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Fool to Cry  The Rolling Stones

Intro and first verse:

Basically one bar with F, then one with A#.
You can also follow this pattern beat by beat :
F, Fadd9, F6, F6; A#, A#7M, A#6, A#7M
x 3 1 1 1 1
x 1 3 3 3 3
x 2 2 3 2 0
x 3 3 3 3 3
x x x x x x
1(note)x x x x x
F F (chord) Fadd9 F6
When I come home baby
[A#] [A#7M] And I've been wor[A#6]king all night [A#7M]long
[F] [Fadd9] [F6] I put my [F6]daughter on my [A#7M]knee,[A#6] [A#7M] and she says
[F] [Fadd9] "Daddy[F6] [F6] what's [A#]wrong?"
[F] She whispers [Fadd9]in my ear so [F6]sweet[F6]
[A#] [A#7M] You know what she [A#6]says? She says[A#7M]

More simple here, just one bar with C then three with Dm. But Dmadd9 also comes in some times.
C, Dm, Dmadd9
3 5 0
[5] [6] [6]  
[5] [7] [7]  
[5] [7] [7]  
[3]x [5]x [5]x
[C] [C] [C] [C]"Daddy you're a [Dm]fool to [Dm]cry[Dm] [Dm]
You're a [Dm]foo[Dm]l to cry[Dm] [Dm]
And it [Dm]makes me [Dm]wonder [Dm]why."[Dm]
Second verse:

The chord pattern changes a bit. The F bar is a random mix of F (chord), Fadd9 and
F6, the A# bar goes as A#6, A#7M A#6, A#7M.
You know[F], [F]I got a [Fadd9]woman[F]
[A#6] [A#7M] And she lives in the [A#6]poor part of [A#7M]town
[F] [F] [F] and I go see [F6]her sometimes
[A#6] [A#7M]And we make love[A#6], so [A#7M]fine
[F] [F] [F6] [F]  
[A#6] [A#7M] I put my head [A#6]on her shoulder[A#7M]
[F] [Fadd9] She says[F], "Tell me all your [F]troubles."
[A#6] [A#7M] You know what she [A#6]says? She [A#7M]says
"Daddy you're a fool to cry
You're a fool to cry
and it makes me wonder why."
Fade out:

This is the part played before the fade-out.
These chords are used:
F, Fadd9, F6; Dm, Dmadd11; A#, A#7M, A#6; C; Dm, Dmadd9
1 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 5 0
[1]2 [1]2 [3]2 [3]2 [3]0 [3]3 [3]2 [3]0 [5]5 [6]7 [6]7
3 3 3 0 3 3 3 3 5 7 7
x x x x x x x x 3 5 5
x x x x x x x x x x x
[F] [F] [F] [F]Daddy you're a [Dm]fool to [Dm]cry[Dmadd11]
[Dm]Oh, I love you so [F]much baby[Fadd9] [F6]
[F]Daddy you're a [Dm]fool to [Dm]cry[Dmadd11] [Dm]
[F] [Fadd9] [F6] [F]Daddy you're a [A#]fool to [A#7M]cry,[A#6] [A#7M]
[F] [Fadd9] [F6] [F]  
[A#] [A#7M] yeah[A#6], She says[A#7M],
[C] [C] [C] [C]"Daddy you're a [Dm]fool to [Dm]cry[Dm] [Dm]
You're a [Dm]fool to [Dm]cry[Dm] [Dm]
And it [Dm]makes me [Dm]wonder [Dm]why."[Dm]

This comes after the fade-out. Same chords as before, plus
She says,[F] [F] [F] [F]"Daddy you're a [A#]fool to [A#7M]cry[A#6] [A#7M]
[F] [Fadd9] [F] [F]Daddy you're a [Dm]fool to [Dm]cry[Dmadd11] [Dm]
[F] [Fadd9] [F6] [F]Daddy you're a [Dm]fool to [Dm]cry[Dmadd11] [Dm]
[F] [Fadd9] [F6] [F]Daddy you're a [Dm]fool to [Dm]cry[Dm] [Dmadd11]
[F] [Fadd9] [F6] Even my [F]friends say to me [Dm]sometimes[Dm]
And [Dmadd11]make out like I don't un[Dm]derstand them
[F] [Fadd9] [F6] You know what they [F]say
[Dm] [Dm] They say,[Dmadd11] [Dm]
[C] [C] [C] [C]"Daddy you're a [Dm]fool to [Dm]cry[Dm] [Dm]
You're a [Dm]fool to [Dm]cry[Dm] [Dm]
And it [Dm]makes me [Dm]wonder[C#m/5-] [C#m/5-]why."
[----]Finally there's the solo guitar over the instrumental part.
Chords are :
Dm; G7, A
1 1 0
3 0 2
2 0 2
0 0 2
0 2 0
x 3 x
Just repeat this scheme every two bars:
Dm, Dm, Dm Dm; G7, G7, A, A

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A# A#6 C Dm Dmadd11 F F6 Fadd9
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