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Mud Slide Slim  James Taylor

G*(no 3rd) - 3x0030
D/F# - 2x0230
Bm9 - 020220
Dmaj7/F# - 2X0220
A/B - X2X220
 G* A-D/F#-Bm9 E Bm9 E Bm9-E-Dmaj7/F#-Bm9-E

[Bm9]Mud slide[E] slim___[Bm9]__ and the b[E]lue ho-ri [Bm9]- zon[E] [-] [Dmaj7/F#] [-] [Bm9] [-] [E]
Oh, [Amaj7]mud sli[D/E]de, [Amaj7] Im de-[D/E]pend-ent on y[Bm9]ou[E] [Bm9] [E]
[Bm9]I dont kno[E]w__ but Iv[Bm9]e____ been to[E]ld
there's a t[Bm9]ime from tim[E]e___ to time___[Bm9] [E]
[Bm9] I cant[E] eat_[Bm9]__ I cant slee[E]p
[Bm9]But I just[E]__ might mov[Bm9]e___ my feet[E]
cause theres no[Bm9]th - ing like
The s[E]ound of s[Bm9]weet soul mu[E] - sic
To[Bm9] change a young la[E] - dys mind[Bm9]
[E] And theres no[Bm9]th - ing like a
[E]Walk on down__[Bm9]__ by the ba[E]y - ou
[Bm9] To leave the wo[E]rld be - hind[Bm9]
[E]Mud slide[Amaj7]______[-]__[D/E]____[-]__[Amaj7]_______ Im de-p[D/E]end-ing up-on__ [Bm9]you[E] [Bm9]
[E] Mis-ter mud_[Amaj7]__ slide [D/E]slim__[Amaj7]_______ and t[D/E]he blue hor-i[Bm9]z-on[E] [Bm9] [E]
Ive been let[D] - ting the [A]time__[A/B] go [E]by___ (A/B - X2X220)
Let[D] - ting the [A]time__[A/B] go by____
D A A/B E (Dmaj7/F# - 2X0220)
Yes, Im let - ting the time__ go by
[G]Let - ting the [A]time_[Dmaj7/F#]_ go by_[Bm9]__[E] [Bm9] [E] [Bm9] [E] [Bm9] [E]
Im gon - na [Bm9]cash in my hand[E]____ and
[Bm9]Pick up on a piece of land[E]
And [Bm9]build myself a cab[E] - in back in the woods[Bm9] [E]
Lord, its t[Bm9]here Im gon - na s[E]tay
Un -[Bm9] til there comes a day[E]
When [Bm9]this old world___ starts to c[E]hang - ing for the [Bm9]good[E]
[E]Now the rea[Bm9] - son Im s[E]mil - ing is [Bm9]o - ver on a is [E]- land
On a h[Bm9]ill - side in the woo[E]ds__ where I____ be - long[Bm9] [E]
I wan - na thank j[Bm9]im - my, jim - my, john, ni[E]ck___ and lau - rie
The [Bm9]no jets con - st[E]ruct - ion for set [Bm9]- ting
Me down a home [E]- stead on___ the farm_[Bm9]_[E]
[Amaj7]Mud slide_______[D/E]___________[Amaj7]____ Im de - p[D/E]end - ing up - on [Bm9]you[E] [Bm9] [E]
Miste[Amaj7]r mud slide[D/E]____ [Amaj7]slim___ and [D/E]the blue ho -[Bm9] ri - [E]zon[Bm9] [E] [Bm9] [E]
[Bm9] [E] [Bm9] [E]  

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A A/B Amaj7 Bm9 D D/E Dmaj7/F# E G
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