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Average Person  Paul McCartney

"Average Person" (Capo: 5th. fret)
[Em7/A] [E]  
____Prelude: 1
[E]Look at the [A]average [E]person,
[Bm]Speak to the man in the str[B]eet.
[E]Can you im[A]agine the [E]first one [F#m]you'd [G]meet?
[E]Doo-[F#m]doo-[G]doo__________, doo-doo-[F#m]doo-[E]doo.
____Verse: 1
Well, I'm [E]talking to a former engine driver, ([Am]dri_[E]ver)
[E]Trying to find out what he used to do[Am]. [E]
[Am]Tells me that he always kept his engine ([Bm]en_[Am]gine)
[E]Spit and polished up as good as new.
[B7]but he said his only great ambition
[E]was to work with lions in a [Amaj7]zoo
([Emaj7]oh, to work with lions in a [A]zoo?)
[Am]Yes, [E/G#]dear, [F#m7-5]you heard [E]right,
[Am]told me his am[E/G#]bition was to [F#m7]work with [B7]lions ev'ry [E]night
[Am]Na__[E/G#]na, [F#m7-5]na-na-na-[E]na,
[Am] [E/G#]  

[F#m7] [B7] [E]  

____Prelude: 2
[E]Look at the [A]average [E]person,
[Bm]Speak to the man on the be[B]at.
[E]Can you im[A]agine the [E]first one [F#m]you'd [G]meet?
[E]Doo-[F#m]doo-[G]doo__________, doo-doo-[F#m]doo-[E]doo.
____Verse: 2
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Well, I [E]met a woman working as a waitress, ([Am]wai_[E]tress)
I [E]asked exactly what it was she did[Am]. [E]
[Am]Said she worked the summer crowd at seasides, ([Bm]sea[Am]sides)
[E]Winter time she ran away and hid.
[B7]Once she had a hollywood audition
[E]but the part was given to a k[Amaj7]id.
([Emaj7]Yes, the part was given to a [A]kid)
[Am]Yes, [E/G#]sir, [F#m7-5]you heard [E]right,
[Am]Hollywood am[E/G#]bition made a [F#m7]starlet [B7]grown up over[E]night-ee.
[Am]Na__[E/G#]na, [F#m7-5]na-na-na-[E]na,
[Am] [E/G#]  

[F#m7] [B7]  

____Guitar solo: 1
[Bsus] I know someone, an engine driver,
[B] I know someone who'd been a boxer,
[Bsus]I know for sure, I know,
I know that they are super[B]! [C] [B]
____Verse: 3
Well, I [E]bumped into a man who'd been a boxer, ([Am]bo_[E]xer)
[E]asked him what had been his greatest night[Am]. [E]
He [Am]looked into the corners of his mem'ry, ([Bm]mem'[Am]ry)
[E]searching for a picture of the fight.
[B7]but he said he always had a feeling
[E]that he lacked a little extra [Amaj7]height.
([Emaj7]could have used a little extra [A]height)
[Am]Yes, [E/G#]mate, [F#m7-5]you heard [E]right,
He [Am]always had a f[E/G#]eeling that he [F#m7]might have [B7]lacked a little [E]height.
[Am]Na__[E/G#]na, [F#m7-5]na-na-na-[E]na, ee__
[Am] [E/G#]  

[F#m7] [B7] [E]  

____Guitar solo: 2
[Am] [E/G#] [F#m7-5] [E]  
[Am] [E/G#] [F#m7] [B7]  
____Prelude: 3
[E]Look at the [A]average [E]person,
[Bm]Speak to the man in the que[B]ue.
[E]Can you im[A]agine the [E]first one [F#m]is__[G]you?
[E] [F#m] [G] [F#m] [E]  
 *Doo-doo-doo__________, doo-doo-doo-doo* (Repeat *-* once more) 

[E]Look at the [A]average [E]person.

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