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A Better Place, a Better Time  Toh Kay



Tabbed by: John Gabaldon
Tuning: Standard with Capo on 6th fret.

[G]And so she [D]wakes up
[Em]in time to [C]break down
[G]She left a [D]note up on the dresser
[Em]and she's r[C]ight on time
[G]You don'[Bm]t know anythi[C]ng
[D]right or wrong
[G] [Bm] [C] [D]  
[G]I said I [D]know
[Em]and she said [C]so
[G]I wanna p[D]anic
yeah I've[Em] had, I [C]go
[G]You d[Bm]on't owe a[C]nything[D] to anyone
[G] [Bm] [C] [D]  
[C]But don't take your [G]life
[C]'cause it's all that you'[G]ve got
[Em]You'd be better off just [G]up and leaving
if you [Am]don't think they will [C]stop
[G]And when you wake up[D]
[Em]everything is gonna be [C]fine
[G]I guarantee that you [D]wake in a better place
[Em]in a better tim[C]e
[G]So you're tired of liv[D]ing
[Em]feel like you might [C]give in
well don'[G]t
it's not your time
[G]Looking through the [D]paper today
[Em]looking for a specific[C] page
[G]Don't wanna [D]find her f[Em]ull name [C]followed by dates
[G]because when i [D]left her alone
[Em]she made a so[C]und, like a moan
[G]"You're k[D]nown by e[Em]veryone for e[C]verything you've done"
[G]Fuck buying [Bm]flowers for graves
[C]I'd rather[D] buy you
a [G]one [Bm]way [C]non-stop to[D] anywhere
[G]find anyon[Bm]e do anything
[C]forget and [D]start a[G]gain, love
[Bm]She said she w[C]on't go[D] It hurts too
[G]much to stand by
[D]you've got to stop and draw a [Em]line
[C]Everyone here has to choose a
[G]side tonight the
[D]moment of truth is haunting you
[Em]Don't forget your family
[C]regardless what you choose to do
[G]You can't decide
[D]and they're all screaming "why won't you?"
[Em]I'll start the engine but [C]I can't take this ride for you
[G]I'll draw your bath and I'll [D]load your gun
But I [Em]hope so bad that you'll [C]bathe and [D]hunt
[G] [Bm] [C] [D]  
[G] [Bm] [C] [D]  
[G]Annie's tired [Bm]of forgetting about
[C]today and always [D]planning for
[G]tomorrow [Bm]
[C]Tomorrow and[D] she says,
[G]"The saddest day [Bm]I came across was
[C]when I learned that [D]life goes on
[G]without me" [Bm]
[C]Without me and [D]she says,
[G]"If everyone has [Bm]someone else,
[C]then I ain't got [D]nobody's love to
[G]save me"[Bm]
[C]Save me, and[D] she says
[G]"I think I'll pass [Bm]away tonight,
'cause it s[C]eems I'll never [D]get it right if it's
[G]just me[Bm] Yeah it's [C]just me an[D]d she said
[Em] [Bm] [C] [D]  
[Em] [Bm] [C] [D]  
[G]And when you [D]wake up
[Em]everything is gonna be [C]fine
[G]Guarantee that you [D]wake in a better place
[Em]in a better time[C]
[G]So you're tired of l[D]iving
[Em]feel like you might g[C]ive in
well don'[G]t
[D] [Em]  
[C]It's not your time
[G] [Bm] [C] [D]  
[G] [Bm] [C] [D]  
[G]Annie says she [Bm]wouldn't mind
if they [C]never find a [D]cure for all her
[C]Problems and[D] she says,
as [G]long as she has s[Bm]omeone near to
[C]make it clear she does[D]n't need to
[G]solve them[Bm]
[C]Solve them a[D]nd she says,
[G]"this loneliness is[Bm] killing me,
[C]it's filling me with [D]anger and
[C]Resentment an[D]d she says,
[G]"I'm turning into s[Bm]omeone that I
[C]never thought I'd [D]have to be again"
[G] [Bm] [C] [D]  
[Em] [Bm] [C] [D]  
[Em] [Bm] [C] [D]  
[G]And when you [D]wake up
[Em]everything is gonna be [C]fine
[G]Guarantee that you [D]wake up in a better place
[Em]in a better time[C]
[G]So you're tired of [D]living
[Em]you feel like you might [C]give in
well don't[G]
[D] [Em] [C]  
It's not your time
[G]And even if it was so
[D]Oh I wouldn't let you go
[Em]you could run run run [C]run but I will follow close
[G]Someday you will say "that's [D]it, that's all"
but I'[Em]ll be waiting there with open [C]arms to break your fall
[G]I know that you think that you're [D]on your own
but just [Em]know that I'm here
and I'll [C]lead you home
if you [G]let me[D]
She said "f[Em]orget me"[C] [D]
but I c[G]an't
/ slide up

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