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My Idea of Fun!  Wingnut Dishwashers Union

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C Em Bb F x4
[C]I swear i'll run away fr[F]om every home I ever have
[C]So i'll build a new hous[F]e in every town i pass.
[G]Maybe then I won't alway[G]s feel lost and trapped.
[C] [Em] [Bb] [F] 
[C]When I was growing up, i[F] was the smartest kid i knew.
[C]Maybe that was just beca[F]use I didnt know that many kids.
[G]All I know is now I feel[G] the opposite.
[C] [Em] [Bb] [F] 
[C]Like if you dont want to[F] work, then that becomes your job.
[C]Theres a lot of overtime[F], theres not many days off.
[G]I hope you know that I'm[G] not trying to complain.
[C]It just gets hard to exp[C]lain
[G]to people that I know, o[G]r kids who come to shows
[F]that I just dont want to talk about the [G]office today.
C Em Bb F x2
[C]'Cause i've watc[Em]hed friends go from bei[Bb]ng pessimi[F]sts
[C]to work [Em]at home [F]archeolo[G]gists
[C]they dig skin de[Em]ep, they work ha[Bb]rd every day, un[F]burying their arms
C Em Bb F...
for a vein or two that maybe they forgot.
And the cops sa[C]y its a crime for
[F]people like me and those friends[C] of mine to want to die[G]
[Bb]like my neighbo[F]r in St. [C]Pete
she's b[G]een on house arrest down [Am]here
[F]if she tries to leave he[C]r yard they'll lock her [C]in a cage for yea[C]rs.
[C] cause so[Em]metimes she want[Bb]s to die.[F]
[C] and she [Em]shoots dope when[Bb] she thinks she [F]could die
[C] and the [Em]law they caught [Bb]her one too many[F] times
C Em Bb F...
shootin dope when she felt like she could die.
C Em Bb F x2
[C] We're building a new wor[F]ld, all of my friends and me
[C]its not an exact science yet, bu[F]t we have the technology.
[G] now all we need is an ec[F]onomy where everybody
[F]finally will get enough to eat, [C]
[C]even the[Em] suburbs know po[Bb]wers getting too[F] crooked to stand
C Em Bb F...
on its own feet for much longer than it has.
So i dont want to kill a[C] cop, what i wan[F]t is neighborhoods where they
don't ha[C]ve to get called[G] when the shit goes down
[Bb]cause ou[F]r friends, they [G]are enough, and [C]our neighbors ha[G]ve enough.
[Bb]finally [F]we're enough.[C] [C] [C]
[C] [Em]cause our friend[Bb]s, they are enou[F]gh.
[C] [Em]and our neighbor[Bb]s are en[F]ough.
[C] [Em]and finally we'r[Bb]e enough[F]
[C]please help me be
Please help me b[Em]e
Please help me b[Bb]e enough[F].
C Em Bb F x2 (picking)
[C] [Em]fuck the law cau[Bb]se we're enough[F]
fuck the boss cause we're enough
fuck microsoft cause we're enough
fuck owning stocks cause we're enough
fuck you cause we're enough
fuck moving to brooklyn cause we're enough
fuck the clash cause we're enough
fuck martial stacks cause we're enough
quit what you don't love cause we're enough
live as you make it up cause we're enough
you'll never go without cause we're enough
we'll buy a house cause we're enough
we'll grow some food cause we're enough
we'll slam some dunks cause we're enough
don't be afraid cause we're enough
you'll always be ok because we'll always be enough.
And then some violin stuff...

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Am Bb C Em F G
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