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Never Die Young  James Taylor

Never Die Young (Capo 4th Fret)
Intro-C F G Am F Fmaj7 C F E Am F Fmaj7
[G] [Am] [F] [G] [Am] [F] [G] [Am] [F] [G] [Am] [F] [G] [Am] [F] 
[C]We were ring-around-the-r[F]osy ch[G]ildren, t[C]hey were circles [F]around th[G]e sun.
[Am]Never give u[F]p, [Fmaj7]never slow do[G]wn, [Am]never grow [F]old, [Fmaj7]never ever die you[G]ng.
[C]Synchronized with the ri[F]sing m[G]oon, e[C]ven with the eve[F]ning st[G]ar,
[Am]they were true lo[F]ve [Fmaj7]written in sto[G]ne,
[Am]they were never a[F]lone, [Fmaj7]they were never that [G]far apart.[C] [F] [Am]
[F]And we who couldn't bear to be[G]lieve they might make it,
[F]we got to close our ey[G]es.
[F]Cut up our losses into d[G]oable doses, [F]ration our tears and si[G]ghs.
Oh, you could s[C]ee them on the street on a S[F]aturday ni[G]ght.
[C]Everyone used to r[F]un them [G]down.
They're a l[Am]ittle too sw[F]eet, they'r[Fmaj7]e a little too ti[G]ght,
[Am]not enough t[F]ough for [Fmaj7]this to[G]wn.
[C]Couldn't touch them with a t[F]en-foot p[G]ole,
[C]no, it didn't seem to ra[F]ttle at [G]all.
They wer[Am]e glued [F]together[Fmaj7] body and s[G]oul,
that mu[Am]ch m[F]ore with their [Fmaj7]backs up ag[G]ainst the w[C]all.[F] [G] [Am] [F] [Fmaj7]
[G]Oh, hold them [Am]up, h[F]old them [G]up, n[Am]ever do l[F]et them f[G]all
[Am]pray to the d[F]ust and the [G]rust and the [Am]ruin that na[F]mes us
and c[G]laims us and s[Am]hames us all.
(Instrumental) F G F G F G F Am G
I gu[C]ess it had to happen [F]someday [G]soon- wa[C]sn't nothing to [F]hold them d[G]own.
[Am]They would r[F]ise from among us like [Fmaj7]a big bal[G]loon,
[Am]take the s[F]ky, f[Fmaj7]orsake the g[G]round.
[C]Oh, yes, other h[F]earts were br[G]oken, y[C]eah, other dr[F]eams ran d[G]ry
but our [Am]golden o[F]nes [Fmaj7]sail on, s[G]ail on to a[Am]nother la[F]nd [Fmaj7]beneath a[G]nother [C]sky.
(L[C]et other he[F]arts be br[G]oken, [C]let other dr[F]eams run d[G]ry)
but our [Am]golden o[F]nes [Fmaj7]sail on,
s[G]ail on [Am]to another l[F]and [Fmaj7]beneath ano[G]ther s[C]ky,[F] [G] [Am]
[F]beneath a[G]nother [C]sky.[F] [E] [Am] [F] [Fmaj7]
[G]Hold them [Am]up, ho[F]ld them [G]up, h[Am]old them u[F]p, h[G]old them [Am]up, ho[F]ld them [G]up,
[A]hold them [F]up?
(Hold them up, don?t let them fall).

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A Am C E F Fmaj7 G
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