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Northern Lights  Renaissance

Renaissance - Northern Lights
[B] [F#m7] [B] [E] [B/E] [A/E] [E] [B/E] [A/E] [B/E] 
[E]Destination [B/E]outward bound,I [A/E]turn to see the [B/E]northern lights
[E]behind the [B/E]wing.[A/E] [B/E]
[E]Horizons seem to [B/E]beckon me. [A/E]Learned how to cry too [B/E]young,
so now I [E]live to [B/E]sing.[A/E] [B/E]
[E] The [B]northern [A]lights [B]are in my [E]mind, they [B]guide me [A]back to [B]you.
[E]Horizons seem to [B/E]beckon me. [A/E]Learned how to cry too [B/E]young,
so now I [E]live to [B/E]sing.[A/E] [B/E]
[D]Though it's hard aw[Em]ay from you, [D]travelling roads and [Em]passing through,
it's [C]not for money and it's [G]not for fame.[D] I just [A]can't explain,
[D]sometimes it's [A]lonely. [F]Marking the [C]space bet[D]ween the [A]days.
[D]Early [A]hours [G]pass [A]away, I [F]sing to [C]you of [D]northern [A]lights, I
[D]sing for [A]you of n[G]orthern [A]night[B]s.[F#m7] [B7] [F#m7]
[E]Past or future, [B/E]here or there, [A/E]shelter comes in [B/E]words from you,
so [E]talk to [B/E]me. [A/E] [B/E]
[E]I hear your voice, it [B/E]comforts me.
In [A/E]morning dreams I [B/E]take your hand, you [E]walk with [B/E]me.[A/E] [B/E]
[E] The [B]northern [A]lights are [B]in my [E]mind, they [B]guide me [A]back to [B]you.
[E]Peace enfolds the [B/E]still night air. [A/E]Home again, I [B/E]look for you and
[E]find you t[B/E]here. [A/E] [B/E]
[D]Destination [Em]homeward now. [D]Take the easy way, [Em]bring me down.
[C]Making the hard way [G]now, I see.
[D] Hard to be [A]really free.[D] I'm missing you [A]near me.
[F]Marking the [C]space bet[D]ween the [A]days. [D]Early [A]hours [G]pass a[A]way.
I [F]sing to [C]you of [D]northern [A]lights.
I [D]sing for [A]you of [G]northern [A]night[B]s.[F#m7] [B7] [F#m7]
[E] The [B]northern [A]lights are [B]in my [E]mind, they [B]guide me [A]back to [B]you.
[E] The [B]northern [A]lights are [B]in my [E]mind, they [B]guide me [A]back to [B]you.
(repeat and fade)
Unobvious Chords:
B/E 099877
A/E 077655
Note also the rhythm of the intro/verse is different from the chorus, despite the
chords almost being the same. The rhythm for the verse is something like:
[E] [B/E] [A/E] [B/E]  
 e |0---0---|77777---|5---5---|77777---|
 B |0---0---|77777---|5---5---|77777---|
 G |1---1---|88888---|6---6---|88888---|
 D |2---2---|99999---|7---7---|99999---|
 A |2---2---|99999---|7---7---|99999---|
 E |0---0---|00000---|0---0---|00000---|

Whereas the chorus rhythm is more like:
[E] [B] [A] [B]  
 e |0-0-0---|2-2-2-2-|0-0-0---|2-2-2-2-|
 B |0-0-0---|4-4-4-4-|2-2-2---|4-4-4-4-|
 G |1-1-1---|4-4-4-4-|2-2-2---|4-4-4-4-|
 D |2-2-2---|4-4-4-4-|2-2-2---|4-4-4-4-|
 A |2-2-2---|2-2-2-2-|0-0-0---|2-2-2-2-|
 E |0-0-0---|x-x-x-x-|x-x-x---|x-x-x-x-|

although that's a simplification!

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A A/E B B/E B7 C D E Em F F#m7 G
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