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Four Thieves Gone  The Avett Brothers

This is a compilation of tabs from various users to form a perfect album tab.
All credit will be properly given to each user that contributed to towards the
album's tabs/chords. REMEMBER ALL CREDIT IS GIVEN
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Artist: The Avett Brothers
Album: Four Thieves Gone: The Robbinsville Sessions
1. Talk On Indolence (Tuning: EADGBE)
2. Pretty Girl From Feltre (Tuning: EADGBE CAPO 2)
3. Colorshow (Tuning: EADGBE)
4. Distraction #74 (Tuning: EADGBE)
5. Sixteen In July (Tuning: EADGBE)
6. Left On Laura, Left On Lisa (Tuning: EADGBE)
7. A Lover Like You (Tuning: EADGBE CAPO 2)
8. Pretend Love (Tuning: EADGBE)
9. Matrimony (Tuning: EADGBE CAPO 2)
10.The Lowering: A Sad Day In Greenville Town (Tuning: EADGBE CAPO 7)
11.The Fall (Tuning: EADGBE)
12.Dancing Daze (Tuning: EADGBE)
13.Famous Flower of Manhattan (Tuning: EADGBE CAPO 2)
14.40 East (Tuning: EADGBE CAPO 2)
15.Gimmeakiss (Tuning: EADGBE)
16.Denouncing November Blue (Uneasy Writer) (Tuning: EADGBE)
17.Four Thieves Gone (Tuning: EADGBE)

1. Talk On Indolence
Tuning: EADGBE
Tabbed By: Clearangel1
Intro: G (x3) C D
(No Chord)
Well I've been lockin' myself up in my house for sometime now
Readin' and writin' and readin' and thinkin'
and searching for reasons and missing the seasons.
The Autumn, the Spring, the Summer, the snow.
The record will stop and the record will go.
Latches latched the windows down,
the dog coming in and the dog going out.
Up with caffeine and down with a shot.
Constantly worried about what I've got.
Distracting my work but I can't make a stop
and my confidence on and my confidence off.
And I sink to the bottom and rise to the top
and I think to myself that I do this a lot.
World outside just goes it goes it goes it goes it goes it goes...
and witness it all from the blinds of my window.
I[G]'m a little nervous '[C]bout what y[D]ou'll think
When you see me in my swimming trunks
And last night in New York I got raging drunk
Remember one time I got raging drunk with you
Now, I can recall a time when we made the city
Streets our playground, kissing in the fountains
Filled with cigarettes and bottles
Sped through Italian city streets of cobblestone
Because we had to
Because I loved you
Because the damned alcohol
Beacuse what ever at all
(No Chord)
Now I've grown to aware of my mortality
To let go and forget about dying
Long enough to drop the hammer down
And let the indolence go wild and flying through
Because we had to

2. Pretty Girl From Feltre
Tabbed By: Unregistered
[G]Sus[C]ann[G]a, [C]Italia[G]na, w[C]hat do you [G]want to [D]do?
[G]I [C]thought [G]I had [C]figured it [G]out but [C]that was [G]before [D]you
[Em]Walking a [C]mile into [G]town
[Em]Hoping to [D]see you [G]around
[Em]Hoping your [C]man is [D]nowhere to be [G]found
[Em]And hoping we'l[C]l go to your [G]room
And hoping we'll go to your room
[G]Qui[C]etl[G]y [C]act like you [G]love me [C]until I leave [G]Feltr[D]e
[G]And w[C]hen you [G]learn [C]of my [G]return
[C]Watch what the [G]townspeople [D]say
[Em]Riding in [C]your cargo [G]van
[Em]Driving your [D]mom's cargo [G]van
If [Em]you only [C]knew how [D]charming it [G]was
The [Em]lure of your [C]folks cargo [G]van
The lure of your folks cargo van
[G]Go [C]tell [G]Max
Be [C]clear with the [G]facts
[C]Leave me a [G]letter to [D]there
[G]I [C]still [G]have the [C]one from [G]before
From [C]when I turned [G]twenty [D]four

3. Colorshow
Tuning: EADGBE
Tabbed By: MrRollinStone
[Am]Ver[-]se[F]1[-] [Am] [-] [F]
[Am]Be Loud, L[F]et your colors show, [Am]try to keep the madness [F]low
[Am]if they hear, a[F]nd its wrong a[Am]nd they come with torches [F]on
yeah come on[Am]
Verse 2
[Am]Be Loud, L[F]et your colors show, [Am]try to keep the madness [F]low
[Am]I tell the[F]m no, with my hands, [Am]make them understand the[F] plan of it
Bright and gon[Am]e
And I'm don[C]e fo[Am]rever, it's[F] you and me foreve[G]r (x3)
You can just repeat the chord progression for the following lyrics. It shouldn't be that hard
Verse 3
Be loud let the others know, first a whisper then it grows
I tell them Go with my hands, make them understand the last of it
yeah come on, pain and all
Verse 4
Leave out, pack your things and go, leave the baby makers home
theres a time (now), and a place (now), someone built to take the race
when it calls you go, head down, don't you make a sound
keep your plans to yourself, they'll come true, they follow you,
they;re what you're obligated to , don't listen to nobody else
And I'm done forever, it's you and me forever (x7)

4. Distraction #74
Tuning: EADGBE
Tabbed By: Glued to Peons

(Strum E chord, and hit 12th fret harmonics)
I was in [E]love with your [A]beauty
From the [E]day you walked my [A]way.
Oh, how I [E]wish that was [A]enough to
Have [E]made me [B7]want to [E]stay.
See, I'm as true as I try to be,
And I must say my girl,
I tried the best to give to you
All of the truest in the world.
But, when I left your house that morning
in that ragged Thunderbird,
I tried so hard to fight the voices
From the devils that I heard.
See, there's a highway to the right of us
I took a year ago,
And since a year ago can't drive past
Without turning down that road.
(Strum E chord)
And [G]I [C]knew it, I [G]never should have [C]turned the wheel.
And [G]I [C]knew it, the [G]voices calling [C]me weren't real.
[G]I [C]knew it, [G]listen to the [C]song they sing.
[G]I [C]knew I was [G]wrong, and [G]I [C]knew I was [G]wrong.
(Repeat Intro, strum E chord, and slide down from 12th Fret on low E)
So, give me a try at describing
Just how difficult it is,
When you kind of love two girls
To figure out which one you miss.
Stumble away from your stairway
With your perfume on my clothes.
Well, I kind of loved two girls
But, now I kind of lost them both.
And I knew it, I never should have turned the wheel.
And I knew it, the voices calling me weren't real.
I knew it, listen to the song they sing.
I knew I was wrong, and I knew I was wrong.
And if I could gather up the damage
That I've rendered in my life,
Place it on a scale and weigh against
The damage done that night.
Then it'd be safe to say
The weight of all I did and didn't do
Would surly float against the lightest wrong
I ever did to you.

5. Sixteen In July
Tuning: EADGBE
Tabbed By: Macheeoo
[D]What was it like for [G]you
[D]I can tell you in truth what it was [G]like for me
[D]To be sixteen in July, [F#m]sixteen in July
[G]License in my hand
[A]Freedom on my mind
[D]I was sixteen in July, s[F#m]ixteen in July
[G]With summer to my left
[A]And no one to my right
What did you want to hear on your radio
Even if it did not come in clear
You'd still be sixteen in July, sixteen in July
With license in your hand
and freedom on your mind
If youre sixteen in July, sixteen in July
With summer to your left
And no one to your right
For me it was shortcut road
The girl was new and the car was old
Were you in love like me?
Or at least as in love as you can be?
When youre sixteen in July, sixteen in July
With license in your hand
and freedom on your mind
I was sixteen in July, sixteen in July
With summer to my left, and no one to my right

6. Left On Laura, Left On Lisa
Tuning: EADGBE
Tabbed By: Finn MacCool
[G]Nobody knows it but [C]I am so sad
[G]Nobody knows it but [Bm]I am so sad
[C]And that is the [D]saddest of [G]all my girl
C D G$
That is the saddest of all
[G]We climbed the ladder [C]to the top of my house
[G]Never letting [Bm]go of your hand
[C]The sky trades [D]the moon for the [G]sun my girl
C D G$
The sky trades the moon for the sun
[G]And I gave to you my [C]ugly brown coat
[G]You made it pretty [Bm]when you put it on
[C]Warmth in the [D]early morning [G]chill my girl
C D G$
Warmth in the early April
[G]Then you said you?d [C]trade the love of a man
[G]Tears fell soft from [Bm]your face to my hands
[C]Said you?d [D]trade your heart for [G]mine my girl
C D G$
I traded my heart for those days
[G]And you made it clear [C]it was strictly a deal
[G]Of springtime love and [Bm]that?s how I should feel
[C]So I set the [D]clock back an hour[G] my girl
C D G$
I set the time a just right
[G]You see somewhere back there [C]when I was boy
[G]Furious I had [Bm]become by the point
[C]That men are [D]just liars and [G]thieves of sorts
C D G$
Men are just liars and thieves
[G]But I still believe and [C]I stand by my words
[G]I don?t know what you have [Bm]seen or you?ve heard
[C]But somebody?s [D]lying to you [G]my girl
C D G$
Somebody?s lying to you
[G]You really made me [C]believe I could stay
[G]Part with you actions [Bm]in part what you said
[C]But that was [D]just foolish pride [G]my girl
C D G$
And those are only feelings inside
[G]So I?m going back to [C]the place where we met
[G]I?m going to find the [Bm]beer bottle we left
[C]Wedged in the [D]limbs of the tree [G]that we sat in
C D G$
Wedged in the magnolia tree
[G]Well we hid for days [C]like a proud pair of thieves
[G]Too sure we were right [Bm]too stubborn too leave
[C]Wasted with [D]the moment we lifted [G]my girl
[C]Stolen forev[D]er with you[G]

7. A Lover Like You
Tabbed By: Macheeoo
Do I [G]need to tell you?
I don't [Em]need to be untrue
[C]Not when I have a lover like [G]you.
G (harmonics) x2 D
[G]Now it don't take that much thought
[Em]Not with all the love you've got
[G]And you give it to me free
Some might take that for granted but certainly not me
No [C]not when I have a lover like[G] you
G (harmonics) x2 D
[Em]I haven't eyes for [C]anyone else
[Em]I'm thinking of you and[C] nobody else
[Em]I haven?t eyes for [C]anyone else but [Am]you
G (harmonics) x2 D
[G]She may be all on my case
Want to [Em]kiss me on my face
Put my [G]hands on her waist
Take me back to her place
I would happily follow
But [C]not when I have a lover like [G]you.
[Em]I haven't eyes for a[C]nyone else
[Em]I'm thinking of you and[C] nobody else
[Em]I haven't eyes for a[C]nyone else but [Am]you
But [C]yooouuu[G]....
But yooouuu....
But yooouuu....
But yooouuu....

8. Pretend Love
Tuning: EADGBE
Tabbed By: Macheeoo
[A7add9]Don't be fooled by my [D]words[D7]
Don't be fooled by my [G]song[Gm]
If you choose to belive [D]them
You'll plainly be [A7]wrong[A7add9]
I have love for my f[D]amily[D7]
I have love for my [G]friends[Gm]
That's as far as it[D] goes,
And I [G]must let you [D]know
My love for [A7]you was p[D]retend.
Pretend love[D7], pretend love[G],[Gm]
Don't be mistaken[D], I've o[G]nly been [D]fakin'
[A7]Pretend [D]love[D7]
Instrumental Break/Solo (Repeat Chorus Chords)

Don't you know I've a [D]gift[D7]
And I've wraped it in [G]trut[Gm]h
Your birthday's [D]tomorrow,
But the gift is not for[A7] you,[A7add9]
But if I came with a [D]present[D7]
I would bring you a c[G]lue[Gm]
Hopes you'd finally s[D]ee
That your [G]feelings for [D]me
Will [A7]never be re[D]turned
Pretend love[D7], pretend lov[G]e[Gm]
Don't be mistake[D]n, I've o[G]nly been [D]fakin'
[A7]Pretend [D]love
Pretend love[D7], pretend lov[G]e[Gm]
[D]Don't be mistaken, I've [G]only been faking
A7 D (Walk D C# B A) G Gm...
Pretend love

9. Matrimony
Tabbed By: Unregistered (arranged to lyrics by Macheeoo)
[Em] [G] [Am] [Em]  
[Em]Things didn't [C]work out [G]like they should,
[Em] [G] [Am] [Em]  
[Em]Farther from[C] how you [G]thought they would
[Em] [G] [Am] [Em]  
[C]Do you [D]still [G]want my [Em]hand? [C]
[C]Do you [D]think I'm [G]still your[Em] man? [C]
[C]I'll change [D]every[G]thing I [Em]can. [C]
Holy plans and holy gifts
Holy shit what did we get
You said you've got plans of your own
You're gonna work and I'll stay home.
Do you still want my hand?
Do you still think I'm your man?
I'll change everything I can.
My dog is loud and my dog is wild
We're too young to have a child
Can you keep the dog next week?
I'll be gone the next three.
Do you still want my hand?
Do you still think I'm your man?
I'll change everything I can.
Em G Em Am Em C Em D Em G Em Am Em C Em D Em (hold last Em for 5 bars)
I ain't through I ain't walking out
Leaving ain't what I'm about,
You may scream and I may shout.
But baby I love you.

10.The Lowering
Tuning: EADGBE
Tabbed By: TFYNH
[G]If I had known, your h[Bm]eart was down
that[C] lonely day in [D]Greenville town,
[G]Then I would have been[Bm] more concerned
but [C]later on I [D]truly learned
how[G] it can feel in [Bm]every bone
to [C]really see you're [D]all alone
But [Em]I ll k[C]iss your [G]head,
when[Em] death [C]finds your [G]bed
and you are [C]gone
And if I had seen
the way it would be
Id hushed your cries
when you came to me
If I could do what I did to you
the same to me then I would love for you to see
that I sleep with remorse
and regret hangs round my door
for ever more.
If I had known the lowering tide,
was lowering with the way you felt inside
if I had known all hope was gone
a broken heart and a broken home
That pierced, my lovers past
and carved a lonely path...
for her to walk
So if ever someone one says to you,
life isnt fair, get used to it
Then you should say Well it might be?
If folks like you won't let it be'
but Ill kiss your head
when death becomes my bed
and I am gone

11.The Fall
Tuning: EADGBE
Tabbed By: PereiraDaMan
Intro: G C G C G C D x 3 (With Harmonica Riff)
[G]Give me something new that I haven't felt before[C] [G]
[G]The messages of love and directions to you doo[D]r
[G]But we talk slowly, I don?t hear good anymore[C]
And we all Fall [G]down[D] [C]
And we all Fall[G] dow[D]n [C]
[G]Don't die on me lady, only good things c[C]an come [G]
[G]To those who practice reason and recognize good fun[D]
[G]Your absence is the bullet and the past is your gun [C]
And we all fall [G]down[D] [C]
And we all fall [G]down[D] [C]
[G]She still doesnt answer though she knows shes done wrong[C] [G]
[G]We buried the memories along with the songs[D]
[G]When she wakes up, I hope that we are gone[C]
And we all fall [G]down[D] [C]
And we all fall [G]down[D] [C]
[G]There's a visitor in black at my neighbors house[C]
[G]My neighbor says tomorrow the visitor says now [D]
[G]When he comes here please tell him that I'm out[C] [G]
And we all fall [G]down[D] [C]
And we all fall [G]down[D] [C]

12.Dancing Daze
Tuning: EADGBE
Tabbed By: Unregistered
[F]I've seen the [G]way you deal with [C]things
[F]The troubles [G]that this life will [C]bring
[F]If it gets to [G]you then I can [C]tell by the way you [Am]sing
[F]You act like it just [G]doesn't mean a [C]thing
I see you [F]dancin all your, [G]dancin all your, [C]dancin all your [Am]daze
[F]Maybe you can [G]tell me how it [C]is you got that [Am]way
[F]Dancing all your, [G]dancing all your, [C]dancing all your [Am]daze
[F]Come on, come on there's [G]got to be a [C]way
There's all these things that get me down
This dirty world is full of clowns
They'll build you up just so they can knock you down
Laugh at you while your there on the ground
Single Strums!!
[F]I really [G]like the way it [C]feels[Am]
[F]I look at [G]you and it's [C]real[Am]
I see you [F]dancin all your, [G]dancin all your,[C] dancin all your [Am]daze
Maybe you can tell me how it is you got that way
Dancing all your, dancing all your, dancing all your daze
Come on, come on that's got to be the way

13.Famous Flower of Manhattan
Tabbed By: Unregistered

play between the G note and D open note while playing intro.
 |-0-or--0----------x2 then----------5--4-------|

play to which Cmaj7 or C9 chord you prefer
For the G and Cmaj7 during the verses, just fingerpick
between mostly E, D, G, and B string with occasionally
high E. The chords are the same for every verse.
[G]And I found a flower in a field
[G]A field of cars and people; rows of concrete, paint, and steel
[Cmaj7]Manhattan is where it grew
[G]And I thought to cut it from it's stem
[G]And take it from the cracks between bricks that it lay in
[Cmaj7]And save it from city strife[G]
Away from the city life
Then someone they whispered in my ear
A county girl cant be made out of anybody here
Dont touch it, it loves you not
Dont touch it, it loves you not
Cause blue birds dont fly without their wings
And when we put them in a cage the world can't hear them sing
So selfish when greed sets in
Possession, the king of sin
And people dont ever let you down
Forever find a way to kill whatever life they've found
A heart beat and I want it too
Manhattan is where she grew
So I left and I let the flower be
And yesterday saw the flower on cable TV
Much prettier than here with me
For all of the world to see
Much prettier than here with me

14.40 East
Tabbed By: Macheeoo
Intro/Riff: Repeat x4
[G] [Bm] [C]  

[G]Sleep [Bm]darling r[C]est your mind
[G]I'll drive all [Bm]night to get to[C] you
[G]Please moan [Bm]softly if you [C]must moan at all
[G]I'm moving [Bm]through the [C]night toward you
[Am]Sleep d[G]arling, [Am]sleep [G]darling
[G]I'm [D7/F#]on my way to[C] you
[G]I'm [D7/F#]on my way to[C] you
Rest my angel, not one word,
Between you and I on the telephone line
You are weary and need your sleep
So leave the hard thinking and the driving to me
Sleep darling, sleep darling
I'm on my way to you
I'm on my way to you
Let go

Tuning: EADGBE
Tabbed By: Jpoole
[C] [B] [Am] [G] [F] [G] [G] [B] [C]  
Verse 1:
[C/G]Gimme a dance, gimme a chance, gimme your hands
Give me just a little bit of your sweet ro[F]mance
[G]Give me your [C/G]hands
[C/G]I know what they say about me
[C/G]Hell, I started most of them rumors myself you [F]see
So give 'em to me
[G]It wont take long for me to [F]tell you who I [C/G]am
[G]You hear my voice right now well that?s [F]pretty much what I [C/G]am
Verse 2:
[C/G]So gimme a smile, gimme a while, gimme a mile
Give me just a little bit of your sweet de[F]vine
Just [G]give me a [C/G]smile
[C/G]I know what you said about me
I think maybe if I had a preachin' judge then I'd forgive you [F]see
So give 'em to me
[G]It wont take long for me to [F]tell you who I [C/G]am
[G]You hear my voice right now well that?s [F]pretty much what I [C/G]am
I'm [F]bailin on my [C]life
Cause I'm [F]wailing on my [C]life
So please just gimme a kiss
Well I know you're waiting for a ring[F]
[C/G]Ease up little lady, see, I'm not [G]promising [C/G]anything
Verse 3:
[C/G]So gimme a chance, gimme a dance, gimme your hands
Give me just a little bit of your sweet ro[F]mance
Just [G]give me your [C/G]hands
I know what they say about me
Hell, I started most of them rumors myself you [F]see
So [G]give 'em to [C/G]me
[G]It wont take long for me to [F]tell you who I [C/G]am
[G]You hear my voice right now well that?s [F]pretty much what I [C/G]am
I'm [F]bailin on my [C]life
Cause I'm [F]wailing on my [C]life
So please just gimme a kiss
[C] [B] [Am] [G] [F] [G] [B] [C]  

16.Denouncing November Blue
Tuning: EADGBE
Tabbed By: Macheeoo
[G] [C] [D] [G]  

[G]November came and went,
Like a [C]summer that I spent,
With a n[D]o name girl that walked in jelly [G]shoes.
[G]I returned to my home,
With a [C]heart part made of stone,
And I [D]cried all night for a girl I never [G]knew.
[G]From the east it comes,
Her love a[C]nd the rising sun,
And I [D]pray each time they come, it's not the [G]last.
[G]You see I've got strong,
I made i[C]t through what came along,
But I [D]can't move on for the beauty of the [G]past.
Came across a pretty girl,
For about a month she was my world,
And I held her hand, and swore we'd never part.
I moved on, she stayed behind,
I said I'd call, she said she'd write,
We lost touch the moment I drove off.
I left town like a gambler with,
The sense of cashin' all the chips,
Before I lost them all on a bad deal.
I made believe I was in a race,
Drove ten thousand miles in seven days,
While writing a book called "Being A Free Man".
Met more people than the president,
The good times came and the good times went,
And I learned how to ignore my hunger pains.
I looked ahead to the open road, thought about the people and what they know,
And wrote a book called "People Don't Know Nothin".
(no matter what they tell ya, man)
Once I spent my last dime,
And counted the ratio of miles to time,
I looked up to my disdain and my surprise.
I had driven my car around the world,
Ended back in the town with the girl,
So I wrote a book called "Life in Prison".
(Volume. 1)
I see that girl every now and then,
And we drink to having such good friends,
And apologize for the way it did not last.
Funny thing that it's all true,
And I'll always love November Blue,
But I turned her down for the beauty of the past.
November came and went,
Like a summer that I spent,
With a no name girl that walked in jelly shoes.
I returned to my home,
With a heart part made of stone,
And I cried all night for a girl I never knew.

17.Four Thieves Gone
Tuning: EADGBE
Tabbed By: Oaw19
Tuning: Standard

Intro Four thieves gone; one woke up Said we cant use the songs
we wrote Swear Ive heard that very line

I cant claim this music mine Three thieves left, one got smart

I saw him leaving in his car From the road

I heard him scream It lacks originality
Three thieves left
One got smart
I saw him leaving in his car
From the road
I heard him scream
It lacks originality
Two thieves left
They both agree
They live and die off melody
One just fell dead
On his back
When we listen to the track
One thief left
He went to jail
He left a mile on paper trail
Hes in for life
He doesn't care
Its worth the songs that put him there
Four thieves gone
Four thieves gone
Four thieves gone
Four thieves gone


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A A7 A7add9 Am B B7 Bm C C/G Cmaj7 D D7 D7/F# E Em F F#m G Gm
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