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Southern Comfort Zone  Brad Paisley

I spent a long time tabbing this correctly. This is just the way Brad Paisley performed it,
when he performed the entire song acousticly at the Grand Ole Opry!
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Thanks and enjoy!
Tabbed by: Robin S.
Artist: Brad Paisley
Song: Southern Comfort Zone
Album: Wheelhouse
Tuning: Standard
Capo: None
E: 076454
Eadd9: 074454
E/A: 006454
Asus4: 004454
A: x02220
Asus: x00230
Asus2: x02200
C#m: x46654
B: x24400
F#: 244xxx
D#: x688xx
[E] [Eadd9] [E] [Eadd9]  
 e|--4---4---4--4--4--|--4---4---4---4--4--4--|--4----4---4--4--4--|--4---4---4---4--4--4---| |
 B|--5---5---5--5--5--|--5---5---5---5--5--5--|--5----5---5--5--5--|--5---5---5---5--5--5---| |
 G|--4---4---4--4--4--|--4---4---4---4--4--4--|--4----4---4--4--4--|--4---4---4---4--4--4---| |
 D|--6---6---6--6--6--|--4---4---4---4--4--4--|--4h6--6---6--6--6--|--4---4---4---4--4--4---| |
 A|--7---7---7--7--7--|--7---7---7---7--7--7--|--7----7---7--7--7--|--7---7---7---7--7--7---| |
 E|--0---0---0--0--0--|--0---0---0---0--0--0--|--0----0---0--0--0--|--0---0---0---0--0--0---| |

E/A Asus4 E/A Asus4 | 4X
 e|--4----4---4--4--4--|--4---4---4---4--4--4--|--4----4---4--4--4--|--4---4---4---4--4--4--| |
 B|--5----5---5--5--5--|--5---5---5---5--5--5--|--5----5---5--5--5--|--5---5---5---5--5--5--| |
 G|--4----4---4--4--4--|--4---4---4---4--4--4--|--4----4---4--4--4--|--4---4---4---4--4--4--| |
 D|--4h6--6---6--6--6--|--4---4---4---4--4--4--|--4h6--6---6--6--6--|--4---4---4---4--4--4--| |
 A|--0----0---0--0--0--|--0---0---0---0--0--0--|--0----0---0--0--0--|--0---0---0---0--0--0--| |
 E|--0----0---0--0--0--|--0---0---0---0--0--0--|--0----0---0--0--0--|--0---0---0---0--0--0--| |

When [E]your wheel[Eadd9]house is the [E]land of [Eadd9]cotton
The first [E/A]time you [Asus4]leave it can be [E/A]strang[Asus4]e - it can be[E] shocking[Eadd9] [E] [Eadd9]
Not everybody [E]drives a [Eadd9]truck, not everybody [E]drinks sweet[Eadd9] tea
Not everybody [E/A]owns a [Asus4]gun, wears a [E/A]ball cap boots and [Asus4]jeans
Not everybody [E]goes to [Eadd9]church or watches every [E]NASCAR [Eadd9]race
Not everybody [E/A]knows the [Asus4]words to "Ring O[E/A]f Fire" or "Amazing Gr[E]ace"
[C#m]Oh, Dixie Land, I [B]hope you understand
That when I [Asus2]miss my Tennessee [E]home[Eadd9]
And I've [Asus2]been away way too [E]long[Eadd9]
That I can't [Asus2]see this world unless I [C#m]go
Outside my [Asus]southern [Asus2]comfort [E]zone[Eadd9] [E] [Eadd9]
I have walked the [E]streets of Rome, I have been to [E]foreign [Eadd9]lands
I know what it's [E/A]like to [Asus4]talk and have nobody [E/A]under[Asus4]stand
I have seen the [E]Eiffel [Eadd9]Tower lit up on a [E]Paris [Eadd9]night
I have kissed a [E/A]West coast [Asus4]girl underneath the [E/A]Northern [Asus4]Lights
I know what it's [C#m]like to be, the only one like me
To take a [B]good hard look around and be in the [B]mi-[C#]nor-[D#]i-t[B]y
And then I [Asus2]miss my Tennessee [E]home[Eadd9]
But I can [Asus2]see the ways that [E]I've [Eadd9]grown
And I can't [Asus2]see this world unless I [C#m]go outside my [Asus]southern [Asus2]comfort [E]zone[Eadd9]
I miss your [C#m]biscuits and your gravy fireflies [B]dancing in the night
You have [F#]fed me you have saved me Billy [A]Graham and Martha White
But I've [C#m]since become a drifter and I [B]just can't wait to pack
'Cause I [F#]know the road I leave on, it will [A]always bring me back
| E - Eadd9 | E - Eadd9 | Asus2 | Asus2 | Asus2 | Asus2 |
I [E]wish I [Eadd9]was in [E]Di[Eadd9]xie - a[E/A]-way[Asus4] [E/A] [Asus4]
And I [Asus2]miss my Tennessee [E]home[Eadd9]
And I've [Asus2]been away way too [E]long[Eadd9]
But I can't [Asus2]see this world unless I [C#m]go outside my [Asus]southern [Asus2]comfort [E]zone[Eadd9] [E] [Eadd9]
Look [E/A]A-wa[Asus4]y - look [E/A]A-wa[Asus4]y
I [E]wish I [Eadd9]was in [E]Di[Eadd9]xie - a[E/A]-way[Asus4], look [E/A]a-wa[Asus4]y
I[E] wish [Eadd9]I was in the [E]land of [Eadd9]cotto-n[E/A] -[Asus4] look [E/A]a-wa[Asus4]y
| E - Eadd9 | E - Eadd9 |
A[E/A]-way[Asus4] - look [E/A]A-wa[Asus4]y
[E] [Eadd9] [E]Li[Eadd9]ve and die - [E/A]in D[Asus4]ixie[E/A] [Asus4]
In[E] Dixie
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A Asus Asus2 Asus4 B C# C#m D# E Eadd9 F#
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