretend that it's all real,[A]
soon this[G5] will all be so[C]meone else's dr[G4]eam,
this will be someon[C]e else's dream [Em4]
2nd Verse:
I und[G]erstand [G4]the meaning [C9]of "I can't explain this[Em7] feeling" Now[D4]
And it fee[C9]ls so unre[Em7]al
At nig[G]ht I see the hand th[G4]at reminds me o[C9]f the stand I make [Em7] [G]
The fac[C9]t of reali[Em7]ty
3rd Verse:
[D4]Do do do, do d[Em4]o do
and we've come so [G]far, (do do[G4] do)
and we've reached [C9]so high, (do [Em7]do do)
and we've looked [A4]each day and ni[G4]ght in the e[D4]ye, (do do do)[C9]
and we're still [G]so young, (d[G4]o do do)
and we hope fo[C9]r more, (do[Em7] do do)
but remembe[Em]r this
(Follow Previous Chord Pattern)
we're not invincible
we're not invincible ?
we're only people
oooooh we're only people
Heeyyyy, we're not invincible,
we're not invincible,
so again I'll tell you, ahhhhh
AdChorus 1:
Woo o[G5]oohhh [A4]
Never forget yeah
[G5]Pretend that its all real [A]
soon this w[G5]ill all be someone[C] else's dream, [G4]
This will be someon[C]e else?s dream, [Em4]
Acappella Chorus: (no music)
Everybody sing, oohh baby
No never
Never forget, no no
la, la la, laa, la, la,
AdChorus 2:
Everybod[G5]y sing that song[A4]
yeah[G5], NA NA NA Na Na na naa [A]
[G5]Come on, come on, [C]
ev[G4]erybody, everybody,
everybody, everybody, everybody
Whoooahhh [C] [Em4]
Pause- Drums
Harmony Intro (Previous Chords, End on G),
G: 320003
G4: 320033
C9: 032030
Em7: 022030
D4: 000233
Em4: 022033
C: 032010
G5: 355000
A4: 002233
A: 0022200
Em: 022000
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A A4 C C9 D4 Em Em7 G G4 G5
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