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4 Chords  The Axis of Awesome

Intro: E B C#m A
[E] My life is brilliant,[B] my love is pure.
[C#m] I saw an angel,[A] of this I'm sure.
[E] Wherever you go,[B] whatever you do,
[C#m] I will by [A]right here waiting for you.
[E] Forever [B]young, I wanna
b[C#m]e forever y[A]oung.
[E] No one, no [B]one, no o[C#m]ne
Can get in the [A]way of what I'm feeling.
[E] This is the way you left me,
[B] I'm not pretending,
[C#m] No hope, no love, no glory,
[A] No Happy ending.
[E]People killed and people dying,
[B]Children hurt and women crying.
[C#m]If you practice what you preach,
[A]You can turn the other cheek.[E]
If I could[B], then I would,
[C#m]I'll go where[A]ver you will (go)
[E]Can you [B]feel, the [C#m]love ton[A]ight?
Just [E]dance, gonna be okay,[B] da da doo-doo-mmm
Just [C#m]dance, spin that record babe,[A] da da doo-doo-mmm
Pictures of [E]you, pictures of [B]me,
up upon your [C#m]wall for the world to s[A]ee.
And she [E]will, be [B]loved,
Yeah she [C#m]will, be l[A]oved.
[E]California girls[B], we're unforgettable
[C#m]Daisy Dukes, bi[A]kinis on top
[E]Sun-kissed skin, so [B]hot, we'll melt your popsicle
[C#m]Oooh oh[A] oooh
'Cause I cant [E]live,[B] with or [C#m]without you.[A]
'Cause [E]we are gonna [B]be, for[C#m]ever you and m[A]e.
[E] Keep bleeding,[B] keep, keep bleeding love
[C#m] I keep bleeding, I[A] keep, keep bleeding love (And I was like)
[E]Baby, baby, [B]baby ooh
Like [C#m]baby, baby, [A]baby noo
When I [E]find myself in [B]times of trouble,
[C#m]Mother mary, c[A]omes to me.[E]
Sometimes I [B]feel like I [C#m]don't have a [A]partner.[E]
I come from the [B]land down under.[C#m] [A]
[E]Take [B]on [C#m]me,(T[A]ake on me)
[E]Take [B]Me [C#m]On,(T[A]ake on me)
[E]I'll [B]be [C#m]gone[A]
In a day or[E], [B]two.[C#m]
[A]Save to[E]night,[B]
[C#m]Fight the break of d[A]awn.
Com[E]e tom[B]morow,
to[C#m]mmorow I'll be [A]gone
[E]Gonna take a [B]lot to drag me [C#m]away from you.[A]
[E]There's nothing that a [B]hundred men or [C#m]more could ever [A]do.
If I were a [E]boy[B] [C#m]
I think I [A]could understand (how it feels to love a girl)
[C#m] I kn[A]ow she's pl[E]ayin with m[B]e,
[C#m] But thats ok[A]ay 'cause I've got n[E]o self-est[B]eem.
It's [C#m]too late too apolog[A]ize.
It's [E]too late.[B]
Just gonna [C#m]stand there and watch me [A]burn
Well that's al[E]right because I like the way it [B]hurts
Just gonna [C#m]stand there and hear me [A]cry
Well, that's al[E]right because I love the way you [B]lie (I love the way you lie)
'Cause [C#m]I'm not he[A]re for your en[E]terta[B]inment,
[C#m] you don't re[A]ally wanna me[E]ss with m[B]e tonight.
[C#m] Cant read my, c[A]ant read my, n[E]o he can't r[B]ead my,
[C#m]poker fac[A]e (co[E]me on Barbie l[B]ets go party)
[C#m]Lost and insecu[A]re,[E] you found me,[B] you found me.
[C#m] Control yourself,[A] take only what you [E]need from it.[B]
Nothings right I'm [E]torn,
I'm all out of [B]faith,
this is how I [C#m]feel,
I'm cold and I am [A]shamed,
lying naked on the [E]floor.
Illusion never [B]changed,
into something [C#m]real,
I'm wide awake and [A]I can see.
It's not about the [E]money, money, money
We don't need your [B]money, money, money
We just wanna make the [C#m]world dance,
Forget about the [A]Price Tag.
[E]Pretty, pretty please
Don?t you [B]ever, ever feel
Like your [C#m]less than
Fuckin? [A]perfect
[E]Pretty, pretty please
If you [B]ever, ever feel
Like your [C#m]nothing
You?re fuckin? [A]perfect (to me.)
And [E]who do you think you [B]are?
Runnin' round leaving [C#m]scars
Collecting your jar of [A]hearts
And tearing love a[E]part
You're gonna catch a [B]cold
From the ice inside your [C#m]soul
So don't come back for [A]me(Who do you think you are?)
I was thinkin' 'bout [E]her, thinkin' 'bout me.
Thinkin' 'bout [B]us, what we gonna be.
Opened my [C#m]eyes, yeah
It was only just a [A]dream.
I'm not [E]afraid (I'm not afraid)
To take a [B]stand (to take a stand)
Every[C#m]body (everybody)
Come take my [A]hand (come take my hand)
Und ich [E]weiß,
du schaust [B]jeden Tag auf mich herab,
doch du [C#m]kommst nie wieder,
sol[A]ang ich auch wart.
Jede [E]Nacht sprech ich zu dir
und ich [B]hoff du hörst mir zu,
[C#m]schlaf schön Bobby,
[A]bleibe nicht wach.

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