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A Dip in the Ocean  Fountains of Wayne

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Artist: Fountains of Wayne
Album: Sky Full of Holes
Song: A Dip in the Ocean
tabber: John Baer (
tabbed on 8/3/2011
*Note: This song has been preformed in the key of E by the band, but on the album
it is in F, and that is how I've tabbed it here.
Intro: F
Guitar 1 (intro riff):
F Bb (Let notes ring)

Verse 1:
[F]It's you and me on a [Bb]beach/ In nineteen-ninety [F]eight
Leaning into the [Bb]breeze/ From the [Dm]willows and [Bb]rivermen [F]grace
Are [Am]reborn in this [Bb]place/ I'm [F]assured the procedure is [C]painless
[F]The taxicab with no [Bb]brakes/ around the mountain[F] pass
Keep your head in your [Bb]hands/ if any[Dm]body [Bb]askes what you [F]mean when
You were [Am]picking a [Bb]fight/ you were [F]only complimenting the[C] waitress
Chorus 1:
Give us a [Am]room, with a mountain [Bb]view:
A tiny [F]cabana by the [C]water, [F]yeah by the [C]water and [Bb]I,
Got a rental for an [C]hour or [F]two, for a [Bb]ride up the coast
And a [C]dip in the ocea[F]n.
(Repeat Intro)
Verse 2:
[F]The waterfront is [Bb]alight/ with Citronella [F]flame
Tourists flash in the [Bb]night/ from the [Dm]grottoes and
[Bb]Gathering [F]now on the [Am]heel-worn [Bb]planks for a [F]drunken
Form another, a [C]mumble (?)
[F]And lovers paddle a [Bb]boat/ on the molten [F]bay
Peering into the the [Bb]reeds/ on a [Dm]ripple
And [Bb]playing it [F]cool/ in a [Am]bar by the[Bb] pool
With a [F]Caribbean Kiss Amar[C]etto
Chorus 2:
Give us a [Am]room, with a mountain [Bb]view:
A tiny [F]cabana by the wa[C]ter, [F]yeah by the [C]water and [Bb]I,
Got a rental for an [C]hour or [F]two, for a [Bb]ride up the coast
And a [C]dip in the ocea[F]n.
(Repeat intro)
[Am]Get a load of the [Bb]light in the trees and the
[F]Sweet de[C]cay on the [F]maritime [C]breeze
[Dm]The sun's hitching o[C]n a [Bb]weather balloon
And the h[C]eat of the tarmac
[G]Burning a [C]hole in a [F]gold afternoon
(Solo- variation on the intro/verse)
Chorus 3:
Give us a [Am]room, with a mountain [Bb]view:
A tiny [F]cabana by the[C] water, [F]yeah by the [C]water and [Bb]I,
Got a rental for an [C]hour or [F]two, and a [Bb]bottle and cooler
With some [C]maps and a [F]big [C]brown [Bb]towel
It's a beater, but [Am]today will [Dm]do
For a [Bb]ride up the coast, and a [C]dip in the ocea[F]n.
[F]((repeat intro rif[Bb]f) In the [F]ocean[Bb] (x2))
[F]((repeat intro riff) [Bb]In the[Dm] ocea[Bb]n (x2))
End: Fade out.
Cheers, and buy Sky Full of Holes!
-John Baer

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