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Strange Fire  Indigo Girls


[E](in[A(9)]tro)[E] [A(9)]
I [E]come to you with strange f[A(9)]ire, I make an [E]offering of love[A(9)]
The [E]incense of my s[A(9)]oul is burned by the [E]fire in my blood[A(9)]
I [E]come with a softer a[A(9)]nswer to the q[E]uestions that lie in your p[A(9)]ath
I want to [E]harbor you from the a[A(9)]nger, find a [E]refuge from the wra[A(9)]th
[D(9)] This is a me[E/A]ssage, [D(9)] a message of[E/A] love
[D(9)] Love that moves from the [E/A]inside out, [D(9)] love that never gr[E/A]ows tired
[B(4)] I come to you (I come to y[A]ou) with strange [E]fire,[A(9)] [E]fire[A(9)]
Mercenaries of the shrine, now who are you to speak for god?
With haughty eyes and lying tongues and hands that shed innocent blood
Now who delivered you the power to interpret calvary?
You gamble away our freedom to gain your own authority
[D(9)] Find another st[E/A]ate of mind, you know it's time we [D(9)]all learned to gra[E/A]b hold
D(9) E/A (tacet) E A(9) E A(9)
Strange fire burns with the motion of love, love
[E](guitar[A(9)] solo)[E] [A(9)] [E] [A(9)] [E] [A(9)]
[D(9)](guitar[E/A] solo)[D(9)] [E/A] [D(9)] [E/A] [B(4)] [A]
[E]Ah ah ahhh, ah ah ah [A(9)]ahhhhh; [E]Ah ah ahhh, ah ah ah [A(9)]ahhhhh
When you learn to love yourself, you will dissolve all the stones that are cast
You will learn to burn the icing sky and to melt the waxen mask
I said to have the gift of true release, this is a peace gonna take you higher
Oh I come to you with my offering, I bring you strange fire
This is a message, a message of love
Love that moves from the inside out, love that never grows tired
[B(4)] I come to you (I come to y[A]ou) with strange [E]fire,[A(9)] [E]fire[A(9)], [E]ahh...[A(9)]ahhh
B(4) A E A(9) E A(9) E.
I come to you (I come to you) with strange fire__________________
CHORDS: E=022100 A(9)=x07600 (slide up from E)
D(9)=x00230 E/A=x02100 (same as Amaj9)
B(4)=x24440 (I think Emily plays x99800) A=x02220
The chords for the verse follow this strumming pattern, alternating
between E & A(9), which is a really easy transition. The rhythm is
sorta tricky, but you should be able to get it right with a little
practice. (The funny symbols are semi-quavers and such.)
|\ |\ |\ |\ |\ |\ |\ |\ |\ |\
| | |\ | | |\ |\ |\ |\ |\
O|. O| O| O|. O| O| O| O| O| O|
[1] [-] [2] [-] [3] [-] [4] [-] 
The strumming pattern for the D(9) and E/A chords in the chorus goes
like this:
|\ |\ |\ |\ |\ |\ |\ |\ |\ |\ |\ |\
| |\ | |\ |\ | |\ |\ | |\ |\ |\
O| O| O| O| O| O| O| O| O| O| O| O|
[1] [-] [2] [-] [3] [-] [4] [-] 
- Adam Schneider,
Strange Fire
written by Amy Ray
originally performed by Indigo Girls
track #1 on "strange fire"
transcribed by Drew Boles (
For this song, Amy plays all of the rhythm guitar parts,
and Emily plays all of the lead guitar parts. The lyrics,
along with Amy's chord parts, are written below, and
Emily's leads are tabbed below that (with lyric markers).
Tuning: regular (low to high) E A D G B E
E=022100 A(9)=x07600 Dsus2=xx0320 B=x99800
Lyrics and chords:
[E] [A(9)] [E] [A(9)]  
[E]I come to you with strang[A(9)]e fire, I make [E]an offerin[A(9)]g of love
The i[E]ncense of my [A(9)]soul is burned by t[E]he fire in[A(9)] my blood.
I c[E]ome with a softer[A(9)] answer to th[E]e questions that lie in
your [A(9)]path,
I want to [E]harbor you from th[A(9)]e anger, fin[E]d a refuge from the
[Dsus2]This is a [A(9)]message,[Dsus2] a message o[A(9)]f love.
[Dsus2]Love that moves from the [A(9)]inside out[Dsus2], love that never grows
[B]I come to you[A(9)] with strang[E]e fire.
[E]Mercenaries of the [A(9)]shrine, now who [E]are you to spea[A(9)]k for God
With [E]haughty eyes an[A(9)]d lying tongues[E], hands that shed
innocent b[A(9)]lood.
Now who de[E]livered you the[A(9)] power to [E]interpret [A(9)]calvary,
You g[E]ambled away our[A(9)] freedom t[E]o gain your own[A(9)] authority.
[Dsus2]Find another [A(9)]state of min[Dsus2]d, reach out an[A(9)]d grab hold.
[Dsus2]Strange fire[A(9)] burns with the motion [E]of lo[A(9)]ve.
[E]When you learn to[A(9)] love yourself, you wil[E]l dissolve all the A(9)
stones that are cast.
Now you will [E]learn to burn the[A(9)] icing sky, [E]to melt the waxen
I said to [E]have the gift o[A(9)]f true release, here[E]'s a peace
that will take you[A(9)] higher.
[E]I come to you with m[A(9)]y offering, I bri[E]ng you stra[A(9)]nge fire.
[Dsus2]This is a [A(9)]message, [Dsus2]a message o[A(9)]f love.
[Dsus2]Love that moves from th[A(9)]e inside out[Dsus2], love that never grows
[B]I come to [A(9)]you with strang[E]e fir[A(9)]e.
[B]I come to [A(9)]you (I come to you) with stran[E]ge fi[A(9)]re.
TAB notation:
h: hammer on
P: pull off
/: slide up
\: slide down
b: bend up
r: release bend
~: vibrato
Emily's lead guitar:
(verse 1 riff) (verse fill)
[E] [A(9)] [A(9)]  

I come with a softer...
(repeat verse 1 riff three times; on the third repeat,
replace the lead where the A(9) chord starts with the verse
(verse 1 riff 2)
[Dsus2] [A(9)]  

This is message...
We all need to learn to reach out...
(repeat verse 1 riff 2 three times)
(verse 1 riff 3)
[B] [A(9)]  

I come to you...
(here, Emily plays chords with Amy until verse 2)
(verse 2 riff)
[E] [A(9)]  

Mercenaries of the shrine...
When you learn to love...
[E] [A(9)]  

(repeat verse 2 riff one time)
(Emily then plays chords with Amy for 4 measures)
(repeat verse 2 riff one time)
(repeat verse 1 riff 2 three times; end on a single A(9)
(Amy and Emily plays chords until Emily's solo)
[E] [A(9)]  

[E] [A(9)]  

[E] [A(9)]  

[E] [A(9)]  


[A(9)] [Dsus2]  

[A(9)] [Dsus2]  

[A(9)] [B]  


(repeat verse 2 riff two times)
(Emily plays chordswith Amy for 4 measures)
(repeat verse 2 riff one time)
(repeat verse 1 riff 2 four times)
(repeat verse 1 riff 3 one time)
(Amy and Emily play chords until the end of the song; end
on a single chord)
Well, that's the song everybody. Have fun.
transcribed by: Drew Boles (

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A A(9) B B(4) D(9) Dsus2 E
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