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Sixteen Blue  The Replacements

Two guitar parts technically, but this is how I play it acoustic... it works
Electric is basically the same, except solo and outro riff - see bottom for those.
Also, since most of this song is just picking chords, I think it might make it easier if
knew the chords you're picking, so I'll put them here and above whatever you're playing:
G: 320033
D: --0323
Am: -02210
E7: 022---
C: -32010
~ = let ring
h = hammer on
p = pull off
Like most of the songs I tab out, this is far easier than the tab makes it look... enjoy
[G] [D] [Am] [G] [D] [E7]  
 e| -3-2-0~------7h5-5-3~--3-2---------5-7-3~----------|
 B| -3-3-1~--5-3-----------3-3-----3-5-----------------|
 G| -0-2-2~----------------0-2-------------------------|
 D| -0-0-2~----------------0-0-2~----------------------|
 A| -2---------------------2---2~----------------------|
 E| -3---------------------3---0~----------------------|

[G] [C] [G]  
 e| ----3~----------0~--0~----0~-------3~--------3~--3~-33--|
 B| -----3~---------1~---1~----1~-------3~-----------3~-33--|
 G| ------0~---(x4)-0~----0~----0~-------0~-----0~---0~-00--|
 D| --0~---0~-------2~-----2~----2~--0~--------0~-----------|
 A| -2~-----2~------3~-----3~--------2~----2~-2~------------|
 E| 3~-------------------------------3~---------------------|

( Tab from: )
[D] [G] [D] [G]  
 e| -2~-2~---2~-----------3~--3~---------2~-2~--2~--------3~-3333~-33~-|
 B| -3~--3~---3~-----------3~--3~--------3~--3~--3~-------3~-3333~-33~-|
 G| -2~--------2~--(x2)---------0~--(x2)-2~-------2~-(x2)-0~-0000~-00~-|
 D| -0~---0~----0~-----------------------0~---0~---0~-----0~-0000~-00~-|
 A| --------------------2~--------------------------------2~-2222~-22~-|
 E| --------------------3~--3~---3~-----------------------3~-3333~-33~-|

Intro, end on G chord (acoustic only)
PART of Solo:
 e| ------------------------------------------------|
 B| ------------------------------------------------|
 G| ------------------------------------------------| (X2)
 D| ---2p0-2------------(Don't know from here)------|
 A| --2---------------------------------------------|
 E| -3----------------------------------------------|

Electric Version Outro Riff:
 e| -12~-(hold for a really long time, until)--12-10-5~-|
 B| ----------------------------------------------------|
 G| ----------------------------------------------------|
 D| ----------------------------------------------------|
 A| ----------------------------------------------------|
 E| ----------------------------------------------------|
 e| -5-7-5--10-7-5~------5-5---12-10-5~----------------|
 B| ----------------(x3)-------------------------------| (repeat until end)
 G| ---------------------------------------------------|
 D| ---------------------------------------------------|
 A| ---------------------------------------------------|
 E| ---------------------------------------------------|

If anyone has anything to add, I definitely have no complaints!

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Am C D E7 G
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