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Letter to Me  Brad Paisley

A: x02220
E/A: x06450
D: xx0232
Bm7: x24232
E: 022100
E/Ab: 4x6450
F#m: 244222
G: 320033
D/F#: 2x0232
[A] [E/A]  
[A] [E/A]  

[A] [E/A]  

If [A]I could write a letter to me[E/A]
and s[A]end it back in time to my[E/A]self at seventeen
first I'd p[D]rove it's me by sayin'
l[A/Db]ook under your bed, there's a [Bm7]Skoal can and a Playboy
no one[Esus4] else would know you h[E]id
and th[A]en I'd say I know it's tough[E/A]
when you b[A]reak up after 7 m[E/A]onths
and yeah I k[D]now you really liked her
and i[A/Db]t just don't seem fair
but all[Bm7] I can say is pain like that is [Esus4]fast and it's r[E]are
and o[A]h you [E/Ab]got so much g[F#m]oin' for you
[A]goin' r[A/Db]ight
but [D]I know at [A/Db]17
it's h[Bm7]ard to see past F[Esus4]riday ni[E]ght
[A] she wasn't [E/Ab]right for you
and s[F#m7]till you feel like t[A]here's
a k[A/Db]nife st[D]ickin' out of y[A/Db]our back
and you're won[Bm7]derin' if y[Esus4]ou'll surv[E]ive
but [D] you'll make it t[A/Db]hrough this and you'll s[Bm7]ee
you're s[A/Db]till aro[D]und to write this l[E]etter to [A]me
at the s[A]top sign at Tomlinson and 8th[E/A]
alw[A]ays stop completely, d[E/A]on't just tap your brakes
and when you [D]get a date with Bridgette
make s[A/Db]ure the tank is full
on se[Bm7]cond thought forget it, that one [Esus4]turns out kinda co[E]ol.
[A] each and every time you have a fight[E/A]
just ass[A]ume you're wrong and daddy's r[E/A]ight.
and you should r[D]eally thank Miss Brinkman
she spent s[A/Db]o much extra time
It's like she [Bm7]sees the diamond underneath
and she's p[Esus4]olishin' you '[E]til you shine.
and [A]oh you[E/Ab] got so much [F#m]goin' for you
[A]goin' r[A/Db]ight
but [D]I know at [A/Db]17
it's h[Bm7]ard to see past F[Esus4]riday ni[E]ght
[A] tonight's the b[E/Ab]onfire rally
[F#m] but you're staying h[A]ome ins[A/Db]tead
beca[D]use if you fail a[A/Db]lgebra
[Bm7]mom and dad'll [Esus4]kill you d[E]ead
[D]trust me you'll squ[A/Db]eak by and get a[Bm7] C
and you're s[A/Db]till ar[D]ound to write this l[E]etter to [A]me
you [E]got so much up a[A]head
you'll m[D]ake new fr[A]iends
you should s[D]ee y[A/Db]our k[E]ids and w[A]ife
and I'd end by sayin' h[E]ave no f[F#m]ear
these are n[D]o-w[A/Db]here [Bm7]near
t[A]he b[G]est years [D/F#]of your l[Esus4]ife[E]
I guess I'll s[D]ee you in the mirror
when you're [A/Db]a grown man
p.[Bm7]s. go hug aunt Rita e[Esus7]very chance you c[E]an
and [A]oh you[E/Ab] got so much [F#m]goin' for you
[A]goin' r[A/Db]ight
but [D]I know at [A/Db]17
it's h[Bm7]ard to see past F[Esus4]riday ni[E]ght
[A] I wish you'd s[E/Ab]tudy Spanish
I wi[F#m]sh you'd take a t[A]yping [A/Db]class
I wi[D]sh you wouldn't [A/Db]worry let it [Bm7]be
I'd [A/Db]say h[D]ave a little [A/Db]faith and you'll [Bm7]see[E]
if [A]I could write a letter to me[E/A]
to [A]me...[E/A] [A]

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