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A Good Thing  Gino Vannelli

[Em] [A/E] [Em] [A] [Cm(maj7-5)/E] 
[Em] [A/E] [Em] [A] [Cm(maj7-5)/E] 
[Em] [A/E] [Em] [A] [Cm(maj7-5)/E] 
[Em] [A/E] [Em] [A] [Cm(maj7-5)/E] 
[Em] [A/E] [A/E] [Em] [Fm(maj7-5)/E] 
Ainít no [C7]man of [B7]higher education [Em] [A/E]
I am [C7+9]nothing in the [B7+9]way of [Bb7-5]wit
Ainít no [Am7]poster child [Bm7/A]
[Bb+5/Ab]for the [Gmaj7]age [Db7+9+11] of infor[C7+9+11]mation[G7+5]
C7+9 B7+9 ,9 ,-9
But I know a good thing
when I see it[Em] [A/E] [Em] [A] [Cm(maj7-5)/E]
I know a good thing![Em] [A/E] [Em] [A] [Cm(maj7-5)/E]
Ainít too b[C7+9]ig [Db7+9] on o[C7+9]ld t[B7+9]ime rel[Em]igion
I keep the [C7+9]faith the [B7+9]way I [Bb7-5]see it
Indeed [Am7]some might say [Bm7/A]
[Ebm/Ab]Iím a [Gmaj7]man gone [Db7+9+11]to per [C7+9+11]dition[G7+5]
C7+9 B7+9 ,9 ,-9
maybe so, but I know a good thing
when I [Em]see [A/E]it[Em] [A] [Cm(maj7-5)/E]
I know a good thing!![Em]!.....[A/E] [Em] [A] [Gb/E]
[Fm7] Donít need no w[Gm6]eather man to t[Ab6]ell me when
he [Adim]sun is shining
No [Bbm7]GPS, no [Bbm7/Ab]gyrocompass, [G13-9]best guess west
Is where it [C7+5]sets tonight
[Fm7] Donít need no [Gm6]dotted line, no [Ab6/9]print too fine
Iím [Adim]more of the mind
To [Bbm7]read the man, [G7+5+9]shake his [G7+5-9]hand
Let the cards land where they [C7+5]might
I know a [Db7]good thing [Db7+9] [D7+9/Db] [Db7+9] [D7+9/Db] [C7+5]
( Tab from: )
A good thing[B11] [B13+11] [B11] [B13+11] [G/F]
a4 b g g
I know a go-[Em]ood [A/E]thiióing! [F/E] [G/E] [Em] [Eb/E]
Fm(maj7-5) Em7/A. . . . . .
|C7 B7 Bb7-5|Em A |
|C7+9 B7+9 |Bb7-5 |Am7 Bm7/A Bb+5/Ab |
|Gmaj7 Db7+9+11 C7+9+11 |C7 B7+9 |
[Em] [A/E] [Em] [A] [Cm(maj7-5)/E]  
[Em] [A/E] [Em] [A] [Gb/E]  
piano solo:
|Fm7 Gm6 |Ab6 C7+9 F+5/C|Bbm7 Bbm7/Ab G7+9+5|
|G7+5-9 Bbm7+5 Bm7+5 Cm7+5|
Do[Fm7]-o-o-nít need no [Gm6]dotted line, no [Ab6/9]print too fine
Iím [Adim]more of the mind
To [Bbm7]read the man, [G7+5+9]shake his [G7+5-9]hand let the cards land where
they [C7+5]might
I know a [Db7]good thing [Db7+9] y[D7+9/Db]a! [Db7+9] [D7+9/Db] [C7+5]
A good th[B11]ióii-in[B13+11]g![B11] [B13+11] [G/F]
[Em] [A/E] I know a good thi-i-i-n[Em]g[A] [Cm(maj7-5)/E]
[Em] [A/E] [Em] [A] [Cm(maj7-5)/E] 
She got [C7]eyes like s[B7]apphire [Em]diamonds[A/E]
A set of [C7+9]legs that [B7+9]just wonít [Bb7-5]quit
I [Am7]didnít quite get her [Bm7/A]name
[Ebm/Ab]But I hear [Gmaj7]wedding [Db7+5+11]bells [C7+5+11]chimin
Cause I [C7+9]know a good [B9+11]thing when I see it
[Em] [A/E] [Em] [A] [Cm(maj7-5)/E] 
[Em]I know[A/E] a good thing[Em] [A] [Cm(maj7-5)/E]
[Em] [A/E] [Em] [A] [Cm(maj7-5)/E] 
[Em] [A/E] [A/E] [Em] [Fm(maj7-5)/E] 
transcription and chart
Peter Kruger

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A A/E Ab6 Ab6/9 Adim Am7 B11 B7 B7+9 Bb7-5 Bbm7 Bbm7/Ab Bm7/A C7 C7+5 C7+9 Db7 Db7+9 Eb/E Ebm/Ab Em F/E Fm7 G/E G/F G7+5 Gb/E Gm6 Gmaj7
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