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Epistle To Derroll  Donovan

...EPISTLE TO DERROLL... by Donovan

*from 'A Gift from a Flower to a Garden' (1968)*
(Original Key: Eb)
(*N.B* The C and C/G chord are played in this rhythm):
[C] [C/G]  

C C/G,
C C/G C C/G,
[F] [C] [C/G] [C] [C/G]  
Verse 1:
Come [C]all ye [C/G]starry [C]star-[C/G]fish,
Living [F]in the deep blue [C]sea.[C/G] [C] [C/G]
[C] Crawl to [C/G]me;
I [C]have a [C/G]propo-[F]sition to make [C]thee.[C/G] [C] [C/G]
[C] Would you [C/G]walk the [C]North Sea [C/G]floor,
To [F]Belgium from Eng-[C]land?[C/G] [C] [C/G]
Chorus 1:
[C] Bring me [C/G]word of a [Am]banjo man,
With a [F]tattoo on his [C]hand.[C/G] [C] [C/G]
Verse 2:
The [C]spokesman [C/G]of the [C]star-[C/G]fish,
[F] Spoke as spokesman [C]should.[C/G] [C] [C/G]
[C] "If'n you [C/G]met our [C]fee [C/G]then,
[F] Certainly we [C]would.[C/G] [C] [C/G]
[C] If you [C/G]cast a [C]looking-[C/G]glass,
U-[F]pon the scallopped [C]sand;[C/G] [C] [C/G]
Chorus 2:
[C] You'll have [C/G]word o' this [Am]banjo man,
With a [F]tattoo on his [C]hand".[C/G] [C] [C/G]
Verse 3:
Come [C]all ye [C/G]starry [C]star-[C/G]fish,
I [F]know your ways are [C]caped.[C/G] [C] [C/G]
[C] Maybe [C/G]its be-[C]cause you're,
[C/G] Astro-[F]logically [C]shaped.[C/G] [C] [C/G]
[C] Converse [C/G]with the [C]herring [C/G]shoals,
[F] As I know you [C]can,[C/G] [C] [C/G]
Chorus 3:
[C] Bring me [C/G]word o' the [Am]banjo man,
With a [F]tattoo on his [C]hand.[C/G] [C] [C/G]
Verse 4:
The [C]eldest [C/G]of the [C]star-[C/G]fish,
[F] Spoke, after a [C]sigh;[C/G] [C] [C/G]
[C] "Youthfull [C/G]as you [C]are young [C/G]man,
You [F]have a 'Wisdom [C]Eye';[C/G] [C] [C/G]
[C] Surely [C/G]you must [C]know a [C/G]looking-glass,
[F] Is made from [C]sand?[C/G] [C] [C/G]
Chorus 4:
[C] These young-[C/G]fish are [Am]fooling you,
A-[F]bout this banjo [C]man."[C/G] [C] [C/G]
Verse 5:
[C] "Come then [C/G]aged [C]star-[C/G]fish,
[F] Riddle me no [C]more.[C/G] [C] [C/G]
[C] For news [C/G]I am [C]wea-[C/G]ry,
[F] And my heart is [C]sore;[C/G] [C] [C/G]
All [C]on the [C/G]silent [C]sea-[C/G]shore,
[F] Help me if you [C]can,[C/G] [C] [C/G]
Chorus 5:
[C] Tell to [C/G]me, [Am]if you know,
[F] Of this banjo [C]man."[C/G] [C] [C/G]
Verse 6:
"All [C]through the [C/G]seven [C]o-[C/G]ceans,
I [F]am a star most [C]famed.[C/G] [C] [C/G]
[C] Many '[C/G]leggys' [C]have I [C/G]lost,
And [F]many have I [C]gained.[C/G] [C] [C/G]
[C] Strange to [C/G]say, quite [C]recent-[C/G]ly,
I've [F]been to Fleming [C]Land,[C/G] [C] [C/G]
Chorus 6:
[C] And if [C/G]you are [Am]courteous,
I'll [F]tell you all I [C]can."[C/G] [C] [C/G]
Verse 7:
"You [C]have my [C/G]full at-[C]ten-[C/G]tion",
I [F]answered him with [C]glee,[C/G] [C] [C/G]
His [C]brother [C/G]stars were [C]twink-[C/G]ling,
In the [F]sky above the [C]sea.[C/G] [C] [C/G]
[C] So [C/G]I sat [C]there with [C/G]rapt,
At-[F]tention, on the [C]sand,[C/G] [C] [C/G]
Chorus 7:
[C] Very [C/G]anxious [Am]for to hear,
[F] Of the banjo [C]man.[C/G] [C] [C/G]
Verse 8:
[C] "I have [C/G]seen this [C]tattooed [C/G]hand,
[F] Through a ship port-[C]hole.[C/G] [C] [C/G]
[C] Steaming [C/G]on the [C]watery [C/G]main,
[F] Through the waves so [C]cold.[C/G] [C] [C/G]
[C] Heard his [C/G]tinkling [C]banjo,
[C/G] And [F]his voice so [C]grand.[C/G] [C] [C/G]
Chorus 8:
But [C]you must [C/G]come to [Am]Belgium,
To [F]shake his tattooed [C]hand."[C/G] [C] [C/G]
Verse 9:
[C] "Gladly [C/G]would I [C]come,
[C/G] Oh, [F]gladly would I [C]go.[C/G] [C] [C/G]
[C] Had I [C/G]not my [C]work to [C/G]do,
[F] And my face to [C]show.[C/G] [C] [C/G]
[C] I re-[C/G]joice to [C]know he's [C/G]well,
But [F]I must go in-[C]land,[C/G] [C] [C/G]
Chorus 9:
[C] Thank you [C/G]for the [Am]words you brought,
[F] Of the banjo [C]man."[C/G] [C] [C/G]
Verse 10:
I [C]walked a-[C/G]long the [C]evening [C/G]sand,
As [F]charcoal clouds did [C]shift.[C/G] [C] [C/G]
Re-[C]vealing [C/G]the [C]moon [C]shi-[C/G]ning,
[F] On the pebble [C]drift.[C/G] [C] [C/G]
Contem-[C]plating [C/G]every [C]other [C/G]word,
[F] The starfish [C]said;[C/G] [C] [C/G]
Chorus 10:
[C] Whistly [C/G]winds, they [Am]filled my dreams,
[F] In my dreaming [C]bed.[C/G] [C] [C/G]

[C] [C/G] [F] [Am]  
[EADGBE]x32010 [EADGBE]332010 [EADGBE]133211 [EADGBE]x02210
Tabbed by Joel from cLuMsY, Bristol, England, 2006

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