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I Just Had Sex  The Lonely Island

December 20, 2010
Note: Hi, My name is Jay. This is the first song that I've tabbed 'coz this song
is so hilarious!!Any comments? pls. email me at --->
Artist: The Lonely Island featuring Akon
Song: I Just Had Sex
Tuning: Standard
Capo: 4th
 Chords used: Bm-G-D-A for the most part of the song and Cm-Ab-Eb-Bb for the final chorus. Enjoy!

[Bm] [G]Sometimes [D](ohhhhh)[A] Something beautiful happens in this world [Bm](Akon)
You don't know[G] how to express yourself so ([D]And Lonely Island)
[A] You just gotta sing
I just had[Bm] sex[G] and it [D]felt so [A]good
[Bm] A woman let me p[G]ut my p***s in[D]side her[A]
I just had[Bm] sex[G] and I'll n[D]ever go [A]back
[Bm] To the not having[G] sex ways of the [D]past[A]
Have you [Bm]ever had sex? I ha[G]ve, it felt great
It f[D]elt so good when I d[A]id it with my p***s
A [Bm]girl let me do it It[G] literally just happened
H[D]aving sex could make a nice m[A]an out the meanest
Never g[Bm]uess where I just came f[G]rom, I had sex
If I h[D]ad to describe the feeling[A], it was the best
When I [Bm]had the sex, man my p*[G]**s felt great
And I ca[D]lled my parents right after [A]I was done
Oh h[Bm]ey, didn't see you there,[G] Guess what I just did
Had s[D]ex, undressed, saw her[A] boobies and the rest
Well s[Bm]ure, Nice of her to let you [G]do that thing
Nice of a[D]ny girl ever. Now s[A]ing
I just had[Bm] se[G]x and it f[D]elt so g[A]ood
[Bm] A woman let me p[G]ut my p***s in[D]side her[A]
Wanna tell the world
[Bm] To be honest, [G]I'm surprised she even wanted me to [D]do it
Doesn't really make se[A]nse But man, screw it
[Bm]I ain't one to argue with a good th[G]ing. She could be my wife
[D]That good? The best 30 se[A]conds of my life
I'm so h[Bm]umbled by a girl's abili[G]ty to let me do her
Cuz honest[D]ly I'd have sex with a [A]pile of manure
With tha[Bm]t in mind the soft, nice s[G]melling girls better
She [D]let me wear my chain and my [A]turtle neck sweater
So [Bm]this one's dedicated [G]to them girls
That [D]let us flop around on [A]top of them
If you're [Bm]near a bar, whether [G]short or tall
We[D] wanna thank you all for [A]letting us f**k you
She kept [Bm]looking at her watch
Doesn't[G] matter, have sex
But I [D]cried the whole time
Doesn't[A] matter, have sex
I t[Bm]hink she might have been a racist
Doesn't[G] matter, have sex
She put a [D]bag on my head
Still co[A]unts!
I just had[Bm] sex[G] and my [D]dreams came [A]true
So[Bm] if you had sex in the [G]last 30 minutes then you're [D]qualified to sing
with [A]me
Final Chorus:
I just had[Cm] se[Ab]x and it [Eb]felt so [Bb]good
[Cm] A woman let me [Ab]put my p***s in[Eb]side her[Bb]
I just had[Cm] se[Ab]x and I'll [Eb]never go [Bb]back
[Cm] To the not having [Ab]sex ways of the [Eb]past[Bb]
[Cm] [Ab] [Eb]La la la [Bb]la

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