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Jane Fakes a Hug  The Wrens

This is just a transcription of the chords Charles posted on the band forum,
all I've done is set the timing. Each / represents a beat of the previous
chord, and chords written like A/G# represent an A chord with a G# in the
bass. Couple of tricky diminished chords and bass notes, but otherwise not
too bad. Tempo is very, very slow. Strumming pattern is just one downward
strum per chord name or slash. I've tried to place the chord names and
slashes right above the lyric they correspond to, down to the word and
syllable. The two second verses are sung simultaneously, though Charles' is
much more drawn out and is better suited as a backup to Kevin's.
Play this one like a bad memory.
Verse 1
[A]Jane [/] [A/G#]fakes [/]a [A/F#]hug[/] [A/G] [/]
[D]She [/] [D/C#] [/] [D/B] [/] throws her - [Bdim]self down on [Fdim]the [F#m]rug [/]
[A/G] [/]What's w[D]rong?[/] [D/C#] [/]
[D/B] My d[/]ragging d[B7]ays are [Cdim]whipping [C#m]long [/]
[D] I [/]can't go [A]on [/]
[A/G#]Time c[/]hained f[F#m]riendl[/]ess
[D] [/]Oh, [C#m]Jane [/] [/]
[C#m]Let's [E]end th[/]is [/] [/]
Verse 2 (Kevin)
[A] I'd [/]tell her [A/G#]more my t[/]hinking
[A/F#] But s[/]he'd just [A/G]stare back b[/]linking
[D]Can't fi[/]nd att[D/C#]raction h[/]ate our new [D/B]house
She d[D/B]on't get
[Bdim] She don't [Fdim]get my [F#m]work [/]
[A/G]Jane's m[/]ade me f[D]lirt[/]
[D/C#]In f[/]act I've [D/B]met [/] [B7] this [Cdim]girl, Ann[C#m]ette [/]
[D] I m[/]ade a p[A]ass [/] my [A/G#]life's a c[/]rumbled [F#m]mess [/]
I t[D]ook the g[/]irl's add[C#m]ress [/]
She [C#m]just broke [/]up with P[E]aul [/] and I t[/]hink Jane k[/]nows her
Verse 2 (Charles)
[A]Two [/] [A/G#]apr - [/]ils
[A/F#]Go [/] [A/G] [/]
[D]I'D [/] [D/C#] [/] [D/B]
[D/B]Offer [Bdim]all
To [Fdim]god on [F#m]high [/] [A/G]
T[A/G]ell [D]why [/] [D/C#] [/] [D/B]
I [D/B]got this [B7]far with [Cdim]none for [C#m]wife [/]
[D] This c[/]harming [A] life,[/] I [A/G#]can't [/]un - [F#m]Jane [/]me
[D] She m[/]arried [C#m]Paul [/] [/]
T[C#m]hat f[E]all,[/] [/]Aprils a[/]go
Verse 3
[A] Bored[/]om crept [A/G#]in and f[/]ound me
[A/F#] Tempt[/]ation [A/G]follows, m[/]ounts me
[D] Our [/]oaths, our [D/C#]real - [/]ty, a good [D/B]job, a h[/]usband
[Bd] A hus[Fdim]band or [F#m]what [/]
[A/G] Christ, J[/]ane, I'm [D]not[/]
[D/C#] I n[/]ever [D/B]was [/]
[B7] She [Cdim]turns, spits [C#m]out [/]
[D] "We're d[/]one, get o[A]ut
[A] I [A/G#]wanna s[/]ay good [F#m]luck
[F#m]But I don't [D]wanna h[/]old you[C#m] up
[C#m] You b[/]astard, s[/]on of d[E]irt
Can't p[E]icture our h[/]ouse with[/]out you"

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A A/F# A/G A/G# B7 Bd Bdim C#m Cdim D D/B D/C# E F#m Fdim
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